sour chitterlings

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sour chitterlings

Sour tripe is an offal dish in Swabian cuisine . There are also variations of the dish in other regions under different names, for example Flecksuppe in Austria, see tripe . It used to be a typical poor man's meal.


Tripe are prepared from the cleaned and scalded rumen (forestomach) of the cattle . The meat is cut into strips and simmered in a roux for about an hour. A bay leaf , juniper berries and a little pepper are added as spices . The sour taste is achieved by adding vinegar or wine .

Side dishes

Common side dishes are bread or fried potatoes .


Mainly in Upper Swabia you can find the dish slightly changed as Gröschts ("roasted") or as frog tripe , for example in Scheer or in Riedlingen . In addition to tripe, gröschts or frog tripe sometimes also contain other offal, such as liver, kidney and heart.

The dish has always been awarded in the Swabian Fasnet (Fastnacht, Fasching). In many strongholds on the main day, the so-called Gumpigen or Schmotzigen Thursday . Or at the traditional "frog tripe meal" on Shrove Tuesday in Riedlingen.

Individual evidence

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