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The roots of ice hockey in Stuttgart go back to 1927 . Between 1927 and 1929 HC Stuttgart took part in the final round of the German championship. The history of the sport is shaped by changing clubs. In the 1970s, the EHC Stuttgart played in the second-rate league , at the end of the 1980s, the EV Stuttgart in the 2nd Bundesliga . Currently the top-class club is the Stuttgart EC , which plays under the name Stuttgart Rebels in the Regionalliga Süd-West .


Until 1963

From 1927 to 1929, HC Stuttgart took part in the final round of the German championship, but it wasn't until 1947 that a Stuttgart EC reached the final of the southern German championship. In 1948 and 1949 , the HC Stuttgart played for promotion to the ice hockey league . In 1956 HC Stuttgart took part in the Württemberg championship for the first time. 1962 and 1963 the subject TEC Waldau Stuttgart in the qualifiers for the group league .

Stuttgart ERC / EHC Stuttgart

In 1964/65 the Stuttgart ERC took part in the game operations in the then 3rd ice hockey league (then name group league ) and qualified for the regional league middle for 1965/66 . Before the 1966/67 season , the team was withdrawn due to line-up problems. 1968/69 the team of the SERC reached the championship in the Landesliga Württemberg.

On June 19, 1969, members of the ice hockey department of the Stuttgart ERC also founded the EHC Stuttgart , in 1969/70 the EHC played under coach Werner Groß and the SERC in the Baden-Württemberg state league, where the EHC won the championship. Both teams were approved by the DEB for the Regionalliga Süd-West, which was also introduced for the next season, in which the EHC and the SERC played together in the 1970/71 season (= 3rd league). Before the 1971/72 season, the SERC and the EHC formed the SG EHC Stuttgart from the two teams , which in the 1971/72 season reached fourth place in the promotion round to the Oberliga . In 1971/72 the EHC junior team became champions of Baden-Württemberg.

By renouncing the VER Selb , the EHC was able to move up the Oberliga 1972/73 , in which relegation was achieved. In 1975/76 the EHC school team became champions of Baden-Württemberg. In the league season 1977/78 the first home games were played in the ice rink in Esslingen am Neckar , only in December, because of the roofing of the ice rink on the Waldau, which began in the summer of 1977, the first game at home was played again. Until the 1983/84 season , the EHC continued to participate in the game - most of the time in the major league .

EV Stuttgart

From 1984/85 onwards, EV Stuttgart took part in match operations. First the EVS played in the league and then rose in 1987 to the second division and became German league champion. In the 1990/91 season , EVS ceased operations during the season.

EC Stuttgart

No later than the 1989/90 season was in addition to EVS of the EC Stuttgart founded. The ECS took part in the qualification for the Regionalliga Süd in 1993/94 as the first place in the Baden-Württemberg League and was divided into the 2nd League South in the summer of 1994 . In this division, the team stayed until the game operations in 1997 had to stop during the season.

Stuttgart EC

The Stuttgart EC was founded in 1997 as the successor to the EC Stuttgart .

Stuttgart Wizards

In 2000, the SEC's first senior team was outsourced to a GmbH under the name of Stuttgart Wizards , although this was initially only done internally. In 2001/02 the EC Atlantis Ulm / Neu-Ulm was the better team in the Baden-Württemberg League, so that the targeted promotion did not yet succeed, but in 2002/03 the Wizards team won the qualifying round within the Baden-Württemberg League and rose to the top division . In the summer of 2003, the game license was officially transferred to the Wizards. The implementation of the amateur and junior game operation remained with the SEC . In 2004/05 the Stuttgart Wizards reached the championship round as 6th in the Oberliga Süd, where they took 6th place in group B championship round.

The wizards were only able to meet the license requirements for the 2005/06 season at the last moment, which had various Stuttgart-specific backgrounds and severely restricted the number of players available for the games. Only after the game operations at the Bayreuth Tigers could the team of players be strengthened. The consequence of this was that after the end of the preliminary round, the wizards landed at the bottom of the table with 4 points. In the qualifying round, the wizards scored more points, but could not prevent the athletic relegation. After the end of the season, the Stuttgart Wizards GmbH filed for insolvency . The prerequisites for a continuation of the game operations in the Oberliga 2006/07 , which is basically possible due to the failure of the planned Regionalliga Süd , could no longer be met in time.

Cooperation with the SC Bietigheim-Bissingen

In the summer of 2006, the Stuttgart EC signed a cooperation agreement with the second division club SC Bietigheim-Bissingen . The previous team of the Stuttgart EC played from 2006/07 as the 1b team of SC Bietigheim under the name of Stuttgart Rebels in Stuttgart in the Baden-Württemberg League. The team was strengthened by young players from SC Bietigheim. From the 2007/08 season an independent senior team of the Stuttgart EC also played in the state league.

Stuttgart Rebels

For the 2009/10 season, the cooperation between the Stuttgart EC and SC Bietigheim was ended. The previous cooperation team played again under the name Bietigheim Steelers 1b in Bietigheim. The senior team of the Stuttgart EC rose as champions of the Baden-Württemberg regional league in 2009 in what is now called the Southwest Regional League and took on the name Stuttgart Rebels. In the 2009/10 season , the Rebels were champions of the regional league, but renounced promotion to the league before the 2009/10 season . In the 2010/11 season , the team again reached the championship, despite a deadline extension granted by the German Ice Hockey Federation, promotion to the league was again waived.


The ice rink of the Stuttgart EC is located in the sports center on the Waldau in the Stuttgart-Degerloch district . The ice sports center on the Waldau was built in 1961 by the TEC Waldau as an open-air track and on December 6, 1962 it was taken over by the city of Stuttgart. In 1977 it was covered, in 2011 it was extensively renovated and currently holds 3000 spectators.

Greatest successes

Stuttgart EC
  • 2011 Champion Regionalliga Südwest
  • 2010 Champion Regionalliga Südwest
  • 2009 Champion State League Baden-Württemberg
  • 2008 Champion State League Baden-Württemberg

Known players


Stuttgart EC / Stuttgart Rebels

  • since 2019 Heiko Vogler
  • 2017-2019 Pavol Jancovic
  • 2015-2017 Philipp Hodul
  • 2009-2015 Pavol Jancovic
  • 2007-2009 Dany Held
  • 2006–2007 Guido Holzmann, Corrado Micalef, Steve Perreault

Stuttgart Wizards

  • 2005-2006 Wilbert Duszenko
  • 2005 Roger Weißschuh
  • 2003-2005 Wilbert Duszenko

EC Stuttgart

  • 1995-1997 Wilbert Duszenko
  • 1994–1995 Mark Elwood then Toni Waldmann then Vaclav Niesner
  • 1993-94 Vaclav Niesner
  • 1991–93 Karel Kostka
  • 1989-? Wiktor Pysz

EV Stuttgart

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