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Schleswig news

description daily newspaper
language German
publishing company Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher (Germany)
Headquarters Schleswig
First edition January 1, 1812
founder Cai Frantz Christiani (publishing bookseller)
Frequency of publication daily Monday to Saturday
Sold edition 000000000010279.000000000010,279 copies
( IVW 1/2017, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Stefan Hans Kläsener
editor Werner F. Ebke and Jan Dirk Elstermann
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The Schleswiger Nachrichten is a regional daily newspaper founded in 1812 for the city of Schleswig and the Schleswig-Flensburg district . The independent paper appears six times a week, is published by Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag (sh: z) and printed in the printing center in Büdelsdorf near Rendsburg with an edition of 000000000010279.000000000010,279 copies.


The bookseller and publisher Cai Franz Christiani (1780–1850), who came from a family of scholars in Kiel, received from Friedrich VI. In 1811 the royal privilege to publish an “intelligence and address sheet” in Schleswig. After the first edition on January 1, 1812, the newspaper initially appeared once a week (Wednesdays). From 1841 the newspaper makers published under the name "Königlich privileged Schleswiger Intellektivenblatt". The lawyer and later counselor Joseph Johannsen, who took over the newspaper after the German-Danish War in 1864, moved three years later with his staff to Stadtweg 54, where it is still today the editorial team meets. After his death in 1882, his wife Marie Johannsen continued the business until 1923. Her daughter Wilhelmine, popularly known as "Aunt Minchen", managed to survive the paper during the times of National Socialism , until the Schleswig News had to cease its publication in 1946 on the instructions of the British military government.

From December 1, 1949, the Schleswig-Holstein cooperated with the Flensburger Tageblatt , which took over the supraregional reporting. After “Aunt Minchen's” death, the great-grandson of Justice Councilor Joseph Johannsen, Michael von Hamm, ran the company in the fourth generation. 1969 integrated the Schleswiger Nachrichten into the Flensburger Zeitungsverlag , the later Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher. In 1971 the publishing house had a new building built on Stadtweg.

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