Schleswig-Holstein hill country

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Landscapes in Schleswig-Holstein
View from the Bungsberg over the hill country

The Schleswig-Holstein hill country (often also: Eastern hill country ) is one of the three types of landscape in Schleswig-Holstein , along with the marshland (on the North Sea ) and the Geest (inland) . In addition to the gentle hills of the Baltic ridge, many small lakes and the fjords , which were shaped by the young moraines of the Vistula Ice Age , are characteristic. Well-known cities are Kiel , Lübeck and Flensburg . The highest point in the country is the Bungsberg at 167 m in Holstein Switzerland . The only, but not permanently installed, ski lift in the country is also located on the Bungsberg . The Schleswig-Holstein hill country consists of the following regions:

The southern part is also known as the East Holstein hill country.

Individual evidence

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