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Saturnino is a seldom used Spanish male given name , the even rarer female variant of which is Saturnina . First name was found Saturnino 6971 times in 25 different countries. As a family name , Saturnino has been found at least 1300 times in 18 different countries.

Origin and meaning of the name

Saturnino is a Spanish variant of the Latin name Saturninus and means "someone who is or is full". It also refers to the Roman god of sowing, Saturn , and indicates someone who has sown.

Venerated in some Spanish-speaking regions, San Saturnino corresponds to Saint Saturninus , who is also venerated in some parts of France .

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  • In Italy , in addition to the name Saturnino, which is also used there and the nickname Nino (for example the Italian actor, screenwriter and film director Nino Manfredi , 1921-2004), there is also the variant Saturno (for example the Italian painter Saturno Buttò , * 1957) or in the female variant the pet form Nina and the variant Saturna.
  • The French variant is Saturnin.
  • The Catalan variant is Sadurní.

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