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Graz clock tower during the Diagonale'17

The Diagonale is a film festival that took place in 1993, 1994 and 1995 in Salzburg and has been held annually in Graz since 1998 . It sees itself as a comprehensive annual film show of Austrian filmmaking that aims to cover all genres (feature film, documentary film, short film, avant-garde, etc.). In 2020 the event was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic ; in 2021 it will take place from June 8th to 13th.


First years

The first three Diagonale festivals were organized by the Austrian Film Commission at the beginning of December in cooperation with the Salzburg Festival in Salzburg. The director was the filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky in 1993 and 1994 and Heinrich Mis in 1995 (then director of the ORF show kunst-pieces ). After a break, the festival moved to Graz; its own sponsoring association “Forum Austrian Film” was founded in 1998 under the direction of Christine Dollhofer and Constantin Wulff, who headed the association until 2003. In addition to the film screenings, discussions, public discussions and exhibitions are also on the program. In the first year in Graz, one hundred films were shown and prizes were awarded in three categories: a main prize, a prize for innovative cinema and a prize for young talent. A number of other prizes were added later; In 1999, a prize for the best actor and the best actress was awarded for the first time, but this was not the case until 2008.

Since the turn of the millennium

The planning for Diagonale 2004 initially began with a scandal, as the State Secretary for Art, Franz Morak , dismissed the previous program managers with a new team despite their excellent performance and without seeking a consensus with the filmmakers concerned. Since this choice of personnel met with opposition from almost all filmmakers, it initially looked as if there could be two events with the same name: The “official” diagonal of Morak and an “unofficial” event that was organized by the media representatives themselves has been. Eventually, however, Morak gave in and gave up his event. After a restructuring of the sponsoring association and the willingness of numerous participants to do voluntary work, the Diagonale 2004 was able to take place in the usual form despite time pressure.

The background for Morak's intervention in the directorship is assumed to be an attempt to readjust the festival with a more commercial focus as well as a politically motivated "act of retaliation" against the film scene and the festival management, because the diagonal changed a few weeks after the controversial formation of the blue-black coalition between FP and VP in 2000 as a forum for anti-government protests and video works. In the course of the dispute at the time about a petition by numerous well-known filmmakers that was printed in the festival catalog, in which the resignation of the government was called for, the then Styrian VP Provincial Councilor Hirschmann even temporarily postponed the guaranteed prize money of the State of Styria.

In the course of a restructuring by the sponsoring association “Forum Austrian Film”, the general assembly of Diagonale appointed the three-man team Birgit Flos (director), Robert Buchschwenter (director of production) and Georg Tillner (director of finance) to the new Diagonale at the suggestion of the Diagonale advisory board -Management. After Buchschwenter and Tillner left, Oliver Testor took over the management of the festival in May 2005 until 2009.

The Diagonale 2006 took place from March 21 to 26, 2006 in Graz under the directorship of Birgit Flos. The festival center was first established in 2006 at the Kunsthaus Graz. The UCI Annenhofkino, Schubertkino, augartenkino kiz and the film center in the Rechbauerkino were the festival cinemas. In cooperation with the Kunsthaus Graz, the Diagonale also created a highlight of the festival: In an homage to the artist Maria Lassnig, her entire cinematic oeuvre was shown in newly restored copies.

In December 2006 Birgit Flos' contract was extended to Diagonale 2008.

Also since 2006 there have been two equally endowed Große Diagonale prizes, for the best feature film and for the best documentary film.

Head of Barbara Pichler (2009 to 2015)

From 2009 to 2015, the curator, publicist and film mediator Barbara Pichler headed the festival, who established the festival as a mediation and discussion platform for Austrian cinema with tighter programming and increased focus on international industry networking. Her original three-year contract was extended by the Diagonale sponsoring association initially to 2014 and later, at Pichler's own request, only for another year to 2015. The directorship of the Diagonale from the 2016 festival was put out to tender at the beginning of April 2014. In November 2014 it was announced that the festival will be headed by the two Upper Austrians Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber from 2016. As of 2009, the two of them have already jointly directed the YOUKI International Youth Media Festival .

The Diagonale 2009 took place from March 17th to 22nd and counted 23,876 visitors. One personale was dedicated to the filmmaker Mara Mattuschka , while the international tribute brought the German filmmaker Stefan Krohmer to Graz. The historical special programs were dedicated to the history of Austrian animation films, film restoration and the almost forgotten work of the exiled Viennese screenwriter Anna Gmeyner . In 2009, acting prizes were awarded for the third time since 1999. On the one hand the Big Diagonale Acting Prize to Josef Hader for his achievements in Austrian film and on the other hand the Diagonale Special Prize of the jury for the remarkable appearance of an Austrian actress / actor in a Diagonale 2008 film to Birgit Minichmayr , who alongside Hader in Der Bone Man can be seen.

With around 24,800 visitors, Diagonale 2010 (March 16-21) was able to draw a positive conclusion after six days of the festival and 147 films and videos shown. One of the highlights of the festival was Personale Peter Schreiner , which received international acclaim and presented and paid tribute to the Austrian filmmaker's documentary work in a concentrated form. With Romuald Karmakar about it was also one of the currently most important voices in German cinema with his films in Graz guest. Special historical programs focused on the almost forgotten work of the auteur filmmaker Mansur Madavi and that of the cameraman Günther Krampf, who was driven into exile . The industry meeting was dedicated to the funding model “Austria as a location for films”. Two exhibitions also took place in the framework program of Diagonale 2010: “SILENT ALIEN GHOST MACHINE MUSEUM” by Norbert Pfaffenbichler in the Kunstverein Medienturm and “brRRMMMWHee - extended version” by Billy Roisz in the Kunsthaus Graz .

