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The Saar-Westrich-Weg of the Saarwaldverein leads from the municipality of Kirkel to the Palatinate municipality of Rammelsbach . The path is marked with two horizontal bars, the top bar being green and the bottom white.

Hiking trails in Saarland. Example above Saar-Westrich-Weg


The path begins at Kirkel Castle and heads north. Immediately after leaving the village of Kirkel, the hiker reaches the silver sand spring near the Saarbrücken – Mannheim motorway. It is fed by groundwater. Crossing under the motorway, the path leads through the forest to Neunkirchen (Saar) , where it crosses the Blies . The Saar-Westrich-Weg lives up to its character as a high-altitude trail after leaving the city. It now rises steadily and leads via Münchwies to the Höcherberg , where the observation tower there provides a wonderful view of the Saarland and the Western Palatinate. Continuing up the hill, the path reaches the remains of the Nordfeld mine before crossing the border to Rhineland-Palatinate at Dunzweiler . On the way to Krottelbach, the hiker has views of the rural western Palatinate and Saarland. The path leads from the hiking home of the Palatinate Forest Association in Krottelbach to Herschweiler-Pettersheim , where the Ohmbach is crossed. Continuing upwards, the path crosses the A 62 and reaches Rammelsbach.