List of castles and palaces in Swabia (Bavaria)

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The list of castles and palaces in Bavaria / administrative district of Swabia is a directory of historical places, such as castles , palaces , manors , fortresses , moths , castle stables and fortified churches on the territory of today's administrative district of Swabia, divided into independent cities and districts. There are further lists for the administrative districts of Upper Bavaria , Lower Bavaria , Upper Palatinate , Upper Franconia , Middle Franconia and Lower Franconia . Ornamental and replicas that were never used as residential buildings or for defense are not listed .

Administrative region of Swabia


Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Fugger houses augsburg Manor house 1512-1515 Built as the residence of the Fugger family . Expanded from 1517. Private property of the Fugger-Babenhausen family. Augsburg Fuggerhaeuser Stadtpalast.jpg
Fugger-Schlösschen Göggingen augsburg lock 1512-1515 Acquired and rebuilt by the Fugger family in 1495. Family owned until 1656; since 1866 owned by the noble family of Stetten; since 1939 owned by the community of Göggingen (today Augsburg); since 1972 district library. Fugger-Schlösschen.JPG
Prince-Bishop's Residence augsburg residence Mid 18th century Previous buildings from the Middle Ages. Expanded into a baroque palace in 1743/1752. Since 1817 seat of the district government of Swabia. Augsburg Fronhof old bishopric.jpg
Bannacker estate augsburg Manor house before 1237 Manor house and chapel preserved, private property. Bannacker03.jpg
Schaezler Palace augsburg lock 1499 Replaced from 1765 by a new building in the Rococo style. Municipal art collections since 1951. Augsburg-Schaezlerpalais.jpg
Pfersee Castle augsburg lock Kern before the 13th century Fundamental renovation and expansion in 1579. Acquired in 1882 by the then still independent municipality of Pfersee. Pfersee-Augsburg Castle.JPG
Section fortification Spitalwald Augsburg - Bergheim - "Spitalwald" Section attachment Bronze Age Gone, walls and moat preserved
Wellenburg Castle augsburg lock 12th Century Destroyed and rebuilt several times by 1507. Expanded into a pleasure palace in 1513. 1857/1858 Conversion and expansion in the neo-Gothic style. Private property of the Fugger-Babenhausen family. MHV Fugger Castle Wellenburg.jpg


Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Kemnat Castle Kaufbeuren- Großkemnat Castle 1185 Largely broken off in 1804. Keep and parts of the curtain wall as well as the office building and castle tavern have been preserved. Kemnat Castle.jpg

Kempten (Allgäu)

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Burghalde Kempten Castle , late Roman fort around 1150 First owned by the Guelphs , in 1191 by the Hohenstaufen . Destroyed in 1363, sold in 1379 to the imperial city by the prince monastery of Kempten . 1488 rebuilding to the citadel. Grounded in 1703. Today open-air theater. Kempten Burghalde 3.jpg
Hassberg Castle Kempten- Haßberg Niederungsburg , moated castle Medieval Burgstall , only the moat has been preserved
Princely residence Kempten lock 752 Founded as a monastery. Elevated to prince monastery in 1213, dissolved in 1803. Today used by the public prosecutor's office as well as the district and regional court to visit state rooms. Kempten Monastery.jpg
Kalbsangst Castle Kempten (Allgäu) - Sankt Lorenz - Prestlings Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Burgstall
Schlößle Kempten lock 1593-1624 1855 Facade redesign in neo-Gothic style, reversed in 1957. Residential and commercial building with shopping arcade. Dorn-schloessle-kempten.JPG
Kniebos Castle Kempten (Allgäu) Hilltop castle Medieval Burgstall
Hood lock Kempten lock 1601 Overbuilt previous building from the Middle Ages. Expanded in 1632, changed in 1716 and 1778, renewed in 1949. Hood lock KE (1) .JPG
Weidachschlößle Kempten lock 16th Century Summer residence of imperial city patrician families. Retained several times, privately owned. Weidachschlössle KE (2) .JPG
Rotschlößle Kempten lock before 1559 Initially patrician residence, changing uses from 1634. In 1927 it was converted into a residential building, since 1986 the district library. Rotschlößle 1.jpg


Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Amendingen Castle Memmingen - Amendingen lock Around 1730/40 Receive AmendingerSchloessle2.jpg
Burgstall Brentenberg Memmingen - Märten - "Brentenberg" Höhenburg (hillside castle) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Dickenreishausen Memmingen - Dickenreishausen - "City Forest" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Eisenburg Castle Memmingen - Eisenburg lock 1653 Residence of the Eisenburg rulership , rebuilt in a simple form after a fire in 1926/27, private property, not open to the public CastleEisenburg01.jpg
Grünenfurt Castle Memmingen - Grünenfurt lock 1737-1738 Residence of the noble family of Rome, private property Gruenenfurt.JPG
Palais Hermansbau Memmingen , Zangmeisterstraße 8 Palace Probably around 1766 Preserved, it now houses the Municipal Museum HermannsbauMM.JPG
Illerfeld Castle Memmingen - Illerfeld lock 1784 Residence of the Lupine family, private property Illerfeld 2.jpg
Memmingen Castle Memmingen , instead of the monastery Niederungsburg (town castle) Medieval Gone
Palais Parisian house Memmingen , Ulmer Strasse 9 Palace 1736 Receive

Aichach-Friedberg district

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Burgstall Adelzhausen Adelzhausen Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) probably around 1200 Gone, leveled at the end of the 19th century
Affing Castle Affing Moated castle, previously a castle Medieval castle, castle from 1694 Receive Castle-Affing-1.jpg
Burgstall Appertshausen Petersdorf - Appertshausen Burgstall Medieval Tower hill, ditches and ramparts can be seen. Appertshausen 4.jpg
Burgstall Bach (Todtenweis) Todtenweis -Bach Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval Dismissed, wall and moat received
Burgstall Bachern Friedberg Burgstall High medieval Dismissed before 1270. Tower hill, ditches and ramparts can be seen. Burgstall Bachern.jpg
Burgstall Bäckerberg (Adelzhausen) Adelzhausen - "Bäckerberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) 13th Century Disappeared, largely destroyed by sand mining
Blumenthal Castle (Aichach) Aichach -Blumenthal Moated castle Medieval Receive Schloss-Blumenthal-Michael-Wening-1.jpg
Burgadelzhausen Castle Stables Adelzhausen - Burgadelzhausen Höhenburg (Spornburg) Early medieval Disappeared, several moats and walls preserved Burgadelzhausen Graben.jpg
Burgstall Dasing Dasing - Saint Francis Höhenburg (hill castle) Mid 13th century Gone, walls and ditches preserved Burgstall Dasing.jpg
Burgstall Eurasburg Eurasburg Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) Early medieval, rebuilt during the High Middle Ages Disappeared, tower hill of the high medieval complex preserved Burgstall Eurasburg.jpg
Ring wall in the Eurasburger forest Eurasburg -Eurasburger Forst- "Pfannenflickerberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Probably early medieval Departed, received a section wall
Friedberg Castle Friedberg lock 1257 Built as a castle, converted into a castle from 1409 and expanded. Burned down and renewed in 1541. 1789–1803 forest management, then rent office, 1915–2007 land surveying office. Since 1886 also a local museum with showrooms. Friedberg Castle Bavaria 7.jpg
Burgstall Fuchsberg Kissing - "Fuchsberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) High medieval Disappeared, tower hill received Kissing Fuchsberg.jpg
Griesbeckerzell Castle Aichach - Griesbeckerzell Hofmarkschloss Medieval Gone
Haslangkreit Castle Kühbach- Haslangkreit lock 1285 First mentioned as Burg Gereut. Expanded into a castle in the 16th century. Privately owned since 1972. Haslangkreit Castle - Philipp Apian.jpg
Ringwall Hinterer Schlossberg Mering - "Schlossberg" Ringwall ( Hungarian defense castle ) Early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved
Hofberg Castle Stable Schiltberg Burgstall around 1200 or earlier Castle was destroyed in 1422; today open-air theater.
Hofhegnenberg Castle Steindorf- Hofhegnenberg lock around 1300 Well-preserved aristocratic residence, goes back to a high medieval castle. Hofhegnenberg Palace 5.jpg
Ringwall in Kirchholz (Haberskirch) Friedberg - Haberskirch - "Kirchholz" corridor Ring wall, possibly a fortified courtyard Early medieval Gone, two ring walls received Haberskirch Kirchholz 4.jpg
Burgstall Kissing Kissing Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) Around the year 1000 Disappeared, eight meter high tower hill preserved Burgstall Kissing 1.JPG
Burgstall Klingenberg Aichach - Oberwittelsbach Burgstall Medieval Abandoned and passed around 1270. Tower hill, ditches and ramparts can be seen.
Mergenthau Castle Kissing - Mergenthau Castle, previously a hilltop castle High medieval castle, probably 11th century, from 1713 onwards it was converted into a castle Receive Mergenthau Castle 3.jpg
Kühbach Castle Kühbach lock First mention 1011; today's building fabric from around the 17th / 18th centuries. century Receive Kühbach Castle 01.JPG
Burgstall Mühlhausen Affing -Mühlhausen Burgstall probably 12th century small residues Burgstall Muehlhausen 2.jpg
Obergriesbach Castle Obergriesbach lock 1124 Gone Castle-Obergriesbach-Michael-Wening.jpg
Ring wall in the Ottmaringer wood Kissing - Mergenthau Ringwall ( Hungarian defense castle ) Early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Vorderer Schlossberg 2.jpg
Pfarrerschanze (Todtenweis) Wise to death Section attachment 10th century Departed, ramparts received Pfarrerschanze 2.jpg
Pichl Castle Aindling - Pichl Moated castle, previously moated castle Medieval castle, early modern castle Receive
Pöttmes Castle (Gumppenberg Castle) Poettmes Castle with park 1683 Preserved, not publicly available Pöttmes Castle.JPG
Rapperzell Castle Schiltberg- Rapperzell Castle (Hofmark) 1690-1698 Castle construction preserved

