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Sons of Liberty
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Genre (s) Heavy metal
founding 2009
Founding members
Jon Schaffer

Sons of Liberty is an American solo project by singer and guitarist Jon Schaffer . The aim of his project is to use his music to encourage people to think about the situation in the world without political interference. The idea for the name of the band came from the Sons of Liberty , who fought in the USA around 1750 against the stamp law passed by Prime Minister George Grenville .


In December 2009 Jon Schaffer, founder and front man of the band Iced Earth , announced that he had been working on his solo project Sons of Liberty for several months. Shortly afterwards he put his own website online, on which he published his first songs. In April 2010, Iced Earth and Sons of Liberty announced that they had signed a contract with the German record label Century Media . Jon Schaffer also announced that he would release his debut album in July of the same year .

Brush - Fires of the Mind was released on July 9th, both as a free download on its own homepage and as a buyable CD in a better quality from Century Media. Jon took on both vocals and guitar on the album; he played the drums using a computer program . The album itself met with severe criticism from leading fanzines because of the serious lyrics, the criticism of which was mostly directed against the US state and banks . In addition, the endings of almost all songs were marked by quotes from leading American politicians.

Shortly after the release of the debut album, the official Century Media YouTube account showed interviews with Jon Schaffer, in which he discussed the situation in his country. In September 2010 Jon Schaffer went on tour with his band Iced Earth and Sons of Liberty , where songs from his solo project were played live for the first time.


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