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Aureus of Severus as Caesar
Follis of Severus as Augustus

Flavius ​​Valerius Severus (rarely Severus II. , † September 16, 307 at Tres Tabernae ) was an emperor of the Roman tetrarchy .


Severus II was a soldier in the Illyrian provinces before his friend Galerius made him under-Emperor ( Caesar ) of the West in 305 as part of the 2nd Tetrarchy .

At the death of the emperor Constantius Chlorus in 306 he was appointed Augustus of the west by the senior emperor Galerius and the "usurper" Constantine was appointed Caesar of the west.

When Maxentius , the son of the resigned Emperor Maximian , revolted in Rome , Galerius sent him to suppress the rebellion, but the walls of Rome and desertion within his own ranks forced him to retreat to Ravenna , where he was defeated by Maximian. When Galerius himself invaded Italy in 307 to subjugate Maxentius and his father, Severus was murdered at Tres Tabernae at the instigation of Maxentius . His son Flavius ​​Severianus was executed by Licinius in 313 as an (alleged) usurper .

Schematic overview

2. Tetrarchy through July 306

west east
Augusti Constantius I. Chlorus Galerius
Caesares Severus Maximinus Daia

3rd Tetrarchy to May 307

west east
Augusti Severus Galerius
Caesares Constantine Maximinus Daia

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predecessor Office successor
Constantius I. Roman emperor
305 / 306–307
Maxentius , Licinius and Constantine I.