Rapperzell Castle 1.jpg

Rederzhausen fortification section Friedberg - Rederzhausen Section attachment Probably early medieval Disappeared, several moats received
Burgstall Rehling Rehling -Unterach Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) Medieval Disappeared, six meter high tower hill with moat and ramparts preserved
Burgstall Sand (Todtenweis) Todtenweis -sand Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Burgstall Sand.jpg
Schmiechen Castle Smack Moated castle 16th Century Completely canceled in 1827 Schmiechen Castle.jpg
Section fortification Schorn Pöttmes - Schorn Section attachment Probably early medieval Departed, moat received
Schorn Castle Pöttmes - Schorn lock 18th century Preserved, private property. Schorn Castle - Wenig.jpg
Schwedenschanze (Nisselsbach) Aichach - Nisselsbach Section attachment Probably early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Section fortification Nisselsbach 3.jpg
Section fixing in Taitinger wood Obergriesbach - Paying Section attachment Probably early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Vorderer Schlossberg 2.jpg
Unterbaar Castle Baar - Unteraar Moated castle of the Riederer von Paar family Medieval, parts of the current 16th century building Preserved, privately owned Castle portal Unterbaar.JPG
Unterwittelsbach moated castle Aichach - Unterwittelsbach lock before 1126 Originally built as a castle, redesigned as a castle in 1537. Until 1972 in princely possession, 1977–1999 institution for educational assistance for young people. Sissi Museum since 2001. Unterwittelsbach Castle.jpg
Ringwall Vorderer Schlossberg Mering - "Schlossberg" Ringwall ( Hungarian defense castle ) Early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Vorderer Schlossberg 2.jpg
Burgstall Wagesenberg Pöttmes- Wagesenberg Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) Medieval Disappeared, tower mound and several moats preserved Burgstall Wagesenberg 2.jpg
Wagesenberg ski jump Pöttmes- Wagesenberg Section attachment Probably early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved Wagesenberg ski jump 3.jpg
Wittelsbach Castle Aichach - Oberwittelsbach Castle 1000 Destroyed in 1209 and not rebuilt. A church was built in their place. Since 1980 the foundation of the castle has been rebuilt. Church Beatae Mariae Virginis Oberwittelsbach.jpg
Wall system Zahling Obergriesbach - Paying Burgstall Early medieval Date of departure unknown, ground monument, no parts recognizable.

District of Augsburg

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Ringwall Antoniberg Zusmarshausen Burgstall No time position available.
Aystetten Castle Aystetten lock first mentioned in 1428 Preserved, it is now the venue for concerts and private celebrations Castle portal Aystetten.jpg
Batzenhofen Castle Gersthofen - Batzenhofen lock 1750 until 2007 old people's home, currently being renovated Former  Batzenhofen Castle.JPG
Burgstall Bobingen Bobingen Burgstall No date available for first development. Mentioned as a nursing home in 1498, destroyed around 1650. Ground monument removed around 1950.
Bruderhof castle stables Scherstetten Brotherhood Burgstall 13th Century Few wall remains visible.
Cosimosine castle Bobingen Hunting lodge 1537–1540,
castle remodeling 17th century
Cultural monument, under renovation, private property Lindauer Strasse 10 Bobingen.JPG
Elmischwang Castle Fischach - Wollmetshofen Castle, previously a castle Medieval castle, castle construction from 1902/03 Preserved, now serves as a retirement home SchlossElmischwang.jpg
Burgstall Eselsberg Animal heads Burgstall 10th century Few features recognizable.
Ettelried Castle Spelled shards - Ettelried lock 1792 Receive Ettelried Castle 3375.JPG
Burgstall Fischerberg Zusmarshausen Burgstall
Gabelbach Castle Stables Zusmarshausen - Gabelbach Burgstall High medieval Extensive earthworks can be seen.
Gablingen Castle Gablingen Castle, previously a castle Medieval Receive Schl.Gablingen.JPG
Gailenbach Castle Edenbergen - Gailenbach Castle with park 1592 Receive; now privately owned and not open to the public. Gailenbach Castle
Guggenberg Castle Schwabmünchen - Klimmach -Guggenberg Castle with park First mentioned in 1441 Receive; not open to the public.
Hainhofen Castle Neusäß - Hainhofen lock Moated castle 13th century, classicist long castle 18th century Receive; now privately owned and not open to the public. Long castle Hainhofen.JPG
Haldenburg Schwabmünchen - Schwabegg Burgstall Early medieval Gone, mighty earthworks preserved
Hammelburg Neusäß - mutton Burgstall around 1100 Ramps and ditches are partially visible.
Hammel Castle Neusäß - mutton lock around 1550 Destroyed in 1648 and rebuilt. In 1891 another wing was added. Today riding stables. Hammel Castle-2.jpg
Hardt Castle Großaitingen- Hardt lock Probably 1494 Preserved, not publicly available
Burgstall Hattenberg Dinkelscherben -Ried Burgstall 12th Century Gone Burgstall Hattenberg.jpg
Burgstall Herpfenried Horgau - Herpfenried Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Horgau Horgau Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Horgau fortification section Horgau corridor "Herrgottsgehau" Section attachment Prehistory and early history Gone
Burgstall Horgauergreut Horgau - Horgauergreut Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall in the cattle drive Bobingen - Straßberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Disappeared, neck ditch and wall preserved Castle stable in the cattle drive 3.jpg
Burgstall Kobel Neusäß - Kobel Burgstall High medieval Disappeared, tower mound and trench remains preserved
Burgstall Lindgraben Horgau - Lindgraben Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval Disappeared, mostly destroyed
Lüftenberg Castle Zusmarshausen - Lüftenberg Moated castle, previously a castle Medieval castle, early modern castle Gone
Luisenruh Castle Aystetten- Luisenruh lock June 18, 1792 Preserved, outdoor viewing possible Castle Luisenruh.jpg
Meitingen Castle Meitingen lock 1773 System well preserved, used as a retirement and nursing home Meitingen Castle 01.JPG
Castle market Biberbach - market Castle 14th Century Facility preserved, use as a riding stables, accessible Castle market east view 01.JPG
Fugger Castle Nordendorf Nordendorf lock 1560 Partly preserved, now privately owned and not open to the public Nordendorf Castle.JPG
Burgstall Rauhenberg Spelled shards - Anried Höhenburg (Spornburg) probably 10th or 11th century Gone, trenches and walls preserved
Reutern Castle Welden - Reutern Niederungsburg (moated castle, tower hill castle) High medieval Worn, very flattened and damaged tower hill with rampart and moat preserved
Burgstall Schäfstoss Horgau - Schäfstoss Niederungsburg (moated castle, tower hill castle) High medieval Dismissed, tower hill with outer bailey preserved
Burgstall Schlossberg Gablingen - "Schlossberg" Höhenburg (tower hill castle) High medieval Dismissed, tower hill with outer bailey preserved
Castle stable Schlösslesberg Zusmarshausen - Steinekirch Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmhügelburg) High medieval Dismissed, tower hill with outer bailey preserved
Ringwall snow castle Welden Ring wall Early medieval Departed, ring walls received
Kalvarienberg Schwabegg Schwabmünchen - Schwabegg Höhenburg (tower hill castle) High medieval Disappeared, 15 meter high tower hill preserved
Staudenschloss (Mickhausen Castle) Mickhausen lock 1535/36 Receive Staudenschloss.jpg
Strassberg fortification section Bobingen - Straßberg Section attachment Early medieval Gone, walls and ditches preserved
Burgstall Walkertshofen Walkertshofen Burgstall 1099 Dilapidated in the 15th century.
Burgstall Welden Welden - "Theklaberg" Hilltop castle probably 12th century Gone, trenches and walls preserved
Lower lock Welden lock around 1730 Preserved, now houses an inn
Wolfsberg Castle Zusmarshausen -steinekirch Castle 10th century Part of the keep preserved as a ruin. Wolfsberg Castle Steinekirch.jpg
Zusmarshausen Castle Zusmarshausen lock 1505 Zusmarshausen-Stiftschloss 1505, today State.  Forest Office.jpg
Zusameck Castle Spelled shards - "Schlossberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg) 9th century Disappeared, remains of the foundation preserved

