Störtebeker (ship, 1917)

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Ship data
flag German EmpireGerman Empire (Reichskriegsflagge) German Empire German Empire
German EmpireGerman Empire (trade flag) 
other ship names
  • Johs. Thode
Ship type Steamship
Shipyard DW Kremer Sohn , Elmshorn
Launch July 1917
Whereabouts Stranded on January 15, 1929
Ship dimensions and crew
37.15 m ( Lüa )
width 7.37 m
Draft Max. 3.40 m
displacement 560  t
measurement 229 GRT
crew 31
Machine system
machine Steam engine
400 hp (294 kW)
propeller 1

The Störtebeker was a 1917 for the Imperial Navy -built trawler that after the First World War in Johs. Thode was renamed and stranded at Cape Teriberka in 1929.

Use in the Imperial Navy

The Störtebeker was put into service on February 25, 1918 for the submarine hunting school.

From May 16, 1918 until the armistice on November 11, 1918, she served as a backup boat for the submarine school.

Use in deep sea fishing

On April 3, 1919, the Störtebeker in Johs. Thode was renamed and used in the private fishing industry from then on.

On February 2, 1922, she stranded in the ice drift off Cuxhaven and capsized. It was put back into service in August 1922. In 1928 the Störtebeker was slightly extended by renovation work; presumably to create more storage space for fish.

She stranded on January 15, 1929 off the island of Bolshoi in the Murman Sea ( Barents Sea ); five nautical miles from Cape Teriberka , northeast of Murmansk on the Kola peninsula . One crew member was killed.


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