In 2011 the Diagonale took place from March 22nd to 27th and was opened by Nikolaus Geyrhalter's documentary essay film Abendland . The personal was dedicated to the renowned avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky . With the director and camerawoman Elfi Mikesch , a representative of European auteur cinema with Austrian roots was a guest. presented her two most recent works. The historical special program “Shooting Women. Female Pioneers of Austrian Films ”with films by Valie Export , Margareta Heinrich , and others. Other specials included the Vienna animation film festival “ Tricky Women ” and the filmmaker Linda Christanell . At Diagonale 2011, a wide-ranging discussion of female filmmaking took place not only in the film and supporting program, but also on a film-political level. Representatives of the film industry demanded more visibility for women in the film business as well as a quota for women in film committees and in the university sector. At the end of the “Concept Film” series, Nadim Vardag showed his exhibition “∆” at the Kunstverein Medienturm, while Sabine Marte, designer of the 2011 festival trailer, exhibited together with Clemens Hollerer under the title “Do we need an accident?” At the Kunsthaus Graz . The trilateral industry meeting focused on the "digital revolution" in sales and marketing. Finally, in 2011 the go-ahead was given for “Diagonale GOES GREEN”, a long-term strategy of social responsibility for the environment and sustainability.

The 15th Diagonale in Graz took place from March 20th to 25th, 2012. Despite a slightly lower number of performances and events compared to 2011, the occupancy rate rose to almost 74 percent. The Diagonale 2012 program reflected the high quality of current Austrian filmmaking in a focused selection. As always, the festival functioned as a place for meeting and exchanging ideas between the film industry and the audience. In addition to many established names, numerous young filmmakers also presented their work. The Diagonale opened in 2012 with a feature film debut: Spain by Anja Salomonowitz . During the opening, Johannes Silberschneider received the Great Diagonale Acting Award for his services to Austrian film culture. One of the highlights of the festival was also a personal dedicated to the legendary avant-garde artist Ferry Radax , who made his groundbreaking work accessible to a wider audience again with a concentrated selection of films. The international guest was the Israeli documentary filmmaker Avi Mograbi , who was represented with the video installation Details as well as a comprehensive retrospective film . The special program Carl Mayer Screenplay Awards 2017 "Shooting Women II" on the female forms of the documentary, the historical special on the American actor and cameraman Charles Korvin in the "FilmExil" series and the eagerly anticipated revival of Michael were also well received by the public Synek's Die Toten Fisch from 1989. The discussion track focused in several program items on the status quo of film criticism and different positions in the film discourse. In the Kunsthaus Graz Sofie Thorsen showed the exhibition "section A-A '. As part of the industry meeting “Discussing Diversity in Independent Cinema”, numerous international panels and case studies discussed different perspectives and strategies of film funding and exploitation against the background of practical experience, and further activities were initiated in Austria.

In 2013 the 16th edition of the festival took place from March 12th to 17th and was opened by Ulrich Seidl's Paradise: Hope . A total of 156 films were shown in 136 screenings, 98 of which were in competition. Compared to the previous year, the Diagonale was able to show an increase of 1,300 visitors with 25,051 visitors (approx. 18,900 cinema admissions and approx. 6,000 people in the supporting programs), while the occupancy rate fell from 74 to 72 percent. The prizes awarded were valued at around 155,000 euros. After a year marked by great international successes for Austrian films, the focus at Diagonale 2013 turned to the numerous highly promising productions by young filmmakers, whose individual approaches provided a breath of fresh air. The highlights also included the presentation of Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy as a complete work and the two staff dedicated to Josef Dabernig and Michaela Grill . With Dominik Graf , an exceptional figure in the German-speaking production landscape was invited to Graz. The continuation of the “FilmExil” series focused on the filmmaking of the Viennese director, screenwriter and producer Paul Czinner . The special program “Austrian Pulp” presented subversive Austrian underground cinema between the genres. The industry meeting was dedicated to the "models of material and project development" with the participation of numerous international experts.

The 17th edition of the Diagonale opened in Graz with the Austrian premiere of Johannes Holzhausen's documentary The Great Museum . While the focus was on numerous feature film premieres in 2013, this time, in keeping with the trend of the production year, the focus was on documentary films with 23 productions in the competition. The festival showed a total of 192 films from March 18 to 23, 2014, 106 of them in competition. Despite the bright spring weather, after six days with around 25,500 visitors, a slight increase in the number of visitors was reported. The value of the film prizes awarded was around 165,000 euros. The personal was dedicated to the film artist Manfred Neuwirth . The renowned French camerawoman Agnès Godard was honored with a retrospective. The special programs on James Benning , Peter Lorre , the continuation of “Austrian Pulp” and the show “Another Land” on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Austrian Film Museum met with a great response from the public . The motto of the industry meeting was "Digital Revolution Meets Reality". As always, the festival positioned itself as an indispensable place for encounters and exchanges between the film industry and the audience. Ten years after the resistance diagonal, there was renewed protest. In a petition addressed to the governing parties and the management of the ORF , numerous representatives of the film industry warned of the immediate effects of impending funding cuts.

