Whats the Password

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Whats the Password
Studio album by Trio



Label (s) Mercury Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


running time

39 min 1 sec

occupation Singing, sampler: Stephan Remmler

Guitar: Kralle Krawinkel

Guest musicians:

Drums and rhythm programming: Curt Cress

Keyboards, Fairlight, Synclavier , Computer programming: JJ, Andy Richards, Kristian Schultze

Bass: Dieter Petereit , Klaus Voormann

Background vocals: Tony Jackson, Jimmy Chambers, George Chandler, Annette Humpe, Inga Humpe, Martina Schudde, Petra Humfeld, Shirley Lewis, Dee Lewis, 'Verena, Robert, Arno, Markus, Sandra & Wilfried from Weilerswist


Klaus Voormann

bye Bye Whats the Password -
Single releases
September 10, 1985 Three against three
October 22, 1985 Ready for you
February 26, 1986 My sweet angel

Whats the Password ( Engl. What is the password ) is the last music album of the German band Trio . It was released in 1985.


After the band went their separate ways for a year in 1984, Trio decided in late 1984 to produce a new album and a feature film at the same time. The project was fraught with problems from the outset, as the drummer Peter Behrens had to go to prison for four months due to a traffic offense in the past - but in an open prison. As a result, Behrens was able to act in the feature film, but was not involved in the album production. In the end, the album was recorded single-handedly by Stephan Remmler (vocals) and Kralle Krawinkel (guitar) - accompanied by various guest musicians.

The recordings for the album (working title Ready For You ) dragged on for several months at the beginning of 1985, while the film Three against Three was shot at the same time . Curt Cress played drums in Behrens' place . The album was produced by Klaus Voormann , who also played bass on some tracks.

For the production of Whats the Password , Trio used a large number of music studios in Berlin ( Hansa-Studios ), Munich , Weilerswist and Dietramszell . Numerous guest musicians were involved in the recordings, including Inga and Annette Humpe , Andy Richards , Dieter Petereit , Kristian Schultze and the Ace Cats .

In contrast to Trio's first two albums, Whats the Password did not appear abroad. Only the singles Ready for You and My Sweet Angel were released in some of Germany's neighboring countries.


On the album "Whats the Password", the band had completely abandoned the original concept of interpreting different styles of music with minimal resources. Although drums and guitar are still in the foreground, the instrumentation has been expanded to include bass, keyboards and all kinds of electronic effects.

A change had also been made in terms of the text: While trio in earlier works tended to move thematically between people, now more cynical and ironic texts on current world events dominated. Particularly worth mentioning is the title AIDS - The time of love is over - probably one of the first songs to deal with the immunodeficiency disease . Other themes on the album are the global arms race and heart transplants .


Whats the Password was released in late September 1985 on LP, MC and for the first time on CD. The release was preceded by the premiere of the feature film Three against Three . The title song for the feature film was released as the first single. Since three against three flopped at the box office, neither single nor album could gain commercial acceptance, although various television appearances (including in Wetten, dass ..? ) Massively advertised the feature film and album. In order to prevent the failure, the second single Ready for you was released earlier than planned and in the corresponding press material it was explicitly stated that Ready for You is not connected to the feature film. After this, too, had not led to the desired success, a third single ( My Sweet Angel ) was released in a hurry, but it did not succeed either.

The reasons for the failure are varied: On the one hand, the album suffered from the failure of the feature film. On the other hand, Trio was assigned to the Neue Deutsche Welle , which had long since passed its commercial peak. Most of the Neue Deutsche Welle artists were unable to build on their successes from the early 1980s.


The album received consistently poor reviews. It was recognized that Trio worked in renowned studios and was able to win over well-known musicians. However, the poor compositions in particular were criticized:

"For the future, I hope that the three will put as much effort into songwriting as they do into their sound tinkering."

- Music editor Peter Jebsen : MusikExpress / Sounds No. 10/1985, p. 82

Track listing

  1. Ready for you 5:02
  2. But I do anyhow 3:58
  3. Artificial Heart Schroeder 4:25
  4. AIDS The time of love is over 5:26
  5. Noise bum bang zack armor 3:14
  6. My sweet Angel 4:34
  7. Energi 4:34
  8. Madness V 2 3:59
  9. Three against three 3:07

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