SC Bietigheim-Bissingen

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SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers
SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers
Greatest successes
Club information
history SC Bietigheim-Bissingen / Kornwestheim (until 1991)
SC Bietigheim-Bissingen (1991 -?)
Bietigheim Steelers (1992/2001)
Nickname The Steelers
Parent club SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers e. V.
Club colors Green-white-blue
league DEL2
Venue EgeTrans Arena
capacity 4517 seats
executive Director Volker Schoch
Head coach Daniel Naud
captain Nikolai Goc
Season  2018/19 2nd place / PO quarter finals

The Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers e. V. is a Baden-Württemberg ice hockey and curling club from Bietigheim-Bissingen in the greater Stuttgart area, whose professional ice hockey team, Bietigheim Steelers , has been outsourced to a GmbH since the 2007/08 season, in the 2nd ice hockey Bundesliga , which has been operating since the 2013 / 14 DEL2 means playing.


On July 6, 1981 the association of SC Kornwestheim e. V. instead. From 1981 to 1987, the Kornwestheim ice hockey club took part in the Baden-Württemberg regional league. In the 1988/1989 season the company moved to Bietigheim. This was the reason to give the club a new name. Since then the club has been called: SC Bietigheim / Kornwestheim (SCBBK). In the 1989/1990 season, the club played in the Baden-Württemberg League. In the 1990/1991 season there was promotion to the Regionalliga Süd-West. In the summer of 1991 the club was renamed the Skating Club (SC) Bietigheim-Bissingen and was able to move up to the Regionalliga Süd for the 1992/93 season. The nickname Steelers, which comes from the main sponsor at the time, Ekatit-Edelstahl, also came from this time in the early 1990s.

When the leagues were redistributed for the introduction of the DEL in 1994, the SC was divided into the 2nd league south , from where it was promoted to the 1st league south in 1997 - but the team became part of the 1998 season when the 2nd ice hockey Bundesliga was introduced / 99 downgraded one class to the 1st League South . From 1999 onwards it was established in the 2nd Bundesliga. Before the 2001/02 season, the club name was renamed SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers . In the summer of 2007, the first team was outsourced from the club to Steelers GmbH . For the 2007/2008 season, a sporting director was appointed for the first time in the club's history. As of April 9, 2007, this was Michael Komma , who had previously also been a trainer at SC Bietigheim-Bissingen.

In the 2008/09 season the Steelers won the championship in the 2nd Bundesliga and were therefore entitled to promotion to the German Ice Hockey League due to the withdrawal of the Füchse Duisburg . However, the application to participate in the licensing was withdrawn prematurely because the home ground in Ellental did not meet the criteria of the 9,000-point plan and discussions with the operators of the Porsche-Arena , located just under 20 kilometers away from Stuttgart , were unsuccessful.

The 2009/10 season was also successful. The team, which could be kept together for the most part after the championship, reached fourth place in the table in the main round and thus had home rights. In the playoff quarter-finals, the Landshut Cannibals were defeated 4-2. The subsequent semi-final against the Schwenninger Wild Wings was less successful. The Steelers took the lead 1-0 in the series, but could only win one of the following games and lost 4-2.

After top performers like Justin Kelly or Alexander Serikow had load jams at the beginning of the 2010/11 season , the team was in the bottom of the table for most of the season. This meant the previous sporting low point of the team, who had been used to success so far. After only 3 wins from 17 games, the master coach Christian Brittig was dismissed and replaced by the youth coach Danny Held . This was able to lead the team into the pre-playoffs, but where it lost 2-0 to the strong promoted Starbulls Rosenheim.

In the 2011/12 season they hoped to play for the playoffs again and strengthened the team with PJ Fenton and Olivier Latendresse. Nevertheless, the team was unfortunately only at the bottom of the table again. On November 25th , Danny Held was replaced as coach by Canadian Kevin Gaudet , despite a high 7: 4 win against the then championship leaders and later champions Landshut Cannibals . This could no longer save the team from the area of ​​the playdowns and ended the season in 11th and third from last place. Despite all fears, the playdowns were successfully completed with 14 points in 8 games and an impending relegation was prevented. The team was still able to win a title. For the first time in the club's history, the Steelers were able to win the DEB Cup.

For the 2012/13 season Kevin Gaudet strengthened the team with the promise that they never want to play in the playdowns again. Among other things, he brought the Rodman brothers and with Joey Vollmer one of the best goalies in the league. Due to the NHL lockout and the serious injury of David Rodman , TJ Galiardi was initially loaned by the San Jose Sharks . When he was injured after 8 games and 10 points at the derby against the Heilbronner Falken and David Rodman was not yet fit, the New York Islanders loaned Josh Bailey the first-round draft pick from 2008 . The team now worked better than in previous seasons and came in first at the end of the main round.

