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Ludolf Graf von Schladen († April 6, 1289 ) was from 1253 to 1255 as Ludolf II. Bishop of Halberstadt and from 1270 to 1289 auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Schwerin .


Ludolf von Schladen came from the Schladen- based noble family of the Counts of Schladen , which is not related to the other noble Schladen family. Ludolf II, a brother of the Schwerin bishop Hermann I Graf von Schladen (1263–1289), was active several times in the diocese of Schwerin, who called himself Episcopus quondam Halberstadensis .

After the deception of Halberstadt's resigning Bishop Meinhard von Kranichfeld , Ludolf II, Count von Schladen, was elected as the new Bishop of Halberstadt on January 8, 1253, enfeoffed by the king and confirmed by Metropolitan Gerhard von Mainz and named electus et confirmatus . Since the details of the election were apparently withheld from the king, the legate declared the election invalid and Ludolf II was excommunicated . The Halberstadt cathedral chapter split and on August 27, 1254, Volrad von Kranichfeld, a nephew of the abdicated Bishop Meinhard, was elected as the new bishop. In the meantime, Ludolf had already been ordained bishop by the Metropolitan . After negotiations about a pension to be raised by the Liebfrauenstift , Ludolf II resigned as Bishop of Halberstadt at the end of 1255. His official removal does not have to take place until 1257.

Then Bishop Ludolf was taken against Bishop Vollrad and the Halberstadt Cathedral Chapter under the protection of the Roman Curia, which were even sentenced to penalties for not paying their pension. In 1259 he was referred to as venerabilis frater by Pope Alexander IV .

With the increase in spiritual activity in the Rühn monastery there, on November 21, 1270, Bishop Ludolf, as former Bishop of Halberstadt, bestowed indulgences on the occasion of the inauguration of a special Marienkapelle. On September 28, 1270 he gave indulgences for granting benevolent gifts to the Holy Spirit Hospital in Rostock . In disputes between the Provost of Schwerin, Prince Nikolaus von Mecklenburg, and the Scholasticus M. Mauritius in the years 1273 to 1274, Bishop Ludolf even acted as a judge.

On June 19, 1278, Bishop Ludolf consecrated St. Mary's Church in Parchim . The Schwerin bishop Hermann I. von Schladen described his brother, the auxiliary bishop Ludolf, as venerabbilis in Christo dominus Ludolphus, episcopus quondam Halberstdensis and remarked that the consecration had taken place.

In the diocese of Schwerin, in addition to his pension from the diocese of Halberstadt, Bishop Ludolf had a small income of tithing from the state of Waren , which his brother Hermann I as Bishop of Schwerin granted him on April 6, 1289. In pontifical acts he did not refer to himself as vicarius in pontificalibus , but used the title Episcopus quondam Halberstadensis , as his seal shows.

Bishop Ludolf died before April 6, 1289. The place of burial is unknown.


Bishop Ludolf had a pointed oval seal . In it a standing bishop with miter and staff and with an inward curvature in the left hand, the right hand raised in a blessing.



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