District of Dillingen on the Danube

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altenberg Castle Syrgenstein- Altenberg lock around 1693
Bächingen Castle Bächingen an der Brenz lock 1531 Receive. Castle and park not accessible. Bächingen Castle.jpg
Burgstall Baumgarten Aislingen - Baumgarten Castle, later a castle Medieval Gone, only the outer bailey and the moat system have been preserved
Bissingen Castle Bissingen lock 1560 Preserved, private property. South front of Bissingen Castle.jpg
Bloßenstaufen castle ruins Syrgenstein Castle 12th Century Burned down in 1462, finally destroyed in 1504. 1808 remains demolished. Few pieces of wall exist.
Bocksberg Castle Laugna - Bocksberg Castle 13th Century Destroyed around 1650. Keep preserved as a ruin. Bocksberg Castle.JPG
Dattenhausen Castle Ziertheim - Dattenhausen Castle
Dillingen Castle Dillingen on the Danube lock 1220 Initially built as a fortified castle, between 1458 and 1520 it was converted into a Gothic castle. 1737–1740 baroque. Today tax office, partly commercial use. Dillingen castle.JPG
Diemantstein Castle Bissingen - Diemantstein Castle
Burgstall Fronhofen Bissingen - Fronhofen Burgstall around 1100 14th or 15th century building of a church on the castle area using stones from the ruined complex. Trenches and traces of land preserved. Michelsberg 2006.jpg
Glött Castle Glött lock 1560 Since 1869 sanatorium and nursing home. Glött Castle 1723.JPG
Göllingen Castle Bissingen - Göllingen Burgstall around 1300 Worn, few remains visible.
Hail Castle Bachhagel - Stockhof Castle
Haunsheim Castle Haunsheim lock 1265 1601–1604 conversion to a castle. Reduced to two wings after 1823. Rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style in 1849. Privately owned. Haunsheim Castle i.JPG
Höchstädt Castle Höchstädt on the Danube lock around 1600 Open to the public since 2004 after being used as a district court and prison. D-DLG-Höchstädt3.JPG
Burgstall Hochstein Bissingen - Hochstein Burgstall around 1140 Already uninhabited in 1455, burned down around 1500. Slope terrace recognizable, earlier access built over by a chapel. Burgstall Hochstein.jpg
Hohenburg castle ruins Bissingen - Thalheim Castle around 1140 Abandoned after 1568 and in ruins. 1871 Collapse of the keep and the curtain wall, used as a quarry from 1908. Remains received as ruins. Hohenburg Castle Thalheim.jpg
Burgstall high mountain Holzheim - Eppisburg Burgstall
Kalteneck Castle Schwenningen lock around 1570 With a restaurant since 1830. Kalteneck Castle Southeast Front.jpg
Lauingen Castle Lauingen (Danube) lock
Magerbein Castle Bissingen -Burgmagerbein Castle
Oberbechingen Castle Oberbechingen lock 1584 Private property since 1972. Not accessible to the public. Oberbechingen Castle.JPG
Schelenberg tower hill Holzheim -Eppisburg moth
Schlachtegg Castle Gundelfingen on the Danube lock 1533-1560 Expanded in the 17th century. Since 1995 training center of the professional associations for floristry of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Gundelfingen Castle.jpg
Staufen Castle Syrgenstein lock
Unterfinningen Castle Finningen -Unterfinningen lock 1458 Rebuilt in 1530. Until 1803 Hofmark of the St. Ulrich and Afra monastery. Private property since 1929, catering business. Unterfinningen Castle.jpg
Wertingen Castle Wertingen lock 1354 Fundamental changes around 1500, expanded in 1654. Today the seat of the Wertingen administrative association and local history museum. Wertingen Castle 2.jpg
Zöschingen Castle Zoeschingen Castle