The 2015 Diagonale took place from March 17th to 22nd. The festival took place for the last time under the direction of Barbara Pichler, who withdrew from this position after seven years. Around 27,000 visitors were recorded and 50 world premieres and 25 Austrian premieres were shown. 97 films were shown in the competition, a total of 157 films were shown. The festival was opened by Karl Markovics ' feature film Superwelt . The staff dedicated to the documentary filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter marked a high point . The French director and author Mia Hansen-Løve was an international tribute guest . The film history special programs were dedicated to the displaced avant-garde, the work of Alfred Kaiser and the tension between film and history. Other specials were the rediscovered TV series Draußen in der Stadt, written by Günter Brödl , and the two filmmakers Florian Flicker and Michael Glawogger, who had died the year before . The industry meeting dealt with questions of film financing and funding.

Management Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber (since 2016)

Diagonale 2016 took place from March 8th to 13th and was under the direction of Sebastian Höglinger and Peter Schernhuber for the first time. The two relied on a balance between continuity and new impulses and set a new record with 30,200 visitors. Two new program lines, a new image, increased cooperation with local initiatives and institutions and a separate festival district contributed to the renewal. A total of 158 films were shown, 107 of them in competition. The festival opened with the world premiere of Mirjam Unger's Maikäfer flieg based on the novel by Christine Nöstlinger . The new series “About the Person” put the focus on producer Gabriele Kranzelbinder . The special historical program, provocatively titled “Austria: to be forgotten”, was dedicated to a central phase of Austrian film and contemporary history: the Waldheim years. The new festival track “In Reference” opened up a wide range of references within the program, which featured US indie director Matt Porterfield as a guest. The Diagonale Film Meeting developed strategies for more equality and social diversity in film and television.

In 2017, the Diagonale took place for the twentieth time in Graz from March 28th to April 2nd. The festival was opened by Michael Glawogger's documentary Untitled , which film editor Monika Willi completed after Glawogger's unexpected death in 2014. A total of 191 films were shown, 106 of which competed for the Diagonale Awards. These had a total value of around 195,000 euros. For the first time, the Franz Grabner Prize was awarded in the cinema and television documentary categories as part of the Diagonale. In programming, cross-genre short film programs and supporting films took into account the trend towards the merging of film genres. In the competition, experimental works, music videos, feature films and documentaries were positioned in relation to one another. With 31,200 visitors, Diagonale was able to increase the audience's popularity again from the previous year (2016: 30,200). There was a lot of positive feedback on the historical special program “1000 Takte Film”, which looked for the influences of pop culture on Austrian film and vice versa. The series “About the Person” focused on the integration figure Andi Winter, a filmmaker from the supposedly second row. US director Ana Lily Amirpour presented her latest work The Bad Batch in Graz and held a masterclass. As part of the Diagonale Film Meeting, industry representatives from various fields and functions highlighted the popularity and potential of Austrian film at home. The new discussion channel Diagonale im Dialog brought illustrious personalities from the film world to extensive discussions in the festival cinemas.

In 2018 the Diagonale took place from March 13th to 18th, the opening film was Murer - Anatomy of a Process by Christian Frosch . A retrospective on Ludwig Wüst entitled "Theater, Kino, Holzarbeit" dealt with the director's broad spectrum of work, both in his cinema and theater work and in his work as a carpenter. Wüst staged the play Miss Julie by August Strindberg as part of a first-time cooperation between the film festival and the Schauspielhaus Graz . The diagonal of 2019 from 19 to 24 March was the ground under the feet of Marie Kreutzer opened.

In 2020, the diagonal originally planned for March 24-29 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic . The winners were announced on June 30, 2020.

The edition, originally planned for March 16-21, 2021, was to open with the feature film Fox under construction by Arman T. Riahi . Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue has been postponed to June 8-13, 2021.


Jury prizes of the diagonal
category donated by since Endowment
(in euros, 2020)
Grand Diagonale Prize of the State of Styria

Best feature film

State of Styria / Culture, The Grand Post , Mischief Films 2006 21,000
Grand Diagonale Prize of the State of Styria

Best documentary

State of Styria / Culture, The Grand Post , Mischief Films 2006 21,000
Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema from the City of Graz

Best innovative film, experimental or animated film

City of Graz culture, Golden Girls film production 1998 8,500
Diagonale Prize short film

Best short film

Muchar Upcycles , The Grand Post 2011 5,500
Diagonale Prize Short documentary film from the Diocese of Graz-Seckau

Best short documentary

Diocese of Graz-Seckau 2001 4,000
Diagonale Prize of the Styrian Youth Jury

Best Newcomer Film

State of Styria / youth, Stöger cameras 1998 5,500
Big Diagonale Acting Award

for services to Austrian film culture

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2008 Artwork
Diagonale Acting Award

for a remarkable appearance by an Austrian actor in a Diagonale competition film

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2008 3,000
Diagonale Acting Award

for a remarkable appearance by an Austrian actress in a Diagonale competition film

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2011 3,000
Professional association awards
category donated by since Doping

(in euros, 2020)

Diagonale-Preis Schnitt des Verband Filmschnitt aea

Best artistic montage of feature film

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2007 3,000
Diagonale-Preis Schnitt des Verband Filmschnitt aea

Best Artistic Montage Documentary

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2007 3,000
Diagonale-Preis image design by the Association of Austrian Cameramen AAC

