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Gomaringen Castle (2007)

The Castle Gomaringen was parish seat of Johann Ulrich Schwindrazheim (* 1736, † 1813) and 1837 to 1841 by Gustav Schwab .

Building history and use

middle Ages

The humpback square -Ringmauer and the only preserved in its foundations keep the former staufer time low noble residence, date from the early 13th century. The noble family of those of Gomaringen, who were in the service of the Counts of Achalm and the Count Palatine of Tübingen , built and lived in this castle.

According to dendrochronological dating, the three-storey half-timbered building in the south-east corner of the circular wall with a wide protrusion over the top of the wall dates from 1307. A heated corner room and a carpet-like tendril painting with parrots from the middle of the 14th century in one of the window niches demonstrate the high level of living comfort.

Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

Around 1500 the south wing of the palace was expanded as the official residence of the Reutlingen bailiffs . The fountain stock in the castle courtyard was built in 1548 by order of Vogt Michael Klewer by the stonemason Hans Huber from Reutlingen in the Renaissance style.

In 1590 Vogt Nikolaus Staud had the east wing built and the medieval part of the south wing redesigned and extended. The east wing was inserted between the keep and the medieval defensive wall as a three-story half-timbered building with central supports that extend over two floors. The east facade was adorned with ornamental frameworks.

Post-war period of the Thirty Years' War

After the Thirty Years' War , the imperial city of Reutlingen sold the rule of Gomaringen to Württemberg and the Duke of Württemberg's bailiffs lived in the castle. As part of a minor renovation, a cellar was lowered under the high medieval part of the south wing in 1661. The stone material from the keep, which was removed in 1697, was used to build farm buildings in the forecourt.

Christiane von Grävenitz, the mistress of Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg, owned the castle from 1708 to 1712, but did not have any modifications carried out. It was not until 1731 to 1739 that the half-timbered structure of the two courtyard facades of the palace above the massive ground floor was completely renewed and the external staircase was built in its current form. In the western part of the south wing, a hall was installed on the second floor, the ceiling of which was suspended from an unusual construction in the roof truss. With the subsequent erection of a hipped roof , the exterior appearance of today was essentially achieved.

18th century

The community bought the castle in 1812 and actually wanted to use it as a school and town hall. Instead it was used as the rectory of Gomaringen for 180 years from 1813. The most prominent incumbent was the local pastor and poet Gustav Schwab between 1837 and 1841, who wrote his most important books in Gomaringen. During this time, the Geisterstiegle was created as the shortest route to the church.

20th and 21st centuries

The Schloss and Gustav Schwab Museum has been operated in the building by the members of the Gomaringer History and Antiquity Association since 1998 .

Known residents

  • Peter von Gomaringen was 1393-1412 abbot in Bebenhausen Monastery, the house monastery of the Count Palatine of Tübingen.
  • Johann Ulrich Schwindrazheim was the author of the "causal poems of an innkeeper" praised by Friedrich Schiller .
  • Gustav Schwab (born June 19, 1792 in Stuttgart; † November 4, 1850 there) was a German pastor, high school professor and writer who is counted at the Swabian school of poetry.


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