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Hermann Graf von Schladen († 1291/92) was canon and since 1253 a scholastic in Magdeburg ; from 1263 to 1291 as Hermann I Bishop in the diocese of Schwerin .


Bishop Hermann I came from the house of the Counts of Schladen , a noble family from the Diocese of Hildesheim , who lived near Wolfenbüttel .

In the Metropolitan Chapter of Magdeburg , Hermann von Schladen had initially become canon and since 1253 the dignity of scholastics when he was chosen for the episcopal office in Schwerin . On January 3, 1263, the Schwerin cathedral chapter named him the new Electus Zwerinensis Hermann I. His confirmation was given by the Archbishop of Bremen , Hildebold von Wunstorf at the end of January 1263, and the episcopal ordination was probably in February 1263.

His episcopal tenure began rather restlessly. Already in the first year of the pontificate there were disputes between Hermann I and the diocese on the one hand and the Mecklenburg Princely House on the other, in which the Schwerin settlement counts also played a certain role on the episcopal side. After giving up the first bishop's castle on Hopfenwall in Bützow , Bishop Hermann I had a new castrum, a residential palace, built within the city. The bishop's castle in Bützow was viewed as a threat by the Mecklenburg rulers, but granted to the bishop. On December 6, 1263 Bishop undertaken towards the Prince Johann of Mecklenburg , Nicolaus of Werle and Borwin of Rostock , let them not harm the future of his castle Bützow . In 1284 the Wariner bishop's castle was also mentioned as being under construction . There were always disputes in which Bishop Hermann was involved, for example at Eickhof Castle, which was on the edge of the diocese and appeared to be a threat, and the guardianship trade at the time of the imprisonment of Prince Heinrich the Pilgrim from Mecklenburg . Due to the various feuds, the Schwerin diocese was also heavily in debt for many years. The Schwerin cathedral chapter , the collegiate chapter Bützow , the Cistercian monasteries Doberan and Neuenkamp as well as the Benedictine monastery Rühn enjoyed special care from Bishop Hermann . He helped with fundamental questions about foundation assets, with the settlement of a patronage dispute between the collegiate chapter Bützow and the monastery Rühn to the collegiate church in Bützow and with the protection of the monastery Doberan against unjust claims of creditors. He also sought justice using prudence with the elimination of any inconsistencies.

Together with his Archbishop Giselbert von Brunkhorst , he attended the Second Council of Lyon , which Pope Gregory X. opened on May 7, 1274. On May 21, 1274 he issued indulgences from Lyon for the Church of Our Lady and St. Martin's Church in Halberstadt and the Wennigsen Monastery . Bishop Hermann I signed with other German bishops on June 13, 1274 the papal election decree Ubi periculum Gregory X., which is still valid today in several provisions, such as the conclave.

Bishop Hermann I also achieved a high reputation with the papal curia, as certain orders show. He helped the archbishop and cathedral chapter of Bremen to regain estranged property. Together with Burkhard von Serkem , the Bishop of Lübeck, in 1289 he had to examine the election and worthiness of Prince Jaromar von Rügen, who was just 30 years old and elected Bishop of Cammin , and to take his oath of loyalty from him. Far more than 100 traditional documents, in which he was named as involved , testify that Bishop Hermann I von Schladen had presided over his pen with special praise .

The place and date of the death of Bishop Hermann I, as well as his grave, are not recorded. The last document in which he appeared as a contractual partner of Prince Heinrich von Werle is dated June 2, 1291.


Bishop Hermann I carried two seals with an image of a bishop, one after the other. In the round seal a enthroned bishop, in the right the bishop's staff with the crook inwards, in the left an open book, readable the words ORATE PRO ME. The inscription reads: + HERMANNVS DEI GRA SWIRENSIS: ECCLESIE: EPISChOPVS.

The second seal is almost identical to the first, but here is a moon on the bishop's right hand and a sun on the left. The inscription corresponds to that of the first seal.

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