Chukchi Peninsula

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Chukchi Peninsula
Bering Strait.jpeg
Bering Strait with the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula (left)
Geographical location
Map of Chukchi Peninsula
Coordinates 65 ° 36 ′  N , 174 ° 17 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 36 ′  N , 174 ° 17 ′  W
Waters 1 Chukchi Sea , Bering Strait
Waters 2 Bering Sea
length 370 km
width 280 km
surface 58,120 km²
Berengia - present day.png
The Chukchi Peninsula is located near the American Seward Peninsula .

The Chukchi Peninsula ( Russian Чуко́тский полуо́стров , also Чуко́тка Chukotka ) is an East Siberian peninsula in the far northeast of Russia .

The peninsula includes the Prowidenja Rajons
(4) and Chukotski (6) and eastern areas of the Iultinski Rajons (3).

It belongs to the Chukchi Autonomous Region within the Far East Federal District . Its area is mainly divided between the Prowidenija Rajons in the south and Chukotsky in the north, which together cover an area of ​​58,120 km² and have 8915 inhabitants (estimate from January 1, 2009). The only town is Prowidenija with a population of 1970 inhabitants. The Chukchi Peninsula is mainly inhabited by the Chukchi people.

Geographical location

In the north, the sparsely populated peninsula is bordered by the Chukchi Sea . In the east it reaches the Bering Strait at Cape Deschnjow . In the south it borders the Bering Sea and forms the northeast coast of the Anadyr Gulf . In the west, the Anadyr Mountains join, whose foothills on the peninsula itself are the rather low Chukchi Mountains .

Although the date line runs between the two Diomedes Islands east of the Chukchi Peninsula for geopolitical reasons , its geographic coordinates are - as the only part of Russia - in the western hemisphere . Besides Antarctica, the Chukchi Peninsula is the only place where the 180th degree of longitude runs across the mainland. The point of intersection between the 180th degree of longitude and the Arctic Circle , which is north of the city of Egwekinot , is marked with a monument in the shape of a hemisphere made of steel pipes.

Detailed map

Map from 1947
Section of the Bay of Prowideniya in the south of the Chukchi Peninsula in the summer of 1921

Individual evidence

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