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Reimer Herrmann (born May 4, 1938 in Frankfurt am Main ; † July 10, 2003 in Bayreuth ) was a German hydrologist and university professor. He was instrumental in setting up the geoecology course .

Reimer Herrmann studied geosciences and agricultural hydraulic engineering at the Universities of Kiel , Marburg , Southampton and Gießen from 1959 to 1964 . In 1964 he did his doctorate at the University of Giessen under Harald Uhlig on the hydrogeography of the Taunus , where he was from 1964 to 1970 scientific assistant at the Geographical Institute. The habilitation took place in 1970, also in Giessen, with a thesis "On the regional hydrological analysis and structure of the north-western Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia)". From 1972 to 1976 Herrmann was a full professor for physical geography at the University of Cologne . From 1976 to 2003 he held the chair for hydrology at the University of Bayreuth . While still in Cologne, Herrmann had developed the concept of an interdisciplinary environmental science, which he was able to implement in Bayreuth with the establishment of the new geoecology course in 1978. For Reimer Herrmann, mathematics, modeling and systems analysis were of central importance for the subject of geoecology.

In July 2003, a farewell colloquium took place at the University of Bayreuth on the occasion of his retirement, in which he could no longer participate due to a serious illness. A few days later he died.

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