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The Stuttgarter Eis- und Rollsportclub 1911 (Stuttgart ERC for short) is a sports club from Stuttgart . He was a pioneer in German roller hockey and, including his predecessor clubs, 13 times German roller hockey champion. His athletes have won seven world championships, four European championships and 40 German championship titles in roller figure skating as well as 16 German championship titles in figure skating .

Club history

The opening of the Stuttgart roller sports hall on November 25, 1910 gave the development of roller sports in Stuttgart a big boost. On June 1, 1911, the 1st Stuttgart Roller Skating Club was founded. With the Roller Club Schwaben on October 1, 1911 and the Stuttgart Roller Skate Club (RSV) on November 7, 1912, further roller sports clubs were quickly founded.

The three clubs merged in 1924 to form the roller skating and ice skating club (RSEV) and in 1934 with the ice skating club founded in 1930 to form the Stuttgart ice skating and roller sports club (SSRC). In 1957 the current name of the Stuttgart Ice and Rolling Club (SERC) is adopted. In 1971 part of the ice hockey department went into business for itself as EHC Stuttgart ; the ice hockey department of the SERC is finally dissolved in 1974. In 1972, some of the ice runners in the ESC Stuttgart, which still exists today, set up their own business. After the roller sports hall in Mercedesstrasse was demolished in 2004, figure skating can only be practiced in Winnenden . In 2013 the figure skating department had to be closed.

As of 2020, the figure skating department and the inline skater hockey department, which emerged from Club Espanol , which was dissolved in 2009 , still exist .

Roller hockey

As early as 1910, a Stuttgart roller hockey team was the first German team to take part in an international tournament in Montreux . In 1920 the RSV Stuttgart became German champions for the first time. In the ten years from 1927 to 1936 the club won eight German championship titles, initially as RESV, later as SSRC. In 1937 he organized the first world roller hockey championship. The first two German championships after World War II were also won by the SSRC. Most recently the club, now called SERC, managed to win the German championship in 1958 and 1959. In 1967 the SERC was a founding member of the roller hockey Bundesliga .

Figure skating

Well-known athletes:

ice Hockey

Ice hockey was also played in Stuttgart as early as the 1920s. In 1927 and 1928 the team south (west) became German champions.

In 1947 the SSRC became the Southwest German Champion and the South German runner-up. In 1964 the SERC can move up to the third-class group league south by increasing the league. The SERC also played in the third division in 1965/66, now the Regionalliga Mitte. In 1970/71 the SERC played one more season in the Regionalliga Süd / West. Then one went into a syndicate with the spin-off EHC Stuttgart, before 1974 the department is dissolved.

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