Semyon Ivanovich Deschnjow

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Semyon Ivanovich Deshnev on a Russian postage stamp (2010)

Semjon Iwanowitsch Deschnjow ( Russian Семён Иванович Дежнёв , scientific transliteration Semën Ivanovič Dežnëv ; * around 1605 in Veliky Ustjug ; † 1673 in Moscow ) was a Russian Cossack and explorer.

Deschnjow undertook his first expedition to Eastern Siberia in 1645, but had to break it off due to unfavorable weather conditions. It was not until 1648 that he sailed around the Chukchi Peninsula together with Fedot Alexejewitsch Popov and discovered the Eastern Cape of Asia , which was later named after him, and the Bering Sea . With his trip through the Bering Strait, he refuted the view that there is a land connection between America and Asia ; However, his report did not become known until 1736: The German-Russian historian Gerhard Friedrich Müller discovered the travelogue written by Deschnjow in the archives of the city of Yakutsk . The governor at the time did not forward the report. Deschnjow had proven the strait between Alaska and Siberia 80 years before Vitus Bering and 130 years before James Cook .


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