Baltic ridge

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Baltic ridge
also northern ridge
Highest peak Wieżyca hill ( 329  m nm )
location Baltic states
part of Eastern European level

The Baltic country back in Germany and Northern ridge called, is a 200 km wide moraines - hills that from Jutland to Estonia frames the southern Baltic Sea. It takes its name from the Baltic Sea , the former name for the Baltic Sea .


The ridge, which with the Wieżyca (German Turmberg ) hill reaches a height of 329  m npm , is the westernmost part of the Eastern European Plain . In the north it gradually merges into the Gulf of Finland . The Belarusian ridge joins in the east ; in the south-east the ridge gradually merges into the Palessye lowland . Towards the south, the terrain gradually slopes down into the extensive Vistula lowlands. The North German Plain joins in the west, and in the northwest the terrain slopes down west from the Schleswig-Holstein hill country to the North Sea .

The Baltic ridge is traversed by the Oder , the Vistula , the Memel and the Daugava . The ridge includes (seen in west-east direction) fishing , swans , the Hüttener Berge , the Danish Wohld , Holstein Switzerland , Mecklenburg Switzerland , the Pomeranian Lake District (with the Turmberg ), the Masurian Lake District (with the Seesker Höhe ) and the Lower Lithuanian Ridge.

Economy, tourism, landscape

The flat, undulating ground moraine landscapes are fertile and enable high-yield arable farming. The chain of lakes and terminal moraines are popular holiday areas. The sterile sand areas are largely covered by coniferous forest (e.g. Schorfheide , Tucheler Heide , Rominter Heide ).

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