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Structure in the middle distance

Structure in the middle distance

height 937  m
location Iceland
Coordinates 64 ° 44 '56 "  N , 20 ° 40' 54"  W Coordinates: 64 ° 44 '56 "  N , 20 ° 40' 54"  W.
Strútur (Iceland)
Type Palagonite cone
rock predominantly palagonite
Strútur behind the Viðgelmir cave

Strútur behind the Viðgelmir cave

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The volcanic mountain Strútur (í Borgarfirði) (937 m) is located in the west of Iceland near the glacial volcano Eiríksjökull .

There is a transmitter and a weather station on the summit.


The mountain can be reached via the slope in the direction of Arnarvatnsheiði , which begins behind the Kalmannstunga farm about 5 km north of Húsafell .

After about 2 km, on a saddle above Kalmannstunga, another track branches off from this in the north-east direction, which leads up to the mountain. The slope has existed since 1965, but should be used as little as possible for environmental reasons.


Mount Strútur was formed by one or more volcanic eruptions in a single place under a glacier during one of the later cold ages of the Ice Age .


The mountain can be climbed via the piste, but there are also other ways of ascent.

If the weather conditions are right, you have a very nice view in all directions from the summit, especially of Húsafell, the Eiríksjökull and Langjökull glaciers , the Arnarvatnsheiði plateau and the Kaldidalur .

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