Donau-Ries district

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Alerheim castle ruins Alerheim Castle 12th Century Destroyed in 1634, then used as a quarry. Remnants of the wall and the remains of the gate structure have been preserved. Allerheim Palace.JPG
Amerdingen Castle Amerdingen lock 1784-1788 Built on the area of ​​a manor from the 13th century. Preserved, private property. Amerdingen Castle.jpg
Burgstall Bollstadt Amerdingen -Bollstadt Burgstall
Dornstadt Castle Stables Auhausen- Dornstadt moth 800-1000 There are no remains.
Gansheim Castle Marxheim - Gansheim lock 1556 In the 19th century, it was dismantled to a simple house
Genderkingen Castle Genderkingen lock
Gosheim Castle Huisheim Castle early middle ages Remains of the castle complex in the cemetery wall and parish church have been preserved.
Graisbach castle ruins Marxheim - Graisbach Castle around 1130 Partially destroyed in the 15th century, demolished in the 18th century and used as a quarry. Remnants of the wall and castle chapel have been preserved.
Hagburg Ederheim -Hürnheim Burgstall 8th century Remains of dry stone walls can be seen.
Harburg Castle Harburg (Swabia) Castle 1150 Expanded in the 18th century and is largely preserved. Harburg luft.jpg
Old Hemerten Castle Muenster lock
Hemerten new castle Muenster lock
Hirschbrunn Palace Auhausen lock around 1600 Expanded in 1692. Preserved, private property. Not accessible to the public. Hirschbrunn Palace.jpg
Hochaltingen Castle Fremdingen - Hochaltingen lock 1551 Redesigned from 1853 to 1859. From 1899 housekeeping school and later retirement home under the order of the Dillinger Franciscan Sisters , since 1997 owned by the Teutonic Order . Hochaltingen Castle.jpg
Castle ruins high-rise Ederheim -Hürnheim Castle around 1200 Expanded into a castle in 1719 and burned down in 1749. Remains of the tower and wall have been preserved as ruins. Castle high-rise 4p.jpg
Hohenaltheim Castle Hohenaltheim lock 1710 Erected in place of an older moated castle. Fully preserved, privately owned. Hohenaltheim Castle.jpg
Kleinerdlingen Castle Nordlingen - Kleinerdlingen lock 1614 Four-winged Johanniterschloss (moated castle) with gate tower; today only the three-wing system is preserved
Burgstall Lechsend (Lechsgemünd) Marxheim - Lechsend Burgstall around 1000 Destroyed in 1248, gone. Castle hill visible.
Leitheim Palace Kaisheim lock 1147 Elaborately expanded in 1751. In the possession of the Messerschmitt Foundation since 2008. South front of Leitheim Palace.jpg
Lierheim Castle Möttingen- Lierheim lock 1579-1584 Originally a medieval castle. 1758–1762 radical redesign by the Teutonic Order. Private property since 1874. Castle  i.  Lierheim.JPG
Burgstall Maihingen Maihingen Burgstall before 1273 Inhabited until the beginning of the 15th century, after which it was abandoned and used as a quarry. Trenches and walls partially visible.
Mangoldstein Castle Donauwörth Höhenburg (Spornburg) around 1000 Disappeared, the last remains of the ruin were removed in 1818 with the demolition of the city wall of Donauwörth Mangoldstein Castle.jpg
Monheim Castle Monheim lock Monheim Swabia Castle 7.jpg
Moritzschlösschen Wallerstein lock
Burgstall Mühlberg Ederheim -Christgarten Burgstall
Niederhaus Castle Ederheim -Hürnheim Castle 12th Century Expired after 1805. Preserved as a ruin. Niederhaus Castle overall 2.jpg
Oberndorf Castle Oberndorf am Lech lock 1535-1546 Burned out in 1632, rebuilt to its current appearance in 1819, private property. Oberndorf Castle.jpg
Otting Castle Otting lock 11th century First the castle, which fell into disrepair by 1610, then the castle was rebuilt next to the remains of the castle. 1905–1921 used as a brewery. Private property without current use. Castle  Otting.JPG
Oettingen Castle Oettingen in Bavaria lock 1679-1687 Fully preserved and used as a museum. Oettingen Castle and St. Jakob 327.JPG
Rain Castle Rain lock 1392-1421 Largely preserved and used by various associations. Rain am Lech Castle 04.JPG
Burgstall Rauhaus Ederheim -Christgarten Burgstall around 1200 Abandoned in 1262 and decayed. Traces of the foundation wall and rubble bars visible.
Reimlingen Castle () Reimlingen lock 1593-1595 Former castle of the Teutonic Order, expanded in 1736. After 1806 changing princely and ecclesiastical owners. Since 1997 in parts of the town hall. Reimlingen Castle 1..jpg
Schweinspoint Castle Marxheim - Schweinspoint lock 16th Century Since 1860 the seat of the St. Johannes Foundation for the Disabled. Inaccessible. DPAG 2010 41 Disabled People's Service St. Johannes.jpg
Steinhart Castle Ruins (Old Castle) Hainsfarth - Steinhart Castle 1328 Built above an abandoned previous castle. Destroyed in 1634. Enclosing walls preserved.
Burgstall Steinhart (Judenbuck) Hainsfarth - Steinhart Burgstall 1100-1200 Dismissed around 1300 and built over with a cemetery in the 18th century. Predecessor castle of Steinhart Castle above.
Tagmersheim Castle Tagmersheim lock 16th Century Not accessible to the public. Tagmersheim Castle 1.JPG
Tagmersheim moated castle Tagmersheim Burgstall around 1300 Destroyed in 1523. Traces of terrain visible. Tagmersheim (18) .jpg
Tapfheim Castle Tapfheim lock 1730 Received completely. Tapfheim Castle.jpg
Turenberc Mertingen - castle courtyards Burgstall 11th century Built on a Roman fort Submuntorium , aristocratic castle abandoned in the 15th century, neck ditch, traces of terrain
Burgstall Thurneck Mönchsdeggingen Burgstall before 1251 Uninhabited from 1523, dilapidated until 1664 and used as a quarry. Remains of the veneer made of small cuboids can be seen.
Old Wallerstein Castle Wallerstein Burgstall Remains of the castle can be seen, lookout point. Wallerstein.jpg
Wallerstein New Castle Wallerstein lock from 1805 Fully preserved, privately owned. Visiting showrooms and collections. Wallerstein Castle.jpg
Burgstall Weiherberg Ederheim -Christgarten Burgstall 900-1000
Wellwart Castle Harburg (Swabia) moth 1138-1147 From 1679 abandoned to decay and sold. Wall foundations and neck ditch preserved.

District of Günzburg

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Autenried Castle Ichenhausen Manor house 1708-1711 1805 Redesign of the facade in the classical style. Since 1959 Icon Museum of the Slavic Institute in Munich. Autenried Castle 157.JPG
Burgstall Bühl Bibertal Burgstall Destroyed and sold around 1650.
Burgau Castle Burgau lock 18th century Built on a medieval basis, today a school and local history museum. Burgau Castle with local history museum.jpg
Burtenbach Castle Burtenbach lock 16./17. century Rebuilt in 1737. Receive. Burtenbach Castle3.JPG
Eberstall Castle Jettingen -Eberstall lock
Edelstetten Castle Neuburg an der Kammel lock 1682-1705 Rebuilt after being destroyed in 1525 and 1632. Monastery until 1805, then princely property. Fully preserved, privately owned. Edelstetten view from the west 2.jpg
Großkötz Castle Kötz - Großkötz The summer palace of the Wettenhausen Provosts, previously a castle 1760 Preserved, now serves as a rectory Großkötz Castle 5.JPG
Gunzburg Castle Gunzburg lock 1577-1586 Residence of the Margraviate of Burgau. Reconstruction after fires in 1703 and 1768/1770. Receive. Today city administration, tax office and district court.
Haldenwang Castle Haldenwang lock 15th century Renovated in 1860 in neo-Gothic style. Today residential building, privately owned. Knight's hall, library, hall of mirrors accessible. Haldenwang Castle.JPG
Harthausen Castle Rettenbach lock 15./16. century The palace and park are not open to the public. Rettenbach (District of Günzburg) Castle 1764.JPG
Burgstall Heubelsburg Waldstetten- Heubelsburg moth Tower hill preserved.
Moated Castle Hürben (Krumbach) Krumbach (Swabia) lock 1478 Today advice center for folk music of the Swabian district. KRU-WaSchl01.jpg
Upper Ichenhausen Castle Ichenhausen lock 1566 Town hall since 1927.
Ichenhausen Lower Castle Ichenhausen lock 1697 Today school museum. Ichenhausen.jpg
Jettingen Castle Jettingen-Scheppach lock 1480 Erected in place of an earlier moated castle. Rebuilt in 1841 after increasing deterioration. Privately owned. Jettingen-Scheppach, Stauffenberg Castle 2010.jpg
Kleinkötz Castle Kötz -Kleinkötz lock 1711 Formerly a moated castle. Destroyed around 1525 and 1650, rebuilt as a baroque palace in 1711. Kleinkötzer Castle.jpg
Klingenburg Castle Jettingen-Scheppach lock 1881/1882 1890 conversion to the castle estate.
Burgstall Konzenberg Haldenwang Burgstall
Krumbach Castle Krumbach (Swabia) lock 1530 1816 to 1838 school. Around 1840 a religious fortress was added. Then until 1972 district office. Since 1975 specialist academy for social education KRU-LiSchl01.jpg
Landstrost Castle Offingen lock 13th Century Initially a castle, which was converted into a palace by 1840. Badly damaged by several landslides in 1871 and finally demolished in 1872.
Leipheim Palace Leipheim lock 11th century Initially a castle, from 1559 it was converted into a castle. Destroyed around 1650 and poorly restored. Elaborately renovated in 2006. Privately owned. Leipheim Palace.jpg
Neuburg Castle Neuburg an der Kammel lock 1562 Castle-Neuburg-West.jpg
Niederraunau Castle Krumbach (Swabia) lock 1733 The predecessor of the moated castle, which was looted in 1525. 1733 Conversion to a castle, today's appearance from 1844. Niederraunau Castle 1.JPG
Offingen Castle Offingen lock 1748 Rectory since 1879 Offingen Pfarrhof.jpg
Reisensburg Castle Gunzburg lock 10th century Built as a castle, converted into a palace in the 16th century. Burned down in 1632, rebuilt by 1763. Since 1966 the seat of the International Institute for Scientific Cooperation. Reisensburg.jpg
Burgstall Rieden ad Kötz Ichenhausen Burgstall
Burgstall Riedheim Leipheim Burgstall
Seyfriedsberg Castle Ziemetshausen lock before 1227 1529–1568 conversion of the previous castle into a palace. 1846 numerous additions and modifications. Today privately owned. Schloss-Seyfriedsberg-Osten-2.jpg
Burgstall Bitterberg, Mittelburg Ziemetshausen Burgstall Mittelburg-Ziemetshausen.jpg
Waldstetten Castle Waldstetten lock 16./17. century

