Saybuscher basin

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Name-giving city in the basin
View from Skrzyczne in summer
View from Skrzyczne in winter

The Saybuscher Basin ( Kotlina Żywiecka in Polish ) in Poland is a large basin in Lesser Poland in the middle of the West Beskids . It lies at an altitude of 340 to 500 m above sea level. NN and covers an area of ​​320 km².


The Saybuscher Basin is part of the Beskids and stretches along the upper course of the Soła and its tributaries Koszarawa and Żylica between the Silesian Beskids in the west, the Little Beskids in the north, the Makov Beskids in the east and the Saybuscher Beskids in the south. The Saybuscher basin is connected to the Silesian foothills through the Wolfsdorfer Tor in the north . It has a hilly character with the 612 m high Grojec as the highest point. The Żywiec reservoir is located in the north of the basin.

The Saybuscher basin is densely populated. The only major city is Żywiec . The fertile region is otherwise characterized by agriculture.


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