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Geographical location Sweden , Östergötland / Småland
Tributaries Svartån , Bulsjöån
Drain SvartånRoxen
Places on the shore Tranås
Coordinates 58 ° 0 ′  N , 15 ° 12 ′  E Coordinates: 58 ° 0 ′  N , 15 ° 12 ′  E
Sommen (Östergötland)
Altitude above sea level 146.7  m above sea level
surface 130.35 km²
volume 2.211 km³dep1
scope 320 km
Maximum depth 53 m
Middle deep 16.7 m
Catchment area 1900 km²
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View of the lake

The Sommen is a 130 km² lake in the Swedish province of Östergötland ( bordering Småland in the south ), about 40 km east of Lake Vättern . It is up to 53 meters deep and has about 260 islands. The length of its shoreline is about 449 km. The largest place on the lake is Tranås .

The lake is known for its clear, nutrient-poor water, and in good conditions you can see up to 10 meters into the depth. Fish species such as arctic char ( Salvelinus alpinus ), blue whitefish ( Coregonus fera ), trout ( Salmo trutta ) and whitefish ( Coregonus albula ) are common. The bird life is abundant too. B. several ospreys .

In the course of history, several steamers sailed on the Sommen, of which the Boxholm II is still in operation today.

The summer saga

The origin of the lake is described in the summer legend or legend of the original cow . An old wild cow is said to have carved a hole in the earth a long time ago. The hole was filled with water and formed today's lake. Then the magician Some is said to have locked the cow in a grotto. The legend goes on to say that the cow escapes from its prison as soon as a crowned king comes to Ydre , who is killed by it. This is said to have happened to the Danish legendary king Frode (Fróði) when he came to the area. The cow should have blue udders and red eyes.

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