District of Lindau (Lake Constance)

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Burgstall Adelberg Sigmarszell - Adelberg -Flur "Burgstallholz" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Villa Alwind Lindau (Lake Constance) lock 1455, rebuilt in 1852/53 Post-Postbank-Telekom has been a recreational facility since 1952. Villa Alwind 02.JPG
Altenburg castle ruins Hamlet-Simmerberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) 1200-1300 From 1784 it fell into disrepair and was used as a quarry. Wall remains present. Altenburg, hamlet in the Allgäu, castle around 1570.jpg
Altenburg Castle Stables Gestratz - Altenburg Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Alt-Ellhofen Stiefenhofen - Berbruggen Hilltop castle High medieval Gone
Alt-Laubenberg castle ruins (Laubenberg, Laubenburg) Grünenbach - Oberlaubenberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) 12th Century Ruin, destroyed in 1469 and 1525 and rebuilt each time. Burned out in 1719, quarry from 1801. Remnants of the wall preserved. Altlaubenberg castle ruins GO-1.jpg
Alt-Ringenberg Castle Gestratz - Altringenberg Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Aspach Heimenkirch - Aspach -Waldflur "Rotschachen" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Brugg Gestratz - Brugg -Waldflur "Inneburg" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Degelstein castle ruins Lindau (Lake Constance) Niederungsburg (tower hill castle), later a castle before 1332 Ruin, demolished in 1839. Remnants of the wall preserved. D-BY-Lindau (Bodensee) -Schachen - Ruin "Burg Degelstein" 001.JPG
Burgstall harrows Gestratz - harrows Höhenburg, later a castle High medieval Gone
Ellhofen castle ruins Weiler-Simmerberg - Simmerberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) 13th Century Ruin, destroyed in 1634. Partly used as a quarry in 1853. Preserved as a ruin. Ellhofen Castle, reconstruction.jpg
Burgstall Heimen Opfenbach - homes Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Heimhofen Grünenbach - Heimhofen - "Burgstall" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Hertnegg Stiefenhofen - Hertnegg Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Hohenegg castle ruins Grünenbach - Schüttentobel Höhenburg (Spornburg) around 1171 Disappeared, badly damaged in 1525 and left to decay. Used as a quarry in 1898. Small remains of the wall can be seen. Burgstall Hohenegg GO-3.jpg
Holdereggen Castle Lindau (Lake Constance) lock 1887-1890 Since 1951 music school and special education support center. Holdereggen IMG 3632 ShiftN.jpg
Castle stable Horben Gestratz - Horben Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Ihlingshof Oberreute - Ihlingshof Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Isenbretshofen Stiefenhofen - Isenbretshofen Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Kreuzberg Sigmarszell - Niederstaufen - "Waldberg" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Laiblachsberg Sigmarszell - Laiblachsberg - "Unterholz" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Längene Oberreute - lengths Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Mapprechts Heimenkirch - Mapprechts -Waldflur "Burgstall" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Moos Castle Lindau (Lake Constance) lock
Burgstall Muthen Hergatz - Muthen Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Immen tower hill Sigmarszell - Immen - "On the breadth" Höhenburg (tower hill castle) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Oberreitnau Lindau (Lake Constance) - Oberreitnau Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Oberscheiben Weiler-Simmerberg - Oberscheiben Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Ratzenberg Castle Stables Lindenberg in the Allgäu - Ratzenberg Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Ringenberg castle ruins Maierhöfen - Ringenberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) around 1230 Ruin, decayed from 1776, castle tower inhabited until 1892. Remains of the tower and wall, the ditch preserved. Ringenberg castle ruins GO-7.jpg
Schachen Castle (Schachen-Schlössle) Lindau (Lake Constance) lock 15th century Receive. Restaurant since 1950.
Section fortification Schalkenried Scheidegg - Schalkenried - "Hinterrain" Section attachment Medieval or early modern Gone
Burgstall chatter Gestratz - chatter Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Schönbühl Castle Lindau (Lake Constance) lock
Schreckenmanklitz castle ruins Weiler-Simmerberg - Schreckenmanklitz Niederungsburg (moated castle) 1366 Abandoned in 1569 already designated as expired. Some remains of the wall have been preserved. Schreckenmanklitz Castle from Alpenstraße, Weiler im Allgäu.jpg
Burgstall butcher Sigmarszell - Schlachters - "Castle Knobel" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Schlossbühl Hergensweiler - Mollenberg - "Schlossbühl" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Schönau Grünenbach - Schönau Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Schwarzensee Hergatz - Schwarzensee - "Halde" Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall Schweinburg Gestratz - pig castle Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Senftenau Castle Lindau (Lake Constance) lock 13th Century Preserved in its external condition from 1569. Private property since the mid-1980s. Senftenau DSC08152.JPG
Burgstall Simmerberg Weiler-Simmerberg - Simmerberg - "Sinkenberg" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Staufenberg Castle Stables Grünenbach - "Staufenberg" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Syrgenstein Castle Heimenkirch - Syrgenstein Castle, previously a hilltop castle 1265 Dismissed after fire by 1480. Rebuilt as a castle in 1496. Preserved and inhabited by the owner. Maria-Thann near Hergatz in the Allgäu - Syrgenstein Castle.jpg
Burgstall Tannenfels Heimenkirch - Wolfertshofen - "Burgstall Tannenfels" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Tannenfels Opfenbach - Allmannsried - "Tannenfels" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Taubenberg Bodolz - Taubenberg Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall Thalendorf Gestratz - Thalendorf Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Unterreitnau Castle Lindau (Lake Constance) - Unterreitnau lock Medieval Gone
Wasserburg Castle Wasserburg (Lake Constance) lock 1537 and 1555 In place of monastery buildings from the 10th century. Wasserburg-Bodensee.jpg
Burgstall Widdum Sigmarszell - Widdum Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Wohmbrechts Castle Hergatz - Wohmbrechts Castle, previously Niederungsburg 13./14. century Demolished in 1952. Lower floors of the escape tower in today's church tower have been preserved. Wohmbrechts near Hergatz in the Allgäu - Castle 1637.jpg
Zwirkenberg Castle Gestratz - Zwirkenberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone

District of Neu-Ulm

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Beuren Castle Pfaffenhofen an der Roth lock
Hausen Castle New Ulm lock Built in 1768 by the mayor of Ulm, Heinrich Besserer. Restored in 1924 after a fire by Julius Schulte-Frohlinde Privately owned by the Besserer family
Holzschwang Castle Neu-Ulm - Holzschwang lock Erected in 1561 by the von Roth patrician family from Ulm. 1762 reconstruction in baroque style with portal Private ownership by the Neubronner family
Illereichen Castle Altenstadt lock
Illertissen Castle (so-called Vöhlin Castle ) Illertissen lock 12./13. century First built as a castle, rebuilt in the Renaissance style in 1520. Today the bee and local history museum. Since 2010 also university center. Voehlin Castle Illertissen.jpg
Jedelhausen Castle Neu-Ulm - Jedelhausen lock Built in 1572 by Hans Claus privately owned by the Claus family
Neubronn Castle Neu-Ulm - Holzschwang lock built around 1559 with 4 corner towers. Owned by the Gienger merchant family from Ulm until the 17th century
Neuhausen castle ruins Neu-Ulm - Holzheim Castle A cylindrical tower on the castle hill, probably from the late 15th century. Tower - panoramio (25) .jpg
Obenhausen Castle book lock Originally a medieval moated castle, converted into a castle in the 16th century and expanded in the 18th century. 1889–1891 heightening and extension of the stairwell. Privately owned. Castle of the Counts of Moy.jpg
Offenhausen Castle Neu-Ulm - Offenhausen lock around 1300 erection of a knight's seat. Built in 1555 above the old knight's seat by the Ehinger von Balzheim family as a summer residence. 1678 conversion into an inn. 1805 during the battle of Elchingen quarters of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Owned by the Zoller family from 1879 until today
Osterberg Castle Osterberg lock 16./17. century Rebuilt in 1720 and 1915. Privately owned. Osterberg.jpg
Reutti Castle Neu-Ulm - Reutti lock Erected from 1550 to 1554 by the von Roth patrician family from Ulm on an older basis. 1805 Quarters of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte current use by condominiums, von Roth family
Roggenburg Castle Roggenburg lock 1716 preserved in stock Schl.Rogg.JPG
Steinheim Castle Neu-Ulm - Steinheim lock Built around 1619 for the Ulm patricians Albrecht and Magdalena Schleicher Schleicher family
Steinheim manor Neu-Ulm - Steinheim Manor house probably built in the 16th century today heavily modified house, privately owned
Patrician castle Steinheim Neu-Ulm - Steinheim Manor house in the 18th century Conversion of an older building to its present form, privately owned
Tiefenbach Castle Neu-Ulm - Holzschwang lock mentioned in the 14th century as a fiefdom of the diocese of Augsburg. From 1424 in the possession of various Ulm patrician families. The present castle is built in the 16th century Today's use as a farm, privately owned by the von Besserer family
Old Weißenhorn Castle (so-called Rechbergschloss or Neuffenschloss) Weissenhorn lock 1460 Baroque in 1735. Located next to the Fugger Castle. Receive. (In the picture on the right) Weissenhorn Fugger Castle 2005.jpg
Weissenhorn New Castle (so-called Fugger Castle ) Weissenhorn lock 1513 Baroque in 1735. Located next to the Neuffenschloss. Receive. (In the picture on the left) Weissenhorn Fugger Castle 2005.jpg

