August Ernst Marcus von Stetten

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August Ernst Marcus von Stetten (born December 9, 1811 in Augsburg , † September 14, 1895 in Edenbergen-Gailenbach ) was an Augsburg patrician , lord of the castle and ministerial secretary .


August Ernst Marcus came from the Protestant Augsburg patrician family von Stetten and was the third child from the marriage of Christoph David von Stetten (1774–1856), son of Paul von Stetten (1731–1808) and brother of Marcus von Stetten (1776–1826) , with Karolina Johanna Barbara (1780–1851), née von Lausberg . He had an older sister ( Anna Karoline Barbara ) and an older brother ( Ernst Albrecht August ).

August von Stetten was accepted into the Latin preparatory school in Augsburg at the age of ten and distinguished himself as an ambitious student. After studying law and doing an internship at the Kempten Regional Court , he passed his state examination in the government of the Upper Danube District in 1835 and then continued his internship there. In March 1837 he was appointed chamberlain and received his admission in September of the same year. In 1838 he acquired Gailenbach Castle in Edenbergen near Augsburg. In August 1842 he was appointed government secretary to the government of the Palatinate and a year later, at his request, he was transferred to Augsburg, where he married his niece Emilie Laura von Stetten-Lang on October 11, 1847 . The marriage produced a daughter. In April 1848 August von Stetten was appointed Ministerial Secretary 1st class in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior , but only held this position until May 1849 and was then transferred to the government of Swabia as an assessor at his own request .

In January 1852 he resigned from the civil service for private reasons and subsequently concentrated on his family circumstances and the management of the castle estate in Edenbergen. In 1888 he had the stone building of the Wegkapelle am Mähder built in Edenbergen . In 1895 August von Stetten died at Gailenbach Castle.


⚭ October 11, 1847 Emilie Laura von Stetten-Lang (1824–1900)

  1. Emma von Stetten (1856–1936)

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