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Ronald Binge (born July 15, 1910 in Derby , † September 6, 1979 in Ringwood (Hampshire) ) was a British composer for British cinema and a well-known representative of British Light Music .


Born into a working-class family in the Midlands , Binge lost his father at the age of ten. At first he worked as a cinema pianist and as an orchestral musician in English seaside resorts, later in Mantovani 's first orchestra, the Tipica . During World War II , Binge served in Blackpool in the Royal Air Force , where he was in charge of the choir. After the war he provided compositions and arrangements for Mantovani's orchestra, but also for the BBC . The big breakthrough came in 1951 with the song Charmaine . Binge died of liver cancer in 1979 .


Binge was particularly interested in compositional technique and was best known as the inventor of the " cascading strings ", which were to become the trademark of Mantovani's orchestra as well as of British Light Music in general.

His best-known compositions include the Elisabeth Serenade (1951), Sailing By (1963), Miss Melanie , The Watermill , the Farewell Waltz , Venetian Carnival , Red Sombrero , Bowler Hat , Madrugado and his Concerto for E-flat alto saxophone . In addition, Binge wrote over 50 film scores, including the music for Compton Bennett's thriller Seconds of Despair with Dirk Bogarde and Mai Zetterling in 1953 , and the score for the music film Zum Tanzen born by director Val Guest in 1954 .

Also noteworthy is his piano piece vice versa , the notes of which read the same forwards and backwards, like a palindrome .

Filmography (selection)

Feature films

  • 1938: 13 Men and a Gun
  • 1950: The Girl Who Couldn't Quite
  • 1950: Once a Sinner
  • 1953: Seconds of Desperation (Desperate Moment)
  • 1953: Our Girl Friday
  • 1953: The Large Rope
  • 1954: Adventure in the Hopfields
  • 1954: The Runaway Bus
  • 1954: Born to dance (Dance Little Lady)
  • 1955: Born for Trouble

TV Shows

  • 1956: The Adventures of Aggie (TV series, 2 episodes)
  • 1957: Sailor of Fortune (TV series, 1 episode)
  • 1959: CF-RCK (TV series, 1 episode)

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