District of Oberallgäu

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Burgus Ahegg Buchenberg -Ahegg Castle 4th / 5th century Originally a residential and watchtower on the Limes. After the Romans left, the walls were used to build a castle. Massive wall square, reconstructed. Burgus3.JPG
Burgstall Ahegg Buchenberg -Ahegg, around 100 meters north of the Burgus Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Alttrauchburg castle ruins Weitnau Castle 1100-1200 Damaged in 1525, stronger fortified after 1546. Abandoned in 1690 and used as a quarry from 1729. Preserved as a ruin. Alttrauchburg Castle 3.jpg
Baltenstein castle ruins Betzigau - Baltenstein Höhenburg, spur location around 1200 Castle ruins, abandoned and dilapidated during the 16th century, few remains of the wall of a residential tower have been preserved Baltenstein ruin GO-2.jpg
Burgstall Berghofen Sonthofen - Berghofen Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall Beaver Swing Altusried - beaver swing Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Buchenberg Castle Stables Buchenberg Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgberg castle ruins Burgberg in the Allgäu Castle around 1140 Burned out around 1650 and used as a quarry. Preserved ruin. Burgberg Castle.jpg
Dietmannsried Castle Dietmannsried Niederungsburg, tower hill castle Medieval Disappeared, moat preserved Dietmannsried Inselweiher.jpg
Burgstall Dietmannsried Dietmannsried Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Ermengerst Castle Wiggensbach - barley Castle mentioned in 1037 Disappeared, no remains
Ettensberg castle ruins Blaichach Castle before 1377 From 1562 it fell into disrepair and was used as a quarry. Remnants of the foundation visible. Ettensberg Castle 2.jpg
Finkelsburg castle ruins Rettenberg Castle 1100-1200 Destroyed in the 14th century. Little remainder of a residential tower preserved. Burgstall Weiher GO-3.jpg
Fluhenstein castle ruins Sonthofen Castle 14th Century Sold for demolition in 1808. Partly preserved as a ruin. Privately owned. Fluhenstein Castle 4.jpg
Burgstall Gfall Dietmannsried - Gefällmühle Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall ditch Dietmannsried - Graben Hill castle, hill castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Heberlings Durach - Heberlings Hilltop castle Medieval, destroyed around 1555 Gone
Burgstall Heinzelberg Betzigau - Heinzelberg Hill castle, hill castle Medieval Gone
Hohentann Castle Kimratshofen -Hohentann Castle 12th Century Used as a quarry from 1803. Remnants of the foundation visible. Hohentann 1.jpg
Hugofels castle ruins Immenstadt in the Allgäu Castle 13th Century From 1567 left to decay. Few masonry and cellar vaults have been preserved as ruins. Hugofels Castle 3.jpg
Immenstadt City Palace Immenstadt in the Allgäu lock 1550 Initially the office building, expanded into a castle from 1595–1620 and expanded in 1746. 1973 Demolition of the west wing. Privately owned. Marienplatz Immenstadt Castle.jpg
Alt-Kalden castle ruins Altusried - Kalden Höhenburg, Spornburg Mentioned in 1128 Disappeared, destroyed before 1500, part of the castle largely slipped down to the valley Kalden Castle18.jpg
Neu-Kalden castle ruins Altusried - Kalden Höhenburg, Spornburg 1515 Castle ruins, abandoned in 1692 and demolished in 1840 except for a tower fragment Ruin Kalden.jpg
Burgstall Kapf Altusried - Book on the Iller Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Kierwang Castle Bolsterlang - building yard Höhenburg (summit castle) Medieval Disappeared, received several ring walls
Alt-Kranzegg Castle Oy-Mittelberg - Burgkranzegg Höhenburg, Spornburg 13th Century Castle ruins, little masonry preserved
Neu-Kranzegg Castle Oy-Mittelberg - Burgkranzegg Höhenburg, Spornburg Medieval Gone
Castle cowls Wiggensbach -Waldegg Niederungsburg unknown Disappeared, no remains
Langenegg castle ruins Waltenhofen Castle 11th century Decayed in 1647. The keep was used as a breeding and poor house from 1734. Part of the keep preserved as a ruin. Langenegg 1.jpg
Laubenbergerstein castle ruins Immenstadt in the Allgäu Castle 12th Century 1629 already partially dilapidated. Preserved as a ruin. Laubenbergerstein Castle 3.jpg
Laufen Castle Durach - running Niederungsburg, moated castle Medieval, gender was first mentioned in 1180 Gone
Burgstall lenses Waltenhofen lenses Höhenburg, Spornburg before 1319 Disappeared, remains of the foundation walls preserved Burgstall Linsen.jpg
Neuchâtel castle ruins Durach Castle after 1300 Abandoned in 1642 and exploited as a quarry. The ruins of the keep and the remains of the wall have been preserved Neuchâtel Castle Durach.jpg
Rauhenzell Castle Immenstadt in the Allgäu lock 1555 Redesigned in the baroque style in 1878. Preserved, private property. Rauhenzell Castle.JPG
Rauhlaubenberg castle ruins Immenstadt in the Allgäu Castle 13th Century Burned down and abandoned in 1579. Remnants of the wall preserved. Rauhlaubenberg Castle 2.jpg
Rothenfels castle ruins Immenstadt in the Allgäu Castle 13th Century Destroyed by lightning in 1462 and rebuilt. 1816–1818 demolished. Wall received. Rothenfels Castle Immenstadt 4.jpg
Schmidsreute Castle Wiggensbach- Schmidsreute Castle unknown Disappeared, no remains
Schöneberg castle ruins Betzigau Castle 900-1000 In ruins from the 17th century. Remains of the tower preserved. Schöneberg ruins Betzigau.jpg
Burgstall Stockach Buchenberg - Stockach Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Sulzberg castle ruins Sulzberg Castle around 1170 Abandoned in 1648, derelict and used as a quarry. Significant parts preserved as ruins. Sulzberg Castle 3.jpg
Suseck Castle Wiggensbach -Westenried Castle Mentioned in 1451 Gone, hills and ditch remains
Thurn castle ruins Oberstaufen Castle before 1285 Remains of the tower and cellar have been preserved
Burgstall Überbach Dietmannsried - Überbach Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Vorderburg castle ruins Rettenberg Castle around 1100 Burned out in 1562, poorly repaired. In 1735 it was finally abandoned and fell into disrepair. Some wall sections got unsecured. Rettenberg Castle.jpg
Wagegg Castle Haldenwang- Wagegg Castle around 1170 After 1581 it became increasingly dilapidated. In 1715 it was expanded into a castle with gardens and ponds. Abandoned in 1806 and used as a quarry. Partly preserved as a ruin. Castle with Geotope Wagegg1.jpg
Werdenstein castle ruins Immenstadt in Allgäu - Werdenstein Hill castle, hill castle before 1239 Castle ruins, abandoned in 1796 and sold for demolition, today used as a beer and guest garden for the castle café Werdenstein Castle 3.jpg
Weidach Castle Stables Durach - Weidach Hill castle, hill castle Medieval Gone
Wolkenberg castle ruins Wildpoldsried Castle 12./13. century Burned down in 1525 and 1632 and poorly rebuilt. 1642–1695 used as a brewery. After the fire, the castle was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Secured remains of the wall preserved. Wolkenberg Castle.jpg
Alt-Wörthenstein Castle Immenstadt in Allgäu - Gnadenberg Höhenburg, spur location Medieval Gone

