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sixpackfilm is a not-for-profit Austrian film distributor and film marketer . The organization is an important interface between alternative and experimental filmmaking in Austria and the domestic and foreign public.

The purpose of the organization is to make Austrian film and video work better known internationally and to distribute it. This is mainly done by feeding film festivals with current Austrian productions.


sixpackfilm was founded in 1990 by experimental filmmakers Martin Arnold , Lisl Ponger and Peter Tscherkassky together with cultural manager Brigitta Burger-Utzer, who has been managing director since 1992, and film critic Alexander Horwath .

The first activity of the association was the organization of a film show on the subject of found footage film. Only then did the establishment of a service organization for artistic film begin.

Sixpackfilm has also been active as a film distributor since 1996. The distribution program now includes around 1,000 films of all genres from the low-budget sector. In 2004 sixpackfilm founded the DVD label INDEX together with Medienwerkstatt Wien for the publication of Austrian and international film, video and media art.


sixpackfilm now arranges around 400 invitations to Austrian films - mainly short and experimental films - at 200 festivals every year . Sixpackfilm is represented at the festivals for further mediation, information and advertising work as well as with special screenings to draw the attention of the press, distributors and television companies to Austrian productions, sometimes with the success of selling films to international distributors or to foreign television broadcasters.

Films supervised by sixpackfilm after their evaluation at festivals are automatically sent to our own distribution, which includes important works of Austrian avant-garde film. But the short fiction films by important Austrian directors such as Barbara Albert and Jessica Hausner or the first documentaries by Nikolaus Geyrhalter , Joerg Burger, Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel can be found in their program.

The extensive knowledge of international festivals and Austrian short and experimental film production gave sixpackfilm a further meaning: as a source of information and advice for the media, curators , television editors , film scholars , filmmakers and cinemas. For this purpose, sixpackfilm has a publicly accessible archive consisting of specialist literature, videos, collected festival catalogs and reviews, as well as photo material.

As an organizer, sixpackfilm organizes retrospectives , thematic programs, tours of domestic productions at home and abroad and presents international film and video art in Austria.

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