Rudolf VI. (To bathe)

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Equestrian seal of Margrave Rudolf VI. from Baden

Margrave Rudolf VI. von Baden († March 21, 1372 ), called "the Tall One" (or also the Great), was the ruling Margrave of Baden and Count von Eberstein from 1353 to 1372 .


Margrave Rudolf VI. is the son of Margrave Friedrich III. von Baden (* around 1327 - † September 2, 1353) and Margareta von Baden († September 1, 1367). In 1353 Rudolf succeeded his father. In the same year his cousin, the Margrave of Baden zu Eberstein, Hermann IX, died. whose hereditary prince, Friedrich IV. had already died before him, so that now Rudolf also Hermann IX. inherited. In 1361 Rudolf's uncle, Rudolf V , also died , so that under Rudolf VI. the margraviate of Baden was reunited because the other lines had died out. During his reign, the Margraves of Baden were recognized as imperial princes for the first time .

Margrave Rudolf VI. was married to Mechthild von Sponheim († November 1, 1410). The following children were born from this marriage:

  • Bernhard (* 1364 - † April 5, 1431), ruling margrave
  • Rudolf († 1391)
  • Matilde (Mechthildis) († August 3, 1425 in Schleusingen ) ⚭ July 4, 1376 Count Heinrich von Henneberg (* 1350; † December 26, 1405)


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