District of Ostallgäu

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altdorf fortified church Biessenhofen - Altdorf Fortified church Late medieval Partly preserved, one of the former four semicircular shell towers of the cemetery fortifications has been preserved Altdorf, Catholic parish church Mariae Himmelfahrt (1) .JPG
Altensberg Castle Kaltental - Altensberg Castle, previously a castle Medieval castle, early modern castle Gone
Burgstall on the rock Roßhaupten - "On the rock" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall apple string Ruderatshofen - apple string - "Thanscharer Wiesen" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Aufhofen I. Kaltental - Aufkirch Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Aufhofen II Kaltental - Aufkirch Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Bertoldshofen Castle Stables Marktoberdorf - Bertoldshofen - "Schlossberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Bullachberg Castle Schwangau - Alterschrofen - "Bullachberg" lock 1905 From 1927 residence of Rafael Prince von Thurn und Taxis and his family. Vacant from 1996. Owned by an entrepreneur since 2013 Bullachberg Castle - - 13561.jpg
Burgstall near Burgstall Obergünzburg - Burgstall Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Burk (Seeg Castle) Seeg - Burk Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) Probably 12th century Disappeared, impressive tower hill preserved Burgstall Burk.jpg
Castle stable Ebenhofen Biessenhofen - Ebenhofen Burgstall High medieval Gone Burgstall Eichelschwang GO-4.jpg
Burgstall at Echt Stötten am Auerberg - Really Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Eggenthal Castle Eggenthal - "Soul Mountain" Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval Gone
Castle stable Eichelschwang Unterthingau - Eichelschwang - "Schweikartswald" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Disappeared, few remains of the wall recognizable, memorial stone present Burgstall Eichelschwang GO-4.jpg
Eisenberg castle ruins Eisenberg Castle around 1315 Burned out in 1646. Preserved as a secured ruin. Eisenberg Castle.jpg
Burgstall Emmenhausen Waal - Emmenhausen Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) Medieval Disappeared, only the tower hill preserved Emmenhausen Burgstall.jpg
Emmenhausen Castle Waal - Emmenhausen lock Late medieval Gone
Falkensberg Castle Stables Backwood Burgstall unknown no wall or wall remains Falkensberg Castle Location.jpg
Falkenstein castle ruins Pfronten - "Falkenstein" Hilltop castle 1280 Burned out in 1646. Preserved as a secured ruin. Falkenstein Castle Pfronten 10.jpg
Fliehburg ruins Ruderatshofen - Bergmangalpe - "In Hell" Section attachment Prehistory and early history Gone
Burgstall Frauenstein Schwangau - "Berzenkopf" Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval Disappeared, neck ditch and small remains of the wall preserved Burgstall Frauenstein.jpg
Gabis Castle Stables Roßhaupten - "Gabis" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Galgenbichel Schwangau - Horn - "Galgenbichel" Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmburg) 11th century Disappeared, destroyed by the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle
Burgstall Gschrift Eisenberg - Gschrift Burgstall unknown small remains of the wall; Memorial stone Burgstall-Gschrift.JPG
Burgstall Günzach Günzach - "Schwarzenbachfeld" Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Günzach Castle Gunzach lock 1730 Preserved with castle brewery and gastronomy. Günzach Castle.jpg
Burgstall Halch Halbch - Bruckschmid Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Tower hill at Haspelweiher Waal - brick barn Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Haugen Unterthingau - Haugen Höhenburg (summit castle) Medieval Gone
Helmishofen castle ruins Kaltental - Helmishofen Hilltop castle 12th Century Destroyed by fire in 1540, rebuilt in 1551. Destroyed again around 1650 and rebuilt. Burned out and abandoned in 1792. Keep restored. Helmishofen Castle.jpg
Burgstall Helmishofen Kaltental - Helmishofen , 330 meters south of the Helmishofen castle ruins Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Hiemenhofen Ruderatshofen - Hiemenhofen , in the area of ​​the Magnus Chapel Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Hochegg Roßhaupten - Hochegg Hilltop castle High medieval Gone
Hohenfreyberg castle ruins Eisenberg Castle 1418 Burned out in 1646. Preserved as a secured ruin. Hohenfreyberg courtyard2.jpg
Castle Hohenschwangau Schwangau - "Berzenkopf" lock 12th Century Initially built as a castle, it fell into ruin by 1800. 1832–1837 rebuilt in neo-Gothic style. Preserved unchanged, museum. Hohenschwangau Castle at night 1.jpg
High castle Füssen - "Schlossberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg) 13th Century Erected on the remains of a Roman fort. 1799 military hospital, around 1825 summer residence of the Bavarian Crown Prince. From 1863 also district court. Since 1931 branch gallery of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen. Hohes Schloss and St Mang Füssen.jpg
Section fortification Hornburg Schwangau - "Hornburg" Section attachment Prehistory and early history Gone
Section fortification Hörnle Roßhaupten - Grünten - "Hörnle" Section attachment Medieval Gone
Hinterhohenschwangau Castle Schwangau - "Gassenthomaskopf" Höhenburg (Spornburg, Turmburg) 11th century Disappeared, destroyed by the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle
Hopfen castle ruins Füssen - hops on the lake Höhenburg (Spornburg) Before 1172 Until 1322 as the official seat of the Füssen provost. Then abandoned and forfeited. Preserved as a ruin with low wall remains. Hopfen Castle 2.jpg
Hopferau Castle Hopferau lock 1468 Rebuilt 1830–1840 in the neo-Gothic style. Since 1999 restaurant and conference center. Hopferau Castle.jpg
Hörmanshofen Castle Biessenhofen - Ottilienberg lock Early modern Gone, overbuilt by the Catholic branch and pilgrimage church of St. Ottilia
Hörmanshofen tower hill Biessenhofen Niederungsburg (tower hill castle) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Irsee (Ursin Castle) Irsee Höhenburg (Spornburg) Probably 10th or 11th century Gone, today the parish church of St. Stephan and the cemetery built over it
Burgstall Kipfenberg Unterthingau - Kipfenberg Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Lamerdingen Castle Lamerdingen lock 1700 Preserved, private property
Burgstall Lang Günzach - Lang Höhenburg (summit castle) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Lengenfeld Oberostendorf - Lengenfeld - "Stockberg" Hilltop castle Medieval Gone
Burgstall Leuterschach Marktoberdorf - Leuterschach Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval, first mentioned in 1289 Gone
Liebenthann Castle Obergünzburg - Liebenthann - "Reinwald" Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval, first mentioned around 1220 Disappeared, two trenches, wells and little remains of the wall have been preserved
Marktoberdorf Castle Marktoberdorf lock before 1424 Initially built as a castle. Rebuilt as a baroque palace in 1722, expanded in 1761. Since 1812/1820 regional court and rent office, since 1862 also district office. Today the seat of the Bavarian Music Academy. Prince-Bishop's Castle Marktoberdorf.jpg
Burgstall Marktoberdorf Marktoberdorf , north of the sewage treatment plant Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Burgstall Hintere Märzenburg Biessenhofen - "sister forest" and Kaufbeuren Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval and probably prehistoric Disappeared, several section trenches and ramparts preserved
Nesselburg Castle Nesselwang Castle before 1302 Reconditioned after fire in 1525. In 1595 it was again uninhabitable due to fire and left to decay. 1996 renovation attempt. Preserved as an unsecured ruin. Nesselburg Castle 2.jpg
Neuschwanstein Castle Schwangau - "Gassenthomaskopf" lock 1869-1884 Built on the remains of two medieval castles. Final completion in 1899. A symbol of the Romantic era worldwide. 1.3 million visitors a year. Castle Neuschwanstein.jpg
Burgstall Oberdeusch Füssen - Oberdeusch Hilltop castle Late medieval Disappeared, small remnants of walls preserved; Memorial stone Burgstall Oberdeusch.JPG
Obergünzburg Castle Obergünzburg , on the southern edge of the old cemetery Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Obergünzburg Obergünzburg - "Rothleiten" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Burgstall Osterberg Unterthingau - Osterberg Höhenburg (summit castle) Medieval Gone
Section fortification Osterzell Osterzell Section attachment Prehistory and early history Gone
Osterzell Castle Osterzell lock
Reinhardsried Castle Unterthingau - Reinhardsried lock Early modern Gone
Burgstall Romatsried Eggenthal -Romatsried corridor "Burgstall" Höhenburg (Spornburg) 11th century Gone, trenches and walls preserved
Burgstall Schweinlang Kraftisried - pig's length Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Schwenden Castle Stables Marktoberdorf - Schwenden Höhenburg (Spornburg) High medieval, first mentioned in 1341 Gone
Castle stable Seelenberg Unterthingau - "Seelenberg" Höhenburg (summit castle) Medieval Gone
Sellthüren Castle Stables Günzach - Sellthüren Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Stein Castle Rettenbach market - stone Höhenburg (Spornburg) 1130 Disappeared, burnt out in 1815, ditch and memorial stone present
Burgstall Thalhofen Marktoberdorf - Thalhofen an der Wertach Niederungsburg Medieval Gone, overbuilt by the Catholic parish church of St. Michael MOD - Thalhofen - Church v W 2.JPG
Burgstall Unterlochler Rettenbach am Auerberg - Unterlöchlers Höhenburg (Spornburg) Medieval Gone
Unterthingau Castle Stables Unterthingau Niederungsburg Medieval Gone
Unterthingau Castle Unterthingau lock 16th Century Today local administration, community and parish library Unterthingau Castle.jpg
Vorderhohenschwangau Castle Schwangau - "Gassenthomaskopf" Höhenburg (Spornburg) 11th century Disappeared, destroyed by the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle
Waal Castle Waal Castle, previously a castle Castle destroyed in 1397 Receive Waal5.JPG
Weizern Castle Eisenberg - Weizern Manor house 1711 Origin before 1257. 1900–1959 restaurant, since 1978 private property. Weizern Schlössle.JPG
Section fortification Welberschanze Osterzell - Ödwang - "Welberholz" Section attachment Early medieval Disappeared, received several section walls
Westerried Castle Kraftisried - Westerried Castle, previously Niederungsburg Medieval castle, early modern castle Gone