Best image creation feature film

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2006 3,000
Diagonale-Preis image design of the Association of Austrian Cameramen AAC Best image design documentary film Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2006 3,000
Diagonale-Preis Production design by the Association of Austrian Film Outfitters VÖF Best production design Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2011 3,000
Diagonale-Preis costume design of the Association of Austrian film outfitters VÖF Best costume design Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2011 3,000
Diagonale Prize for Sound Design from the Association of Austrian Film Sound Creators, Filmton Austria

Best sound design feature film

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2013 3,000
Diagonale Prize for Sound Design from the Association of Austrian Film Sound Creators, Filmton Austria

Best sound design documentary

Collecting Society of Filmmakers 2013 3,000
other award ceremonies within the framework of the diagonal
category donated by since Doping

(in euros, 2020)

VAM "Exceptional Production Achievement" Prize - Utilization

Audiovisual Media Society

for exceptional production performance in the field of film

Collecting Society for Audiovisual Media (VAM) 2002 20,000
Diagonale audience award from the Kleine Zeitung

Diagonale's most popular film

Small newspaper 2007 3,000
Carl Mayer Screenplay Awards

Grand Prize

City of Graz culture 1990 (*) 15,000
Carl Mayer Screenplay Awards

Sponsorship award

City of Graz culture 1994 (*) 7,500
Thomas Pluch main prize

for the best script of a full-length feature film or a full-length television film

Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport 1993 12,000
Thomas Pluch special prize from the jury

for a script for a full-length feature film or a full-length television film with particularly outstanding aspects

Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport 2014 7,000
Thomas Pluch Prize for short or medium-length feature films

for the best script of a feature film with a minimum length of 15 to a maximum of 70 minutes

Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport 2014 3,000
Franz Grabner Prize Documentary film AAFP, Film Austria, ORF 2017 5,000
Franz Grabner Prize TV documentary film AAFP, Film Austria, ORF 2017 5,000
Former prices
category donated by Period Doping
Dor Film Award for Script Development Dor movie 2014 to 2016 5,000
Diagonale Prize for the best young Austrian film ORF art pieces 2002 (***)
Grand Diagonale Prize - Best Austrian Feature Film State of Styria 1998 to 2005
Association of Austrian Cinematographers AAC Prize - Best Cinematography Association of Austrian Cameramen 2004 to 2005
Diagonal price cut - best cut Association of film and video editing 2005
Appreciation award for cinematography BMUKK 1999 to 2010 14,600
Advancement award for film art BMUKK 1999 to 2010 8,000
ORF prize for television-compatible material as part of the Carl Mayer script competition ORF 2000 to 2007 4,000
Erich Neuberg Prize - best directorial performance in an ORF production ORF 2003 to 2010 (**) 10,000
Thomas Pluch Screenplay Award - for the two best scripts by young writers Screenplay Association Austria and BMUKK 2004 to 2013 5,500 each
(*) since 2000 within the framework of the Diagonale
(**) has been awarded since 1980, from 2003 to 2010 within the framework of the Diagonale
(***) Prize: production order for pieces of art

Award winners

Big diagonal price

Great price of the diagonal
year Director Best Austrian feature film
1998 Florian Flicker Suzie Washington
1999 Nikolaus Geyrhalter Pripyat
2000 Barbara Albert
Goran Rebić
North Rim
The Punishment
2001 Florian Flicker The raid
2002 Fritz Lehner Everyone's festival
2003 Andrea Maria Dusl Blue moon
2004 Martin Bruch handbikemovie
2005 Jessica Hausner hotel
year Director Best Austrian documentary Director Best Austrian feature film
2006 Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel
Arash T. Riahi
Exile Family Movie
Michael Haneke Caché
2007 Peter Schreiner Bellavista Jakob M. Erwa Perfect world
2008 Marko Doringer Half my life Götz Spielmann revenge
2009 Constantin Wulff In the world Michael Glawogger The father game
2010 Brigitte Weich
Karin Macher
Hana, dul, sed ... Tizza Covi
Rainer Frimmel
La Pivellina
2011 Ivette Löcker Night shifts Marie Kreutzer The fatherless
2012 Dariusz Kowalski Direction Nowa Huta Sebastian Meise Still life
2013 Bernadette Weigel Airstream - a traveller's records Tizza Covi
Rainer Frimmel
The shine of the day
2014 Ruth Beckermann Those Who Go Those Who Stay Houchang Allahyari The last Dance
2015 Nikolaus Geyrhalter Over the years Veronika Franz

Severin Fiala

I see, I see
2016 Sigmund Steiner Wood earth meat Ruth Beckermann The dreamed
2017 Ivette Löcker What binds us Lukas Valenta Rinner The lover
2018 Nikolaus Geyrhalter The structural measure Christian frog Murer - anatomy of a process
2019 Nathalie Borgers The Remains - After the Odyssey Sara Fattahi chaos
2020 Sabine Derflinger The Dohnal Sandra Wollner The Trouble with Being Born

Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema

Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema - Best Austrian Experimental, Animated or Short Films
year Director Movie title
1998 Kathrin Resetarits
Martin Arnold
Alone - Life Wastes Andy Hardy
1999 Peter Tscherkassky Outer space
2000 Fiona Rukschcio
Elke Groen , Wolfgang Widerhofer , Ralph Wieser
# 1: <common.places>
The art of the hour is resistance
2001 Collective "The art of the hour is resistance"
Association "Echo"
for their media work
2002 Michael Palm Sea Concrete Human - Malfunctions # 1
2003 Mara Mattuschka id
2004 Brigitta Bodenauer
Didi Bruckmayr , Michael Strohmann
do not touch me when I start to feel save
I'm sad
2005 Gerhard Friedl Did Wolff von Amerongen commit bankruptcy crimes?
2006 Tina Frank
Gabriele Mathes
int.16 / 45 // son01 / 30x1
One million credit is normal, says my grandfather
2007 Jan Machacek , Martin Siewert
Manuel Knapp
erase remake
visibility of interim
2008 Mara Mattuschka
Johann Lurf
Running Sushi
Vertigo Rush
2009 Michael Palm Laws of Physics
2010 Sabine Marte B-star, undeadable! reloaded
2011 Billy Roisz Chiles en Nogada
2012 Josef Dabernig Hypercrisis
2014 Lukas Marxt High tide
2015 Sasha Pirker and Lotte Schreiber Exhibition Talks
2016 Antoinette Zwirchmayr Josef - my father's perpetrator profile
2017 Katrina Daschner Horse boobs
2018 Johann Lurf
2019 Jennifer Mattes Wreckage takes a holiday
2020 Constanze fame Gli appunti di Anna Azzori / Uno specchio che viaggia nel tempo

Diagonale Prize of the Youth Jury - Best Newcomer Film

Diagonale Prize of the Youth Jury of the State of Styria for Best Newcomer Film
year Director Movie title
1998 Nana Swiczinsky Repetition
1999 Georg Wasner Not a bullet in the heart by post
2000 Siegfried A. Fruhauf High altitude rush
2001 Kerstin Cmelka With me
2002 Birgit Foerster Au clair de la lune
2003 Sebastian Meise Prize de vues
2004 Karl Bretschneider Gray area
2005 Michael Ramsauer Echoes
2006 Anna Martinetz Urban utopias or the legend of Synia
2007 Andrina Mračnikar The Carinthian speaks German
2008 Carola Schmidt
Jakob M. Erwa
We ask you to seduce us!
Honorable Mention: Tschuschen: power
2009 Marvin Kren Show day
2010 Hüseyin tobacco kick off
2011 Max Liebich You're out
2012 Conrad Tambour The visit
2013 Matthias Zuder heritage
2014 Britta Schoening , Michaela Taschenk and Sandra Wollner We're fine
2015 Lukas Valenta Rinner Parabellum
2016 Jasmin Baumgartner Monster
2017 Santiago Rodriguez Duran Revolución Solar
2018 Bernhard Wenger Sorry, I'm looking for the table tennis room and my girlfriend
2019 Nicolas Pindeus Chance & Necessity
2020 Özgür Anil The judgment in the case of K.

Diagonale Prize for Best Short Documentary and Short Fiction Film

Diagonale Prize of the Jury of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau Best short documentary or short fiction film
year Director Movie title
2001 Joerg Burger Moscouw
2002 Egon Humer Amos bird. Mosaic with confidence
2003 Andrina Mračnikar Andri 1924-1944
2004 Gerald Harringer MA
2005 Ascan Breuer , Ursula Hansbauer , Wolfgang Konrad Forest
2006 Sepp Dreissinger conspecifics. 35-minute portraits
2007 Judith Zdesar Pictures from the diary of someone waiting
2008 Emanuel Danesch livesafelyineurope
2009 Bernhard Braunstein , David Gross Pharaoh Bipolar
2010 Juliane Grossheim The children from Friedrichshof
2011 Umut Dağ
Karl-Heinz Klopf
Papa (short film)
They (short documentary film)
2012 Catalina Molina
Houchang Allahyari
Our song (short film)
The Persian Crocodile (short documentary film)
2013 Florian Pochlatko
Friedemann Derschmidt
Erdbeerland (short film)
The Phantom of Memory (short documentary film)
2014 Stefan Bohun
Antoinette Zwirchmayr
Music (short film)
The pimp and his trophies (short documentary)
2015 Jannis Lenz
Lisbeth Kovacic
Shadow boxer (short film)
minor border (short documentary film)
2016 Maria Luz Olivares Chapel
Clara Trischler
Forest of Echoes (short film)
Home is not a place (short documentary film)
2017 Clara Stern
Kristina Schranz
Mathias (short film)
Spielfeld (short documentary film)
2018 Bernhard Wenger
Kristina Schranz
Sorry, I'm looking for the table tennis room and my girlfriend (short film)
Ars Moriendi or the art of living (short documentary)
2019 Raphaela Schmid
Johannes Gierlinger
ENE MENE (short film)
Remapping the origins (short documentary film)
2020 Raphaela Schmid
Total Refusal ( Robin Klengel , Leonhard Müllner , Michael Stumpf)
Fish (short film)
How to Disappear (short documentary)

Diagonal Acting Awards

On the initiative of the collecting society of filmmakers , the Diagonale Acting Awards have been awarded since 2008. The Great Diagonale Acting Prize is awarded for services to Austrian film culture, whereas the Diagonale Acting Prize is awarded for a remarkable appearance in a film of the respective Diagonale year. The trophy for the Great Diagonale Acting Award is created every year by an Austrian artist. 2008: Erwin Wurm , 2009: Elke Krystufek , 2010: Brigitte Kowanz , 2011: Peter Kogler , 2012: Elfie Semotan , 2013: Herbert Brandl , 2014: Eva Schlegel , 2015: Heimo Zobernig , 2016: Anna Paul , 2017: Stefanie Moshammer . Since 2010, the Diagonale Acting Award has been given to both an actor and an actress.

