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Urban-type settlement
Federal district far East
region Chukchi Autonomous Okrug
Rajon Providenia
Founded 1937
Urban-type settlement since 1946
population 1970 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Time zone UTC + 12
Telephone code (+7) 42735
Post Code 689250-689251
License Plate 87
OKATO 77 220 551
Geographical location
Coordinates 64 ° 26 '  N , 173 ° 14'  W Coordinates: 64 ° 25 '30 "  N , 173 ° 13' 30"  W
Providenia (Russia)
Red pog.svg
Situation in Russia
Prowidenija (Chukchi Autonomous Okrug)
Red pog.svg
Location in the Chukchi Autonomous Okrug
Prowidenija (Chukotka),
port of departure in the Russian Arctic

Prowidenija ( Russian Провиде́ния ) is an urban-type settlement with 1970 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010) in the northeastern part of the Chukchi Autonomous Okrug in the far east of Russia .


The settlement is located on a fjord on the Bering Strait not far from the date line . It is the administrative center of the Prowideniya Rajons of the same name .

A large part of the population are Yupik , members of an Eskimo tribe .


The climate is arctic, although the winters are not so severe due to the coastal location.


The planned construction of a settlement began in 1937 after a storage area had been created at the natural harbor as early as 1928 . It was named after the bay of the same name, Russian for Providence . On May 10, 1946, urban-type settlement status was granted.

In the Soviet era , Prowidenija was a mainly military port, which was protected from the open Bering Strait by its location on the fjord.

After the end of the Cold War , there was some economic boom through tourism from nearby Alaska . Prowidenija became publicly known through the "Friendship Flight" in December 1988, when an American airline ( Alaska Airlines ) flew to the Russian city for the first time .

Population development

year Residents
1959 4840
1970 6586
1979 4643
1989 5432
2002 2723
2010 1970

Note: census data

Culture and sights

There is a museum of history and culture of Chukotka in Providenia .

Economy and Infrastructure

Prowidenija has a sea port and the small Buchta Prowidenija airport ( Prowidenija Bay , IATA code PVS ) is three kilometers away . From 2018, the region is expected to energy and heat by the floating nuclear power plant -Schiff Akademik Lomonosov are supplied.

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