District of Unterallgäu

Surname place Type Time of origin State of preservation and current use image
Altenschönegg castle ruins Oberschönegg Castle around 1220 1462 construction of the keep, restored in 1809 and preserved as a lookout tower. Altenschönegg 3.jpg
Babenhausen Castle Babenhausen lock 1237 Expansion and renovation in 1541, designed in the neo-Gothic style in 1845. Today the Fugger Museum. Fugger Castle.jpg
Bedernau Castle Breitenbrunn lock 16th Century Rebuilt in 1764/1765, heavily changed 1966–1968. Bedernau Castle.jpg
Boos Castle Boos lock Privately owned.
Burgstall falcons Ittelsburg Burgstall 10th century Burned down in 1487, rebuilt in 1496, renovated in 1505. From 1821 used as a quarry. Gone, ground monument. Ittelsburg Heidelburg 2.JPG
Fellheim Castle Fellheim lock 1557 Destroyed in 1633, rebuilt from 1635. Renewed around 1875. Final Fellheim 02.JPG
Burgstall Felsenberg Wolfertschwenden-Niederdorf Burgstall around 1370 Expired in 1424. Ground monument. Burgstall Felsenberg.jpg
Frickenhausen Castle Arbors lock 1480 Rectory since 1789. Receive. Voe-Seat-Fri.jpg
Ghagburg Tower Hill Babenhausen - "Kreuzlesberg" Höhenburg (tower hill castle) Medieval Disappeared, tower hill with moat and rampart preserved
Bad Grönenbach High Castle Bad Groenenbach lock around 1280 Built in place of a previous castle. Damaged in 1525. 1803–1878 district court. Since 1996 community property with various uses, registry office. Grönenbach High Castle.jpg
Lower Bad Grönenbach Castle Bad Groenenbach lock 1563 Preserved unchanged, private property. Bad Grönenbach Schlößle.JPG
Burgstall Hahnentanz Ittelsburg Burgstall 10th century Gone, ground monument. Ittelsburg Zwickerburg 2.JPG
Holzgünz Castle Holzgünz lock 1586 Brewery and restaurant since 1680. Holzgünz Castle 08.JPG
Burgstall Hundsmoor Ungerhauser Forest Höhenburg (Spornburg) Burgadel called 1081 Disappeared, moat and rampart preserved
Burgstall im Buschel Bad Groenenbach-Zell Burgstall before 1453 Gone, ground monument. Zell Alte Burg3.JPG
Fliehburg Ittelsburg Ittelsburg Burgstall about 500 BC Chr. Gone. Ground monument, ramparts and moats visible. Ittelsburg Wallburg Wall 2.JPG
Kirchheim Castle Kirchheim in Swabia lock 1578-1583 1585 further expansion. 1852 Demolition of the north wing and part of the west wing. Still inhabited by the Fugger family today. Fuggerschloss.jpg
Kronburg Castle Kronburg lock before 1227 First built as a castle, abandoned in 1396, ruin in 1466. Reconstruction as a castle from 1540. 1704 heavily damaged and rebuilt lower. Private property, museum and cultural events. Kronburg Castle 02.JPG
Künersberg Castle Memmingerberg Mansion 1741 From 1745 entrepreneur's villa for the Künersberg faience manufacture until 1799. Private ownership.
Lautrach New Castle Lautrach lock 1781-1784 First provost's office and hunting lodge, from 1838 educational institution for higher daughters, from 1840 also boys' institute. After changing owners, management center and conference hotel since 1993. Lautrach1.jpg
Castle market forest Market forest lock around 1660 Owned by the Fugger family, forest management.
Mattsies Castle Tussenhausen - Mattsies lock Predecessor documented in 1246; after 1525 the new palace was built Privately owned Mattsies Castle 1204 - panoramio.jpg
Memmingerberg Castle Memmingerberg lock
Mindelburg Castle Mindelheim lock 12th Century Destroyed in 1305, rebuilt in 1370. Private property since 1950. Mindelburg Castle.jpg
Burgstall Neuittelsburg Ittelsburg Burgstall around 1102 Went around 1500. Ground monument.
Rotes Schlössle Memmingerberg lock 1776
Rothenstein castle ruins Bad Groenenbach Castle before 1037 Damaged in 1632 and abandoned after 1646 and in ruins. Remnants of the wall and tower collapsed in 1873. Today ruin with a few remains of the wall. Rothenstein ruins.jpg
Siebnach Castle Stables Ettringen - Siebnach - "Buchberg" Höhenburg (Spornburg) Early medieval Disappeared, neck ditch and ramparts preserved Burgstall Siebnach Hauptwall.jpg
Burgstall Stumpfbühl Ittelsburg Burgstall 12th Century Burned down and gone in 1442. Ground monument. Burgstall Stumpfbühl 01.JPG
Trunkelsberg Castle Trunkelsberg lock before 1657 Previous building from the 16th century. It looks today in the 19th century. Privately owned.
Türkheim Castle Türkheim lock Castle - panoramio (45) .jpg
Ungerhausen Castle Ungerhausen lock
Burgstall Unterschönegg (Schönegg) Babenhausen - Unterschönegg Höhenburg (Spornburg), previously prehistoric and early historical fortifications Medieval Disappeared, formerly divided castle complex by moats, of which moats and walls have been preserved
Wachterschlößle Memmingerberg lock Erected from 1520 to 1542
Wolfertschwenden Castle Stables Wolfertschwenden Burgstall 10th century Ground monument. Burgstall Wolfertschwenden1.JPG
Fliehburg (Woringen) Woringen Burgstall about 500 BC Chr. Gone. Ground monument, ramparts and moats visible. Woringen Fliehburg3.JPG
Lower Woringen Castle Woringen Castle 14th Century Formerly moated castle, ditch buried after 1709. In municipal ownership since 1920. Woringen Schloessle 2.JPG