Seibersdorf (Kirchdorf am Inn)

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Commune Kirchdorf
Coordinates: 48 ° 13 '38 "  N , 12 ° 55' 21"  E
Residents : 325  (December 31, 2018)
Postal code : 84375
Area code : 08571
Seibersdorf (Bavaria)

Location of Seibersdorf in Bavaria

Seibersdorf with the church of St. Jakobus d.  Ä.
Seibersdorf with the church of St. Jakobus d. Ä.

Seibersdorf is a part of the municipality of Kirchdorf am Inn in the Lower Bavarian district of Rottal-Inn .


Seibersdorf is located about four kilometers southwest of Kirchdorf am Inn. It is separated from the Inn by the Seibersdorfer Au and the Seibersdorfer Lacke.


In the 15th century, the Seibersdorfer formed an extensive manor around their seat of the same name, which passed to the Offenheimers after they died out in 1544. In the same year, these acquired the status of Hofmark for Seibersdorf . In 1752 Seibersdorf consisted of a farm building and 28 properties. In 1779, Elector Karl Theodor awarded the fiefs to Karl Graf von Berchem.

In the course of the reorganization of what is now the Kingdom of Bavaria , the Seibersdorf tax district was formed in 1811 , which, in addition to parts of the Seibersdorf Hofmark, included the Deindorf seat and parts of the Julbach and Kirchdorf chairmanships. When the political communities were established in 1818 with the community edict, Seibersdorf came to the community of Kirchdorf, while the Hofmark was opened in the Patrimonial First Class Ritzing Court, which was confirmed in 1820 . In 1903 the Seibersdorf branch was built.



  • Catholic women's association Seibersdorf
  • Seibersdorf volunteer fire department. It was founded in 1898.


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