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Wallenstein with sash
The gentlemen charged by Georg Mühlberg (charged in Vollwichs)
The then Chilean President Michelle Bachelet with a presidential sash .

The expression sash (from French écharpe "armband", "waist band ", " scarf ") describes a wide band worn with clothing .


In the 14th and 15th centuries, the sash was usually worn across the body or over the right shoulder to the left hip. It later developed into a badge for warring parties . With the development of uniforms, it only distinguished officers . Later, however, it was only worn at parades and replaced by the armband in daily service .

Wearing styles

  • The highest medals have generally been worn on a sash since around 1600, which is usually called a shoulder band running from the right shoulder to the left hip .
  • The abdominal or waist band, also known as the cummerbund , is still part of the costumes of many peoples and nationalities, among Armenians , Greeks and Indians and as an element of the Spanish national costume .
  • Sashes are also used in various Asian martial arts as an alternative to belts to mark rank.
  • For student associations , the sash in the colors of the association is part of the batch wad .
  • In France, the mayors or their deputies and members of the National Assembly wear a sash in the national colors on public occasions as a sign of their office. The mayors wear the sash with the blue stripe facing the neck, while the members of the National Assembly wear the sash with the red stripe facing the neck. In Italy , the use of sashes with the tricolor among elected officials is similar to the French model.

Presidential sash

In many Latin American countries, a sash, often in the national colors, is the insignia of the presidents. In Chile, for example, the same sash has been used since 1915, adorned with fabric tassels and a metal star at the bottom.

Miss election and hen party

Sashes are now widely used in beauty pageants . They serve to award the most beautiful candidate in a competition. Sashes are also used as an accessory at hen parties.

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