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Rudolf Stracke (born February 3, 1938 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a former German soccer player who, in the early years of the second -rate regional soccer league South and Southwest, played a total of 168 league games for the clubs FSV Frankfurt and TuS Neuendorf and scored ten goals from 1963 to 1969 has achieved. The defender was twice in 1968 and 1969 with TuS Neuendorf runner-up in the Regionalliga Südwest.


FSV Frankfurt until 1966

Stracke was taken from the amateur team for the 1961/62 season in the squad of the league team of FSV Frankfurt. He celebrated a tailor-made debut: On the first round match day, August 6, 1961, the team from Bornheim won the home game against Karlsruher SC 1-0 and the debutant scored the winning goal as a center forward. He ended the round with the blue-blacks on April 15, 1962 with a 0-1 away defeat at FC Bayern Hof. He and Friedel Späth formed the half-strikers of the FSV in the World Cup system practiced at the time . The Bornheimers were relegated to the 2nd League South as 15th in the table and Stracke had scored four goals in 26 league appearances.

Stracke went into the second division in 1962/63 and was able to celebrate the championship at the end of the round alongside fellow players such as Karl-Heinz Leichum (goalkeeper), Gerd Menne and Friedel Späth. In this round he played mostly in the middle position. From the start of the round in 1963/64 with the newly created Bundesliga , the DFB and five regional leagues installed the substructure before the transition to amateur football.

The FSV struggled in the debut year of the second-class Regionalliga Süd, constantly fought against relegation and at the end of the round in a season of 20 with 31:45 points, they took 16th place, which was barely saving. Under coach Bernd Oles , Stracke had played 31 league games and scored three goals. A series of defeats from the 8th to the 14th match day with 0:14 points led to a disastrous first half of the season, which was interrupted on November 17, 1963 with a completely unexpected 3-0 home win against championship favorites FC Bayern Munich. Stracke held the defensive together that day and also won the duel against Bayern striker Rainer Ohlhauser . In the second half of the season Stracke and FSV also won the game in Munich 2-1 - two goals by Friedel Späth - and again prevented center forward Ohlhauser from scoring goals. In the second regional round 1964/65, the away draw on September 27, 1964 in the local derby against Kickers Offenbach (2-2) and the 2-1 home win on May 2, 1965 against the champions and later Bundesliga promoted Bayern Munich stood out. To reach the 10th place Stracke contributed three goals in 34 round games. Before the third regional league year, Edgar Otschik , Ewald Schöngen , Helmut Studenroth and Christoph Walter were four reinforcements on the Bornheimer slope ; in the course of the lap it was again primarily about staying up. After all, on April 8, 1966, in the local derby against Kickers Offenbach at home, a 5-2 success was achieved. The runner series Schöngen, Stracke and Norbert Brehm carried the host's game. At the end of the round, the FSV finished 14th and Stracke had scored a goal in 25 league games. After 90 regional league appearances with seven goals, Stracke broke his tents in Frankfurt in the summer of 1966 and signed a new contract for the 1966/67 season with TuS Neuendorf in the Regionalliga Südwest.

TuS Neuendorf, 1966 to 1969

In the first year in the Oberwerth stadium , the man from Frankfurt experienced a weak round with Neuendorf. The 4th of the 1965/66 season with 81 goals scored fell back to 14th place in 1966/67 and had just scored 35 goals. This was despite the fact that in addition to Stracke, Hans-Günter Funke , Otto Jaworski and goalkeeper Rudolf Krätschmer were new to Koblenz. Stracke had played 25 league games for TuS (1 goal). In the second season, 1967/68, Neuendorf went with the new coach Herbert Rappsilber and in attack Funke showed his scoring qualities with 26 hits in his second round. Since the newcomers Helmut Horsch , Willi Kostrewa , Walter Keil and Werner Rath also proved to be reinforcements, the table rose steeply. Coach Rappsilber needed time, in the first half of the season Neuendorf finished 8th with 16:14 points, but in the second half of the season the team rolled forward with 26: 4 points and ended the season as runner-up. Stracke was in 29 of the 30 league games for the runner-up on the field. In the Bundesliga promotion round, the Southwest representative did a remarkable job: He defied the later promoted Kickers Offenbach on May 29, 1968 in front of 28,000 spectators and took two points from group runners-up Bayer 04 Leverkusen by playing 1-1. At the end of the promotion round, Neuendorf took 3rd place in the group with 7: 9 points. Defensive player Stracke was in all eight games and a guarantee for the only eight hits received.

In the 1968/69 round Neuendorf again won the runner-up in the southwest; only after 30 rounds they were tied with defending champion SV Alsenborn - both clubs showed 44:16 points, only because of the poorer goal difference, in 2nd place. With 23 goals conceded, Stracke's defense had the best record. Due to injury, the ex-Frankfurter was only able to play 24 games (2 goals) and in the promotion round only in the three encounters against RW Essen (2: 4), VfL Osnabrück (0: 0) and Tasmania 1900 Berlin (0: 2) .

After this season he ended his playing career as a contract player and took over the FV Engers 07 as a coach in the Rhineland League for the round 1969/70 .


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