Sherlock Holmes is chasing Jack the Ripper

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Sherlock Holmes is chasing Jack the Ripper
SH5 - Sherlock Holmes.png
Studio Frogwares
Publisher Koch Media
platform PC ( Windows ), Xbox 360
genre Point-and-click adventure
Game mode Single player
control Mouse , keyboard
system advantages
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, processor with 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 3 GB hard disk storage
medium 1 DVD-ROM
language German , English , etc.
Age rating
USK released from 12
PEGI recommended for ages 16+

Sherlock Holmes hunts Jack the Ripper is a point-and-click adventure released in Germany on August 14, 2009 and the fifth game in the Sherlock Holmes series developed by Frogwares . The game is available in both classic third-person perspective in the as Egoperspektive be played. It was developed by Frogwares and published by the German publisher Koch Media .


The action takes place in 1888, at the height of the Industrial Revolution , and focuses on Whitechapel, a district in London , the capital of England. Whitechapel, a working-class district in the East End marked by poverty, prostitution and immigration, is shaken by an unsolved series of murders . The victims are exclusively prostitutes who go about their business in the dark alleys.

The killer, only known by the pseudonym "Jack the Ripper" invented by a journalist, seems to be beyond belief. The famous master detective Sherlock Holmes begins to be interested in the case because of a newspaper article. Despite being strictly ordered by the police to stay away from the case and crime scenes, he and his friend Dr. Watson opened the investigation. Holmes seeks to convict Jack the Ripper by investigating the crime scenes, gathering clues, and drawing numerous conclusions.


The player can play the game from both the first person and third person perspective. The player takes turns in control of Holmes and Watson, who, in contrast to the other parts of the series, is a full-fledged player character.

Holmes and Watson begin the case by investigating the crime scene and the body, respectively. At each crime scene, the player can try to reconstruct the course of events with the help of clues and features. At the end of an examination, the correct solution can be selected from a list. Holmes also has to solve puzzles in his apartment on Baker Street. For this purpose, records of the dialogues held are available to him, with the help of which the time of the murder and possible motives can be determined. For example, it becomes clear to them that simple robbery and murder are almost ruled out as a motive, since none of the victims possessed any wealth or valuables. There are also many other puzzles to solve in the game. Such puzzles can contain items in the game world that you can interact with.



The game received positive reviews from numerous computer magazines, for example GameStar magazine awarded this part of the Sherlock Holmes series with 73 percent, praised the interesting and exciting plot and described the game as "the best master detective adventure by Frogware to date" . PC Games gave the game a 74 percent rating, praising the story and the atmosphere befitting the desolation of Whitechapel. The website Adventures United gave the highest rating with 83 percent.

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