Saron (King)

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Saron ( Greek  Σάρων ) was the third king of Troizen in the region of Eastern Peloponnese in Greek mythology . He followed Althepos to the throne. The name of his successor has not been passed down. He built a temple for the Saronic Artemis on Lake Psifaean.

According to legend, while hunting a hind , Saron fell into the Psifean Sea and drowned. When his body was found on the beach, it was buried in the Artemis sanctuary by the lake. The Gulf , where he drowned, was after him Saronic Gulf and the islands in the Saronic Islands called. His heroon was supposed to be near the Psifaean lake at Kaloni and Metamorphosi . He was worshiped there and on the Bosporus as a sea demon.

A city and a river in Troizen are said to be named after him. The city of Troizen itself is said to have been called Saronia.


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