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Rudolf Mitzschke (* 1924 ; † April 23, 1981 ) was a German soccer player who was active in the top soccer league of the German Sports Committee (DS) of the GDR for Vorwärts Leipzig and Vorwärts Berlin in the 1950s . With Vorwärts Berlin he won the GDR Cup in 1954.

Athletic career

Mitzschke played his first game in the DS-Oberliga on November 23, 1952, in the encounter of the 13th game day Rotation Dresden - Vorwärts Leipzig. He was substituted on at halftime and also scored his first league goal in a 3-2 win in the 78th minute with the 2-2 intermediate result. By February 1953 he was used a total of eight times in the league as a striker. In March 1953 he was injured. At the beginning of April Vorwärts Leipzig (full name SV Vorwärts of the barracked People's Police in Leipzig) was relocated to East Berlin . As SV Vorwärts KVP Berlin, the team played their first league game on April 3, 1953. In the home game against Wismut Aue (4-2), Miztschke was successful as a left winger with two goals. By the end of the season, he played the remaining seven championship games, in which he scored two more goals. After the end of the season, the top club of the barracked people's police had to relegate. In the second-rate GDR league Vorwärts Berlin succeeded in 1953/54 the immediate resurgence, in which Mitzschke was involved with 20 of 26 point games and eleven goals. The team subsequently won the GDR soccer cup after their promotion success. In the final against Motor Zwickau , Mitzschke, playing as a half-right striker, scored the leading goal in a 2-1 victory. After he had played 17 of the 26 point games played in the new league season 1954/55 and scored eight goals, he then no longer appeared in higher-class football for unknown reasons.

After his active football days, Mitzschke worked as technical director of the football section of ASK Vorwärts Berlin until November 1960. He was replaced by Gerhard Händler and took on a central role in ASK Vorwärts. Mitzschke was a member of the SED .


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