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Scott Yanow (born October 4, 1954 in New York ) is an American jazz writer and jazz journalist based in Los Angeles .

Yanow grew up near Los Angeles. Since 1975 he has worked in jazz journalism. After college, he became the jazz editor of the short-lived magazine (33 issues to July 1984) Record Review. He then wrote for numerous magazines such as Down Beat , Jazziz, Jazz Times, The Mississippi Rag, Planet Jazz Jazz News, Jazz Forum, The Jazz Report, Jazz Improv, Cadence, Jazz Now, Record Review, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Jazz Scene , Coda. He also wrote numerous liner notes (e.g. for Storyville Records , Naxos , Pablo Records , Enja , Candid Records , JVC , Concord Records , Allegro) and several jazz books. He is known as one of the main contributors to the "All Music Guide To Jazz", which is published both as a book and on the Internet. From the 3rd edition he was the main editor. In his other jazz books on bebop, swing, classic jazz, jazz singers, Afro-Cuban jazz and trumpeters, CDs and records by the individual musicians and bands are discussed.

Yanow is also the presenter and author of a regular radio program called "Jazz After Hours" on KCSN-FM.

Yanow literature

  • "Jazz on Record - the first 60 years, 1917-1976", Backbeat Books 2003, ISBN 0-87930-755-2 (860 pages)
  • "The Jazz Singers - the Top 500", Backbeat Books 2008, ISBN 0-87930-825-7
  • Co-editor of the "All Music Guide to Jazz", Hal Leonard, 4th edition Backbeat Books, ISBN 0-87930-717-X (approx. 1400 pages, over 1700 biographies and 20,000 records / CDs, but not all of them discussed, with Star ratings)
  • "Swing - The essential listening companion", Miller Freeman Publishing, San Francisco 2000 (Third Ear Series), Backbeat Books 2006, ISBN 978-0-87930-600-7 (also after the classic Swing era)
  • "Bebop - the best musicians and recordings", Miller Freeman Publishing 2000, Backbeat Books 2007, ISBN 978-0-87930-608-3 (Third Ear Series)
  • " Duke Ellington ", Friedman Fairfax 1999, ISBN 1-56799-855-0 (120 pages)
  • "Afro-Cuban Jazz - the easy listening companion", Backbeat Books 2000, ISBN 0-87930-619-X (Third Ear Series)
  • "Trumpet Kings - the players who shaped the sound of Jazz Trumpet", Backbeat Books 2001, ISBN 0-87930-640-8 (479 biographies)
  • "Classic Jazz - the musicians and recordings that shaped jazz 1895-1933", Backbeat Books 2001, ISBN 0-87930-659-9 (Third Ear Series)
  • "Jazz - A regional exploration", Greenwood Press 2005, ISBN 0-313-32871-4 (Greenwood Guides to American Roots Music, covering all of US jazz history)
  • "Jazz on Film", Backbeat Books 2005, ISBN 978-0-87930-783-7 (around 1300 films with performances by jazz musicians)

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