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The Gailenbach Castle
Arched Gate

The Gailenbach Castle in Edenbergen in the district of Augsburg ( Bavaria ) dates from the late 16th century and is under monument protection .


Zacharias Geizkofler , an Augsburg patrician, 1593 with the title of and Gailenbach inkorpiert in the imperial knights and from 1589 until 1603 Reichspfennig Master of the Holy Roman Empire , acquired in 1592 by David Haug for 16,000 guilders , the fiefdom where already 1283 first mentioned Weiler Gailenbach. In the same year the construction of a small castle with armory, economy, brewery and gardens began, which cost around 6000 guilders. His son Ferdinand Geizkofler (1592–1653) sold the castle in 1622 for 11,000 speciesthalers to the merchant Matthias Koch (1581–1633). In the same century, the palace building was also expanded to include the manor ; an exact year for the construction is not known.

The castle and estate remained in the possession of the Koch family for several generations before Markus Christoph Koch von Gailenbach (1699–1768) died without male descendants and the castle was passed on to his sister Susanna Helena, widowed from Paris, and her son Johann Christoph Sigmund (1745– 1804) passed. The latter had the castle thoroughly rebuilt in 1816/17:

The gable roof of the castle with its crenellated gables was replaced by a cropped mansard roof and the ornamental gardens were redesigned into a landscape park.

In the following decades the palace remained in the possession of the von Paris family, Johann Benedikt von Paris (1781–1838) had a commemorative coin minted in 1822 on the occasion of the 200-year ownership of the palace by the Koch-Paris family . After his death without male descendants, the castle passed to the Protestant Institute St. Anna from Augsburg in 1838 and came into the possession of August von Stetten from the Stetten patrician family through an intermediate buyer . In 1955/56 the Stetten had the castle building restored and - following the original structure - covered with a gable roof with stepped gables . In 1927 the Augsburg monastery of the Franciscan Sisters took over the estate from Maria Stern , but it was given up in the early 1980s. The castle and the manor are now privately owned.


Gailenbach Castle is a two-story saddle roof building with stepped gables , the core of which dates from 1592; Georg Hebel is considered the client . The building was rebuilt in 1816/17 and renovated for the last time in 1955/56. Today it presents itself with a yellow painted exterior facade and green shutters. The castle is connected to the manor in the west by a round arched gate decorated with a plaster boss . The castle has an extensive park area, which is now surrounded by an extremely dilapidated castle wall, which is actually a picket fence with large pillars made of bricks (e).

The site is also under monument protection as a ground monument, since findings from the early modern period can be proven in the area of ​​the complex . There is also a single linden tree on the southern wall of the castle park , which is a protected natural monument .

Residents of the castle

Zacharias Geizkofler

The following personalities lived at least for a time at Gailenbach Castle:

Impressions from the castle grounds


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