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A badge , also known as an emblem , is a sign of identification made of fabric , plastic and / or metal , in the form of patches , pins , epaulettes , shields and the like. Ä. Can exist. It can indicate an activity , a function , a rank or grade , an achievement or membership of a community (e.g. city , group, tribe , association , organization , opinion ) or it can also be used for decoration and jewelry .

Use of terms

In general, the term badge is mainly used in relation to achievements or (earned) membership of a person in a group (e.g. badges of merit or rank ), whereas an emblem is not awarded for achievements, but often relates to advertising and design owns (e.g. brand emblem ).

Protection of state badges

In Germany , badges are protected by law that identify government functions, professions or the like. The misuse of badges is punished as an offense according to § 132a StGB . However, the badges and their representations are in the public domain as such .


As a badge you in animals referred to different coat colors such. B. as innate identifying features in horses .

Badge (selection)

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