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The activity badge of the Bundeswehr identifies the achieved because of demonstrated training and specialized training and experience using the soldiers on the uniform. It is usually awarded in three stages to soldiers from the rank of non-commissioned officer ; Longer serving teams can receive the job badge after reaching training level 7. For the special badges, see the list of affiliation and function badges .

Badge of activity of the Bundeswehr

Armed Forces Joint Activity Badges

*: These job badges were newly approved by the Federal President at the beginning of October 2017 .
**: This job badge is no longer awarded, but may still be worn.

Army activity badge

Air Force activity badge

Navy activity badge


Activity badge “Supply and Supply Personnel” in gold, silver and bronze

In general, job badges are awarded in three stages:

Level I. bronze after 6 months of service in specialist use
Stage II silver after 5 years in specialist use
Stage III gold after 10 years in specialist use

However, additional requirements may also be required (e.g. licenses from the radar control staff). The training time for the specialist activity is also deemed to be subject-related use.

For reservists , one year is generally considered to have been fulfilled if 14 or more days of service in a calendar year, regardless of the actual duration of the individual services, are performed in a professional context.

Carrying method

Up to two job badges , one of which is foreign, can be worn on the right side of the chest over the breast pocket of the service suit . If you are authorized to wear special badges , these are included in the count. A foreign job badge is worn below the German one.

Activity badge textile for the field suit

An analogous way of wearing is provided for the field suit. In the case of the textile variants of the job badge, the distinction between the bronze, silver and gold levels is made by highlighting individual elements in the badge. "Black badges on an olive or gray-beige basic cloth may also be worn on combat uniforms."

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  • Central guideline A2-2630 / 0-0-5 Suit regulations for soldiers of the Bundeswehr (Section 5.10)

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