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Family coat of arms of those from Stetten after Johann Siebmacher (mirror-inverted)

The Stetten ( von Stetten ) are a widespread evangelical Augsburg councilor and merchant family.


The family, documented for the first time in 1254 at Kirchheimbolanden Castle , located in the former Electoral Palatinate , came from Frankfurt am Main to the imperial city of Augsburg:

There are already An. 1254. Gerbodo de Stetten & Otto de Stetten milites, lived and were named as witnesses in a purchase letter between the Kabra monastery and the Falkenrieden church. A. 1360. Cunz von Stetten lived there and A. 1376. Peter von Stetten and Heinze Schildknecht kept watch on the towers when Emperor Carl IV was there with his wife. From this Frankfurtischen von Stetten, A. came in 1426. Hans von Stetten… to Augsburg… This Hans von Stetten was under the guild of merchants. He produced various sons.

Hans von Stetten married Veronica Erdwein, who came from a respected Augsburg family. Through this connection, von Stetten not only acquired the burger rights, but also the several companies. His grandson Hans was the treasurer of Emperor Maximilian I. In 1538 the family was admitted to the Augsburg patriciate, acquired the rule and castle of Bocksberg in 1542 and was given imperial nobility in 1548 by Emperor Karl V. From Augsburg a line returned to Frankfurt / Main, but it went out in 1734.

The noble family still owns the castles in Aystetten , Hammel and Burtenbach . In the past, Gailenbach Castle in Edenbergen and Elmischwang Castle near Fischach were family-owned.

Many members of the family were buried in the Protestant cemetery in Augsburg .


Known members

City caretaker or mayor of Augsburg

Life dates Surname Term of office
April 16, 1583 to June 27, 1643 Paul of Stetten 1633-1635
1595-1675 David II of Stetten 1653-1675
1643-1729 Paul von Stetten 1716-1726
1658-1738 Johann von Stetten the Elder 1726-1735
1703-1774 David IV of Stetten 1767-1774
August 24, 1731 to February 11, 1808 Paul von Stetten 1792-1806
1736-1817 Albrecht of Stetten 1806

Other members

coat of arms

Coat of arms 1548: In shields divided diagonally from blue and gold, half an ibex in mixed colors. On the blue and gold puffed helmet with the same blankets, an ibex hull split by blue and gold between open, golden on the right, blue on the left, eagle wings.


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Individual evidence

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