Meinhard von Kranichfeld

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Meinhard von Kranichfeld (* around 1200; † 1253 ) was bishop of the Halberstadt diocese from 1241 to 1252 .


Meinhard came from the Lords of Kranichfeld . He began his career as a monk in the Walkenried monastery and then became provost at Halberstadt Cathedral . In 1241 he was ordained a bishop. He expanded the Bonifatius Abbey in front of Halberstadt in 1241 by adding two properties. One of the feuds in which he was involved was the dispute with Heinrich von Blankenburg over the bailiwick over the Huysburg monastery .

In 1244 he supported the Archbishop of Magdeburg in his feuds with the Margraves of Brandenburg and Otto the Child by besieging Alvensleben Castle with the support of the Counts of Wernigerode , the Lords of Gatersleben and Schladen and others . In the following year he stipulated that the clergyman of Alvensleben Castle was subject to the abbot of Hillersleben monastery . In the same year he ordered the transfer of the Walbeck Abbey to Osterwieck due to repeated attacks , but this was not carried out after a comparison with the Mariental Monastery . In that year he also clarified the church relationships between Melverode , Stöckheim and the Steterburg monastery .

In 1247 he testified that Otto the child had exchanged the fiefdom Bilshausen on the Leine for Ellierode with the Gandersheim monastery . Pope Innocent IV intervened in Meinhard's episcopal jurisdiction in 1249 when he took the Stötterlingenburg monastery under protection, confirmed the possession of the Anderbeck church to the Marienberg monastery and recommended Wilhelm of Holland to the Liebfrauenstift . He exchanged the Hakenstedt Castle in 1251 for the Emersleben Castle owned by von Alvensleben . Meinhard was the last of the bishops of Halberstadt who still owned the county of Seehausen alongside other counties during his full term of office . St. Burchardi Monastery or St. Jacobi Monastery is believed to be his burial place .


predecessor Office successor
Ludolf I. von Schladen Bishop of Halberstadt
Ludolf II of Schladen