Reisensburg Castle

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Reisensburg Castle
Reisensburg Castle

Reisensburg Castle

Creation time : 10th century
Castle type : Location
Conservation status: preserved as a lock
Standing position : Noble
Place: Gunzburg
Geographical location 48 ° 27 '51 "  N , 10 ° 18' 6"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 27 '51 "  N , 10 ° 18' 6"  E
Reisensburg Castle (Bavaria)
Reisensburg Castle

The Reisensburg Castle on the Danube at Gunzburg , originally castle Reisensburg was the seat of Luitpold Ingers Berthold of Reisensburg and other members of the 955 expelled from Bavaria Luitpoldinger Duke family.
The University of Ulm , which operates a science center (WZR) there, added the Schloss Reisensburg property to the corporate assets of the University of Ulm as an independent foundation on January 1, 1997.

Origin of name

"Rizinis" is the spelling of the first written mention of the castle name - it can be found in the work of the geographer of Ravenna in his work "Cosmographia" (Chapter IV 26). The place name could go back to the Germanic (or Indo-European) verb rīsan with the meaning "to rise" (cf. the English verb "to rise") and thus indicate the location of the castle on a hill that can be seen from afar. Another interpretation means to recognize the old high German root hrisinon (brushwood) in the name, which would designate a place protected by a tangle of brushwood and bushes. Perhaps the name is also connected with the Rucinates - a tribe of the Celtic Vindeliker .


The site of today's castle was settled 4000 years ago. Of the five prehistoric settlement groups that did not follow one another, we now know more precisely about a settlement in the Neolithic and in the Bronze Age . The first castle complex was named in the first half of the 6th century by the geographer of Ravenna, who referred to the Goth Athanarid.

In the 10th century the castle was owned by Berthold von Reisensburg , who had been banished from Bavaria because of his involvement in the uprising of his father Arnulf (II.) And the king's son Liudolf against King Otto I , and who was afterwards before the battle on the Lechfeld the deployment plans of King Otto I to the Hungarians are said to have betrayed. After that, the castle disappeared from written sources and was only mentioned again in connection with various lords in the 12th century.

In the 16th century the castle was converted into a palace . In 1604 "the last group of feudal lords lost the traveling castle" (Ulm University). In 1632 the castle was burned down by Swedish mercenaries . After the reconstruction, Reisensburg was bequeathed to the Barons von Eyb in 1763 . Their last descendant died on March 21, 1851. Maximilian Alexander von Riedheim bought the plant on June 17, 1852. After the forced sale in 1920 due to political unrest, the International Institute for Scientific Cooperation e. V. the lock.

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