Pregnancy Conflict Act

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Basic data
Title: Pregnancy Conflict Prevention and Management Act
Short title: Pregnancy Conflict Act
Previous title: Law on Education, Contraception, Family Planning and Counseling (Advice Act)
Abbreviation: SchKG
Type: Federal law
Scope: Federal Republic of Germany
Legal matter: Family law , social law
References : 404-25
Issued on: July 27, 1992
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1398 )
Entry into force on: 5th August 1992
Last change by: Art. 13a G of 14 December 2019
( Federal Law Gazette I p. 2789, 2816 )
Effective date of the
last change:
January 1, 2020
(Art. 15 G of December 14, 2019)
GESTA : M022
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The Pregnancy Conflict Act regulates the education , contraception , family planning , pregnancy conflict counseling and termination of pregnancy as well as confidential birth in Germany .

In the first section, Sections 1 to 4 contain general regulations on information, contraception, family planning and advice. In the second section, Sections 5 to 11 contain regulations on pregnancy conflict counseling. The third section contains regulations on the implementation of abortions and regulations on fines in sections 12 and 14. In the fourth section, sections 15 to 18 contain provisions on federal statistics on abortion. In the fifth section (§§ 19 to 24) there are rules on the assumption of costs in the event of abortion in special cases (for financially needy women). The sixth section (§§ 25 to 34) regulates confidential birth .

Entry into force and changes

The law came into force on August 5, 1992 under the name Law on Education, Contraception, Family Planning and Advice (AdviceG) . It only consisted of Sections 1 to 4 and was adopted as Article 1 of the Act on the Protection of Pre-Birth / Expectant Life, on the Promotion of a Child-Friendly Society, on Help in Conflicts of Pregnancy and on the Regulation of Abortion (Pregnancy and Family Aid Act - SchwFamG) from 27 July 1992 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1398).

It was not until the Pregnancy and Family Assistance Amendment Act (SFHÄndG) of August 21, 1995 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1050) that the heading of the Advisory Act was changed in Article 1 No. 1 to the Law on Avoiding and Managing Pregnancy Conflicts (Pregnancy Conflict Act - SchKG) . In addition, in Article 1 No. 2 it determined the previous Advisory Act to the new Section 1 of the amended Act and added the new Sections 2 to 4 with Sections 5 to 18 through Article 1 No. 7.

Further substantive and formal legal regulations were added as of December 15, 2010 to adjust the law. According to the law, a special allocation for disputes under public law is given by the social courts (Section 23 SchKG).

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