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Peter Tscherkassky (born October 3, 1958 in Vienna , Austria ) is an Austrian avant-garde film director .

Live and act

Tscherkassky attended the Kalksburg college in Vienna and then the Mistelbach high school , where he graduated in 1977. He then studied journalism and political science at the University of Vienna . In 1978 he first became acquainted with avant-garde filmmaking when he attended a five-day lecture series by P. Adams Sitney at the Austrian Film Museum . In 1979 Tscherkassky temporarily moved to Berlin , where he began to study philosophy . At the end of the same year he also purchased Super 8 equipment - film equipment that has long been very popular among experimental filmmakers . In December of that year he also began filming his first short film, Crusaders , the screenplay of which he had previously written. He began to deal intensively with avant-garde filmmaking in German-speaking countries and learned, among others, the artists and filmmakers, mainly from the Berlin area, Thomas Kiesel , Frieder Butzmann , Reinhold vorneider , Nils Krüger , Regina Baumgart , Gerti Fietzek , Thomas Kapielski , Rolf-Peter Know Baacke . He regularly attended the Arsenal cinema, especially the weekly programs on international avant-garde filmmaking.

In 1981 he met the Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Lisl Ponger , Dietmar Brehm and Ernst Schmidt Jr. know. In 1982 he was a founding member of the Austrian Filmmakers Cooperative (from which he left in 1993).

In 1984 Tscherkassky began presenting the two-part program “überBlick - Super-8-Films aus Österreich” as part of the exhibition “Kometen.F possibly.Lawinen.Orte” of the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in the Berlin Kutscherhaus with his curatorial work. At the end of this year he returned to Vienna, where he founded the "UFVA - Independent Film & Video Austria" with Eva Schlegel, Heimo Zobernig, Gudrun Bielz, Helmut Rainer and Helmut Mark, among others.

Between 1985 and 1986 he wrote his dissertation “Film + Art: On a Critical Aesthetics of Cinematography” at the Institute for Philosophy in Vienna. In 1986 he received his doctorate as Dr. phil.

From 1989 to 2002 he held a teaching position for artistic film design at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz .

In 1993 and 1994, Art Minister Rudolf Scholten appointed him artistic director of the newly founded festival of Austrian film, the Diagonale . In 1993 he also conceived the retrospective “Morgenlicht. Austrian avant-garde film from Kubelka to today ”in the Berlin cinema“ Arsenal ”. Further curatorial appointments preceded or followed suit.

In 2005 his work Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in the series "Quinzaine des réalisateurs".

Well-known films by the director are Happy End (1996) and Outer Space (1999), both of which were released on DVD in the Austrian film selection Der Österreichische Film . Another multiple award-winning short film by the director is Dream Work (2002). Many of his films are distributed by the Austrian distributor sixpackfilm .

Filmography (selection)

Short film direction unless otherwise noted.

  • 1981: bloodletting
  • 1982: Erotique
  • 1982: love story
  • 1983: Freeze Frame
  • 1983: Vacation film
  • 1983: Ballet No. 3 (45 sec., Short film contribution No. 22 in Overnight Famous , Prod. Stiletto , business from hand to mouth)
  • 1983: Miniatures - Many Berlin artists in Hoisdorf
  • 1984: Motion Picture (La Sortie des Ouvriers de l'Usine Lumière à Lyon)
  • 1985: Manufacture
  • 1996: happy ending
  • 1997: L'Arrivée
  • 1999: Get Ready
  • 1999: Outer Space
  • 2001: Dream Work
  • 2005: Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine
  • 2006: Nachtstück (Nocture)
  • 2010: Coming Attractions
  • 2015: The Exquisite Corpus


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