Storm damage

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Storm damage
General information
Genre (s) German rock
founding 1990
resolution 1997
Founding members
Michael Michel Klaucke
Thorsten Dörte Spiekermann
Marko Schmidt
Markus Spiekermann
Michael Mueller

Sturmschäden was a German rock and pop band from the Sauerland in North Rhine-Westphalia . Her predominantly German-language songs are in the tradition of the Neue Deutsche Welle . They themselves called their music style Radaupop .


The history of the storm damage is closely linked to the label Longstocking Records . Singer Michael Klaucke founded the label in 1992 to release the band's second album. The Forgotten Land was produced by Tex Morton .

For the third and final release of Sturmschäden, which appeared in April 1995, the band signed a contract with the major label Autarc ( Eastwest ). This CD was produced by Martin Meinschäfer ( Dolls United ), the single Kunterbunt was remixed by Jens Kuphal .

The band separated in 1997. Thorsten Spiekermann, musical head of Sturmschäden, now plays in the band Von Dörte .


All members of the storm damage come from the Sauerland and are closely connected to the region. The band is featured on the 1994 regional sampler Mein Freund ist Sauerländer . Musically, the Sturmis , as they were called by their fans, are in the tradition of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Role models were, among others, groups such as clay stones shards or the singer Nena .

While the group's first album is still very wavy, German lyrics and more rocky sounds prevailed on the second release. The third release differs significantly from its two predecessors: more musically mature, the suspense ranges from catchy and hit-like pieces such as Mind Catcher or Kunterbunt to trashy and almost hymnal songs like rainbow . The two cover versions are remarkable: the beginning of the end of Nena and Silberstreif , a German version of the Neil Young song After the Gold Rush .


Studio albums


  • 1991: Revolution (KM music)
  • 1995: Kunterbunt (Autarc / Eastwest)

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