Schladen (medieval noble family)

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Coat of arms at Siebmacher

The nobles and counts of Schladen were a medieval noble family who also appeared under the name of noble von Dorstadt or can be seen as agnates of the noble von Dorstadt .


The sex of the nobles and counts of Schladen is described in Zedler's Universal Lexicon in Volume 34. Then it appeared for the first time with Messrs Ludolff and Eckebrecht von Schladen Vögte von Wolfenbüttel, whose descendant Count Adelbertus von Schladen is mentioned in 993. Another descendant was Eickonem von Schladen, son of Count Meinhardus von Schladen and the Odam von Peina. Meinhardus and Eickonem (Eicke) both took part in the 1130 Reichstag in Braunschweig. Bishop Udo von Hildesheim had a castle built in Schladen and hired a bailiff for it. In 1110 this was the ingenuus homo Aeicho de Dorstedi (Eiko von Dorstadt, who is possibly equated with Eickonem von Schladen). In 1180 Moritz von Schladen was mentioned as lord of the castle of Staßfurt and in 1184 Burchard von Schladen as canon in Halberstadt. With Count Meino († 1345) and Count Albert († 1353) the tribe became extinct. There is no tribal relationship to the later von Schladen .


coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Counts of Schladen shows a lion in shield.


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