Acting awards
year Diagonal Acting Prize Diagonal Acting Prize
1999 Roland Düringer for Hinterholz 8 Sabrina Riedel for Beastie Girl
year Big Diagonale Acting Award Diagonale Acting Award
2008 Karl Markovics for The Forgers Ursula Strauss for revenge
2009 Josef Hader, among others, for The Bone Man Birgit Minichmayr for The Bone Man
2010 Klaus Maria Brandauer for his life's work Franziska Weisz for The Robber
Andreas Lust for The Robber
2011 Senta Berger for her life's work Marion Mitterhammer for The Fatherless
Johannes Krisch for The Fatherless , Perhaps in another life , Kottan determined: Rien ne va plus
2012 Johannes Silberschneider Christine Ostermayer for early 80s
Michael Fuith for Michael
2013 Maria Hofstätter Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg for soldiers Jeannette
Johannes Nussbaum for diamond fever or buy yourself a colorful balloon
2014 Georg Friedrich Erni Mangold for The Last Dance
Gerhard Liebmann for Blutgletscher , Das sinstere Tal and Bad Fucking
2015 Tobias Moretti Ulrike Beimpold for Superwelt
Murathan Muslu for cracks in concrete
2016 Erni Mangold Ursula Strauss for cockchafer fly!
Erwin Steinhauer for Thank You for Bombing
2017 Johannes Krisch Verena Altenberger for The Best of All Worlds
Philipp Hochmair for Kater
2018 Ingrid Burkhard the entire acting ensembles of L'Animale and Cops
2019 Birgit Minichmayr Joy Alphonsus for Joy
Simon Frühwirth for Nevrland
2020 Ursula Strauss Julia Franz Richter for Der Taucher
Dominik Warta for The Trouble with Being Born
2021 Christine Ostermayer

Diagonal price image design

The Association of Austrian Cinematographers awarded the AAC Prize for the best cinematography of the year at Diagonale in 2004 and 2005 . For the thirtieth anniversary of the association in 2006, two prizes were awarded for the first time in the categories of best camera work for feature and documentary film, as the Diagonale prize for camera work . Since 2007, these awards have been called the Diagonale-Preis Bildgestaltung , and since 2014 they have been endowed with 3,000 euros each.

Diagonale Prize from the Association of Austrian Cinematographers
year AAC Award for Best Cinematography
2004 Bernhard Keller Struggle
2005 Johannes Hammel , Rafael Ortega Volver la Vista
year Best image creation feature film Best Image Creation Documentary
2006 Martin Gschlacht Play life Wolfgang Thaler Working Man's Death
2007 Bernhard Keller Falling Jo Molitoris It happened just before that
2008 Martin Gschlacht revenge Joerg Burger The way to Mecca
2009 Enzo Brandner Universalove Nikolaus Geyrhalter 7915 km
2010 Christian Berger The White band Peter Schreiner Totó
2011 Leena Koppe The fatherless Elfi Mikesch MONDO LUX - Werner Schroeter's world of images
2012 Gerald Kerkletz Still life and Michael Joerg Burger The Future's Past - Creating Cambodia
2013 Wolfgang Thaler and Ed Lachman Paradise: love Bernadette Weigel Airstream - a traveller's records
2014 Thomas Kiennast the dark valley Joerg Burger and Attila Boa The great museum
2015 Michael Bindlechner Super world Manfred Neuwirth From a nearby country
2016 Gerald Kerkletz WIN WIN Kurdwin Ayub Paradise! Paradise!
2017 Wolfgang Thaler

Sebastian Thaler

Ugly Attila Boa Untitled
2018 Mariel Baqueiro Hagazussa Serafin Spitzer Gwendolyn
2019 Klemens Hufnagl Movements of a nearby mountain Christiana Perschon She is the other look
2020 Thimios Bakatakis The Lodge Yunus Roy Imer Space dogs

Diagonal price cut

Since 2005, the Austrian Film Editing Association (aea) has been awarding a prize for the best artistic montage in a Diagonale competition film as part of the Diagonale. In 2006, two editing prizes were awarded for the first time in the feature and documentary film categories. These have been endowed with 3,000 euros each since 2014 and are awarded by the jury of the Great Diagonale Prize for Feature Film and the Jury of the Great Diagonale Prize for Documentary Film.

Diagonale-Preis Schnitt des Verband Filmschnitt aea
year Best artistic montage
2005 Denise Vindevogel Darwin's Nightmare
year Best artistic montage of feature film Best Artistic Montage Documentary
2006 Nina Kusturica

Bernhard Schmid

Kotsch Dieter Pichler No Name City
2007 Oliver Neumann Always never by the sea Alarich Lenz My dear republic
2008 Christoph Schertenleib Import export Martin Hasenöhrl drent and herent
2009 Anja Schürenberg Rimini Michèle Barbin Pianomania
2010 Gerhard Fillei

Joachim Krenn

New York: November (South) Michael Palm Job centre
2011 Evi Romen My best Enemy Wolfgang Widerhofer Occident
2012 Wolfgang Widerhofer Michael Dieter Pichler American Passages
2013 Peter Brunner My blind heart Alexandra Schneider Airstream - a traveller's records
2014 Karina Ressler October November Dieter Pichler The great museum
2015 Karin Hammer No turning back from now on Wolfgang Widerhofer Over the years
2016 Dieter Pichler The dreamed Andreas Horvath Helmut Berger, actor
2017 Ulrike Kofler
Monika Willi
Christoph Brunner
Wild mouse Christin Veith
Cordula Thym
Relatively independent
2018 Niki Mossböck Light and Life Guidance Joana Scrinzi Gwendolyn and not from bad parents
2019 Peter Schreiner garden Arthur Summereder THE DAYS LIKE THE YEAR
2020 Hannes Bruun The Trouble with Being Born Friederike Berat We Did What Had to Be Done

