Battle of Hedgeley Moor

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Battle of Hedgeley Moor
date April 25, 1464
place Northumberland , England
output Victory of the house of York
Parties to the conflict

Yorkshire rose.svg York House

Red Rose Badge of Lancaster.svg Lancaster house


John Neville, 1st Baron Montagu

Henry Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset

Troop strength
6,000 men 5,000 men



The Battle of Hedgeley Moor took place on April 25, 1464 and was part of the Wars of the Roses . The battle ended in a victory for the House of York and kept the House of Lancaster uprisings in check in the north of England. King Edward IV of the House of York was then able to continue his peace negotiations with Scotland , which had previously been a retreat for Lancastrians.

Course of the battle

In mid-April 1464, John Neville, 1st Baron Montagu , marched north to attend a meeting of Scottish envoys in Newcastle . Due to his popularity, more and more followers followed his banner during his journey, so that when he left Newcastle he had an army of five or six thousand men.

At Hedgeley Moor, he met a rebel army, consisting mainly of Lancastrians, whom the king had pardoned. They were led by the 2nd Duke of Somerset , Sir Ralph Percy , the 9th Baron de Ros and Sir Ralph Gray . The Lancastrian army was about five thousand strong, but morale was not as high as in the Yorkist camp.

The battle began, as usual, with a volley of arrows from each side. Montagu then advanced further in the moor, but was forced to stop and rearrange his lines when suddenly the left flank of the Lancastrians under Lord Roos and Hungerford (about 2,000 men) swayed, broke and disintegrated.

The whole Lancastrian army cleared the way when the Yorkists clashed with their lines. Under the pressure of the opponent's number, the Lancastrians fled. Only Sir Ralph Percy was left with a number of soldiers who soon deserted. He too was killed in the end.


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Coordinates: 55 ° 28 '15.6 "  N , 1 ° 55' 26.4"  W.