Psifical lake

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Psifta Lake 02.jpg
Northern part of the lake
Geographical location Peloponnese , Greece
Tributaries Diavologefyro
Drain Connection to the Saronic Gulf
Location close to the shore Kaloni , Metamorphosi
Coordinates 37 ° 31 '47 "  N , 23 ° 20' 9"  E Coordinates: 37 ° 31 '47 "  N , 23 ° 20' 9"  E
Psifaic Lake (Greece)
Psifical lake


Brackish water lake

Observation tower on the west bank

The famous in ancient times Psifaean lake ( Greek Ψιφαία λίμνη ), also lake Psifta ( Greek Λίμνη Ψήφτα ) is a lake in Greece . It is located on the east coast of the Peloponnese between the villages of Psifta ( Greek Ψήφτα ) in the west and Metamorphosi in the east, near the Methana peninsula . It is only separated from the Gulf of Epidaurus, part of the Saronic Gulf , by a narrow land bridge, Psiftas Beach, about 100 m wide . In the northeast there is an approximately 14 m wide artificial canal to the sea over which a bridge leads. The lake is fed with fresh water by the Diavologefyro ( Greek Διαβολογέφυρο = Devil's Bridge ).


In ancient times the lake was called Phoibäischer Swamp or Phoibäischer See ( Greek  Φοιβαία λίμνη ). The Greek name Psifaia and Psifta is said to be a corruption of the ancient Fivaia . Another common name is Valario ( Greek Βαλαριό ).


Saron , the mythical king of Troizen , is said to have built a temple of Artemis near the lake . When Saron drowned in the sea, he was buried in the Temenos of the Temple of Artemis and the lake was named after him the Saronic. According to another tradition, the sea was named after him as the Saronic Gulf. The Saronia is celebrated every year in the Artemis sanctuary. A barren olive tree stood near the sanctuary in whose branches the reins of Hippolytus are said to have caught and he fell to his death.

Flora and fauna

Psifta Lake is a shallow brackish lagoon that is rich in rare birds. In winter, for example, migratory birds rest on their transit. Common species are, for example, palm pigeons , gray herons , little egrets , great egrets and black herons . Less common are Glossy Ibis and Spoonbill . At waders can Alpine beach runner , dwarf beach runners , Actitis , snowy plover , ringed plover , ringed plover , gray plover , ruff , stilt walkers , Greenshank , Redshank , Snipe , Coot , Little Grebe , Moorhen watching and others. During cold winters, many ducks such as shelducks , pintail ducks , mallards , gadgets , shovelers , teals , teal ducks and mute swans come . Near the coast there are sandwich terns , common terns , black-headed gulls , thin-billed gulls , shags and cormorants . Birds of prey such as marsh harriers , buzzards , sparrowhawks , peregrine falcons , kestrels and little owls come to the lake to hunt. In the surrounding hills, where oaks and olive trees grow, there are many song thrushes , lovebirds , white-bearded warblers , blackcaps , grosbeak , greenfinches , goldfinches , giraffe , bunting , bee-eater , oriole and gray bunting .

Of reptiles, there is the green toad , the Greek frog that Marginated turtle , the European Snake Eyes , the European half finger , the Cycladic wall lizard , the Balkan Whip Snake , the Slim Natter , the four-lined snake , the Leopard Snake and Viper . In the area there are only small mammal species such as vulpes , real marten , mouse weasel , prickly hedgehog , real rabbits , mice and bats .

Reeds grow around the lake . On the coast there are salt plants such as European sea mustard and yellow horn poppy , garden milkweed , Cardopatium corymbosum , sea ​​thistle , Spanish golden thistle and Virginia cane. Small trees grow on the land bridge. Many trees such as Kermes oaks , pistachios , wild olives and pines thrive in the area . There is also the Crocus cartwrightianus , the White squill , the Ästigen asphodel , the iris unguicularis , the yellow star Gagea peduncularis , the lucerne Medicago marina and the crocus Romulea linaresii and various orchids : Giant orchid , Ophrys attica , Ophrys sicula , Horned Orchid, horseshoes - Ragwort .

As part of an EU-funded project Hydrobiotop Psifta ( Greek υδροβιότοπος ψήφτας ) of the prefecture district of Piraeus , observation posts were set up on the land bridge in the west and north.

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