Diagonale Award Film Design

On the initiative of the VÖF ( Association of Austrian Film Outfitters ), prizes for film design were awarded for the first time in 2011 as part of the Diagonale for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design . The prizes each consist of a cash prize, 3,000 euros, donated by the collecting society for filmmakers , and a bronze sculpture by the object artist Lotte Schegsch.

Diagonale Award Film Design
year Best production design Best costume design
2011 Andrea Schratzberger follow me Veronica Albert day and night
2012 Katrin Huber

Gerhard Dohr

Michael Katharina Wöppermann Still life
2013 Renate Martin

Andreas Donhauser

Paradise: love Monika Buttinger Talea
2014 Christina Schaffer fever Theresa Ebner-Lazek The factory strikers
2015 Isidor Wimmer Super world Martina List Eternal life
2016 Laura Weiss WIN WIN Alexandra Trummer Jack
2017 Veronika Merlin The best of all worlds Monika Buttinger The migrants
2018 Paul Horn Phaedrus Peter Paradies
Moritz M. Polansky
2019 Andreas Sobotka and Martin Reiter Angelo Carola Pizzini Joy
2020 Katharina Wöppermann Little Joe Monika Buttinger We'll stay a little longer

Diagonal price sound design

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Association of Austrian Sound Designers (VOESD), prizes for the best sound design in the feature and documentary film categories were awarded for the first time at Diagonale 2013. The prize is made up of a cash prize, 1,500 euros each, donated by PRISMA FILM, and a work of art.

Diagonal price sound design
year Best sound design feature film Best sound design documentary
2013 Gerhard Daurer

Peter Kutin

Andreas Pils

Soldier Jeannette Max Liebich Airstream - a traveller's records
2014 Christoph Amann Shirley - Visions of Reality José Miguel Enriquez

Alejandro de Icaza

Calle López
2015 Stefan Deisenberger Bad luck Manfred Neuwirth

Christian Fennesz

From a nearby country
2016 Charlie Campagna Los Feliz Selma Doborac Those Shocking Shaking Days
2017 Nahuel Palenque The lover Peter Kutin
Florian Kindlinger
Homo sapiens
2018 Niklas Kammertöns Hagazussa Sergey Martynyuk At ground level
2019 Pia Dumont Angelo Florian Kindlinger earth
2020 Peter Kutin The Trouble with Being Born Florian Kofler Security 123

Diagonale Audience Award

Diagonale audience award from the Kleine Zeitung
year Director Movie title
1993 Robert Adrian Pejo Lipstick
1994 Andreas Gruber Hare hunting
1995 Egon Humer Emigration NY
2007 Mirjam Unger Vienna's Lost Daughters
2009 Marco Antoniazzi Small fish
2010 Hüseyin tobacco kick off
2011 Arman T. Riahi Black Head
2012 Bernd Liepold-Mosser Griffen - on the trail of Peter Handke
2013 Marco Antoniazzi

Gregor Stadlober

Pop star
2014 Gloria Dürnberger The child in the box
2015 Christian frog No turning back from now on
2016 Arash T. Riahi

Arman T. Riahi

2017 Adrian Goiginger The best of all worlds
2018 Stefan A. Lukacs Cops
2019 Jakob Brossmann and David Paede HEARD, SEEN - A radio film

Price innovative production output

The prize, endowed with 22,500 euros, has been awarded since 2002 by the Verwertungsgesellschaft für Audiovisuelle Medien (VAM) to an Austrian film production company or film producer for an innovative performance in the field of cinema. Either a specific film or the annual production of a film company is awarded.

Prize I nnovative production performance of VAM
year awarded for Manufacturing company Producers
2002 Nogo Dor movie Danny Krausz

Kurt Stocker

2003 Elsewhere
At the other end of the bridge
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
SK film and television production
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Josef Koschier
2004 (not awarded) - -
2005 Annual output coop99 -
2006 representative of the annual production output:
We Feed the World
Workingman’s Death

Allegro Film
Lotus Film
2007 In 3 days you will be dead Allegro movie
2008 - - Wulf Flemming

Florian Gebhardt

2009 Witch Lilli
Real Viennese
Dor Film
Bonus Film
2010 Plastic Planet
The bone man and desert flower
The white ribbon
New Sentimental Film
Dor Film
Wega Film
2011 The unintentional kidnapping of Mrs. Elfriede Ott
Der Räuber
Dor Film
Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion
2012 To breathe Epo movie -
2013 love Wega movie -
2014 Alphabet
The last of the unjust
Prisma Film
Dor Film
2015 The dark valley of
Allegro Film
2016 Thank You for Bombing
One of us
Lotus Film
Golden Girls film production
2017 Farmer our
Mister Universo
Wilde Maus
Allegro Film
Vento Film
Wega Film
2018 The best of all worlds
help, I shrunk my parents
mini film
2019 How did we deserve this?
Manaslu - mountain of souls
Mona Film
Planet Watch Film and Video Productions
2020 Little Joe
The Dohnal
Plan C Filmproduktion and Derflinger Film

Carl Mayer script competition

The Carl Mayer script competition has been held biennially since 1990 and annually since 1998. The award ceremony has been taking place as part of the Diagonale since 2000. It goes back to an initiative by Bernhard Frankfurter and, at 14,500 euros (since 1999, then increased to 200,000 schillings ), it is the most highly endowed screenplay award in Austria. Each competition has a new topic, to which the anonymously submitted, not yet filmed scripts must be related. In addition, the fictional or documentary material must be prepared in a cinematic manner, the story must be realistic, well researched and well thought out and the cinematographic potential in all its facets must also be formally exhausted.

