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The small castle, location of the knight academy in Wolfenbüttel

The Rudolph-Antoniana Academy was an early modern knight academy in Wolfenbüttel , which was founded on July 18, 1687 by the brothers Duke Rudolf August (1627–1704) and Duke Anton Ulrich (1633–1714). Until the dissolution 1715 331 young men wore in her arms matrikel one.

The students came not only from the Principality of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel , to which the academy belonged, but also from other German countries and were also used by foreigners who wanted to learn German here.

Theology, law, history, eloquence, mathematics and mechanics, as well as Latin, German, Italian and French were taught. In addition to studying, you could also learn English and Spanish. Riding, shooting, fencing and dancing were part of the knightly training.

The academy was housed in the small castle in Wolfenbüttel (at today's Schloßplatz No. 14). In the immediate vicinity of Wolfenbüttel Castle and the famous Herzog August Library , there was an opportunity to get to know life at court, to borrow books, but also to visit operas and comedies and take part in hunts in the Harz and Elm. On November 10, 1712, Duke Anton Ulrich transferred the academy building to Duke Ferdinand Albrecht II as hereditary property to the residence.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz praised the high academic qualifications of the Wolfenbüttel professors, such as B. the mathematicians and architects Johann Balthasar Lauterbach (1663–1694) and Leonhard Christoph Sturm (1669–1719). Well-known students of the Knight Academy were, for example, the Baron Münchhausen and the scholar Anton Wilhelm Amo , the first well-known philosopher and legal scholar of African origin in Germany .


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