In the first two competitions only the Carl Mayer script award was given. Since 1994, a sponsorship prize of 7,200 euros has been awarded to a script at the same time. Both prizes are donated by the City of Graz. From 2000 to 2007, the ORF Prize, endowed with 4,000 euros, for television-friendly material was also awarded as part of the Carl Mayer script competition. Previously, TV-compatible fabrics were only mentioned in the jury's announcement. The prizes will only be awarded if the jury can find a script that meets the criteria from the scripts submitted. If necessary, the jury awards several prizes in some years or instead of one main prize two sponsorship prizes (as happened in 2002).

The Carl Mayer Screenplay Prize
has been awarded on the Diagonale since 2000
year theme Carl Mayer Screenplay Award Carl Mayer Screenplay Promotion Prize
Director Movie title Director Movie title
1990 exile Reinhard Jud , Martina Kudláček Moon in cyan - -
1992 money Ernst Josef Lauscher
Nikolaus Leytner
Axel Traun
Alaska burns
treasure in Sticky Rice Silver Lake
- -
1994 War, violence
and resistance
Maximilian Gruber The iron broom Christian frog Total therapy
1996 Austria Norbert Prettenthaler, Jeanette Rosenmaier
Florian Flicker , Michael Sturminger
Barbara Albert
In the heart of Europe's
northern edge - or when I grow up
- (not awarded)
1998 Addiction Gebhard Rein The worm death Sabine Derflinger Troubles
1999 Eros Franz Berner Venus without fur and mask Zuzana Brejcha Karla's lover
2000 Remembering versus
Gabriele Neudecker Nameless Peter Stastny
Helmut Wimmer
2001 Botch Gregor Stadlober Kotsch Richard Stradner
Arno Geiger , Tobias Albrecht
Bohemian elephants
Steinwald and Atamanov
2002 We think, we are.
We act.
- (not awarded) Ursula Wolschlager
Thomas Klein
hen party
2003 cowardice - (not awarded) Barbara Grascher
Richard Schuberth
Walking backwards silently
Not even on the moon
2004 greed Richard Schuberth Cell phone stories Simone Schönett, Harald Schwinger Inner love
2005 anxiety Andrina Mračnikar
Martin Leidenfrost , Ruth Mader
Ma Folie
Serviam - I want to serve
Christian frog Vanitas
2006 seduction Thomas Weingartner Always never by the sea Lilly Jackl Ildiko
2007 Move Thomas Reider Still life Christoph Hochenbichler, Josef Pallwein-Prettner Five lives
2008 Sex appeal Markus Mörth pony - (not awarded)
2009 envy Richard Schuberth Claudia can do it Albert Meisl Just a game
2010 Rich and poor Wolfgang Rupert Muhr Grossmattglocknerhorn Henning Backhaus Child scenes
2011 Departure Jakob Pretterhofer to survive Markus Mörth siblings
2012 indignation Christoph Brunner and Kevin Lutz Constantin Nikolaus Bickermann Hüseyin tobacco Once upon a time in Vienna
2013 Game over Monja Art Seventeen Achmed Abdel-Salam The edge
2014 Treason not forgiven Tina Leisch
Wolfgang Rupert Muhr
Rainer Weidlinger
From the sight of the weapons I promised myself hands
More than a trip to the moon alone
2015 illusion Siegmund Scalar The silence Matthias Writze
Michael Podogil
The Power of Love
2016 Merciless Clara Stern training Franziska Pflaum
Roman Gielke
2017 Different Evi Romen High forest Nikolaus Müller Red wall
2018 Johannes Höß and Clara Stern Hackler prank Tizza Covi Article 640
2019 Jessica Lind The day the rain came Ulrike Kofler Full house
2020 Josef Kleindienst The proclamation Jan Prazak Flat mates
Carl Mayer script competition: ORF prize for television-compatible material
year theme Director Movie title
2000 Remembering versus forgetting Uwe Neuhold, Thomas Klein Memorex
2001 Botch - (not awarded)
2002 We think, we are, we act. Daniela Egger World Wide Violence
2003 cowardice Ulla Neuwirther Lisa, Lena and Laura
2004 greed Bernd Schneider Abidjan
2005 anxiety - (not awarded)
2006 seduction Susanne Rendl Magda's dilemma
2007 Move Ulla Neuwirther Running sushi

Franz Grabner Prize

Kodak Analog Film Award

Further prices

  • Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize (awarded within its framework since the beginning of Diagonale)
  • Dor Film Prize (awarded biennially as part of the Diagonale since 2014)
    • Nathalie Borgers for the Treatment Rose, Blanche & Dara (2014)
    • Mo Harawe for the treatment of Nach Mogadishu (2016)
  • Prize of the ORF art pieces (for the best young film, was only awarded once)


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