At the beginning of March 2018, the game operating company announced savings of at least 300,000 euros per season and announced that it would be parting with head coach Gaudet at the end of the 2017/18 season. "The Steelers have never been more successful in any coaching era and have firmly established themselves as the top team of the DEL2 in the six years of the Gaudet era," the club praised its achievements. Gaudet had led to two DEL2 championship titles (2013 and 2015), in 2014 and 2016 they were runner-up under the direction of the Canadian and cup winners in 2012 and 2013. At the end of his tenure, Gaudet led the team again to win the DEL2 championship in spring 2018.

In the 2018/19 season, the Steelers always kept up with the top six in the league and finished the main round in second place in the table. In the following play-offs they failed in the quarterfinals against the Dresdner Eislöwen 3: 4. At the end of the season, the long-time player Marcus Sommerfeld (retired) and the fan-favorite Shawn Weller left the club.

In May 2019, the cooperation that had already existed in the past for the promotion of young talent with the Iserlohn Roosters was extended.

League affiliation since 1990

season Division League name Main round Finals
1990/91 4th league Regionalliga South-West 6th place Qualifying round : 3rd place
1991/92 4th league Regionalliga South-West 1st place Qualifying round : 2nd place
1992/93 4th league Regional league south 13th place -
1993/94 4th league Regional league south 3rd place -
1994/95 3rd league 2nd League South 8th place Promotion round : 6th place
1995/96 3rd league 2nd League South 3rd place Promotion round : 5th place
1996/97 3rd league 2nd League South 1st place Promotion play-offs : 2nd round
1997/98 2nd league Hacker Pschorr League 13th place -
1998/99 3rd league 1st League South 1st place Qualifying round : 3rd place
1999/00 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 8th place Playoff quarterfinals
2000/01 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 4th Place Playoff quarterfinals
2001/02 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 3rd place Playoff semifinals
2002/03 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 1st place Playoff semifinals
2003/04 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 6th place Playoff semifinals
2004/05 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 8th place Playoff quarterfinals
2005/06 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 3rd place Playoff quarterfinals
2006/07 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 9th place -
2007/08 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 7th place Playoff quarterfinals
2008/09 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 1st place master
2009/10 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 4th Place Playoff semifinals
2010/11 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 10th place Pre-playoffs
2011/12 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 11th place Relegation round: 2nd place
2012/13 2nd league 2nd Bundesliga 1st place master
2013/14 2nd league DEL2 3rd place Runner-up
2014/15 2nd league DEL2 1st place master
2015/16 2nd league DEL2 1st place Runner-up
2016/17 2nd league DEL2 1st place Runner-up
2017/18 2nd league DEL2 2nd place master
2018/19 2nd league DEL2 2nd place Playoff quarterfinals
2019/20 2nd league DEL2


Squad of the 2018/19 season

As of September 2, 2019

No. Nat. player Item Date of birth in the team since place of birth
51 Flag of Canada and Germany.svg Cody Brenner G January 19, 1996 2019 Bogen , Germany
35 United StatesUnited States Stephon Williams G April 28, 1993 2019 Fairbanks , Alaska , USA
86 GermanyGermany Nikolai Goc D. June 17, 1986 2018 Calw , Germany
5 GermanyGermany Benjamin Huefner D. 0January 7, 1991 2016 Berlin , Germany
81 CanadaCanada Chris Owens D. August 20, 1989 2019 St. John's (Newfoundland) , Canada
3 GermanyGermany Max Prommersberger D. September 12, 1987 2014 Bad Toelz , Germany
40 GermanyGermany Tim Schüle D. 0November 9, 1990 2019 Bietigheim-Bissingen , Germany
21st GermanyGermany Eric Stephan D. 0February 2, 1994 2019 Berlin , Germany
17th Flag of Canada and Germany.svg Brett Breitkreuz LW 0April 6, 1989 2019 Springside , Saskatchewan , Canada
97 GermanyGermany Frédérik Cabana LW May 16, 1986 2013 Fleurimont , Quebec , Canada
10 GermanyGermany Norman Hauner LW 04th December 1991 2017 Hückeswagen , Germany
94 GermanyGermany Lukas Laub RW May 29, 1994 2019 Rosenheim , Germany
GermanyGermany Julian Lautenschlager ( FL ) F. July 29, 1996 2019 Regensburg , Germany
7th GermanyGermany Max Lukes C. October 12, 1995 2016 Mannheim , Germany
39 CanadaCanada Matt McKnight C. June 14, 1984 2013 Halkirk , Alberta , Canada
91 GermanyGermany Alexander Preibisch RW April 30, 1991 2017 Cologne , Germany
5 GermanyGermany Rene Schoofs RW January 28, 1985 2001 Esslingen , Germany
41 GermanyGermany Yannick Wenzel F. July 17, 1998 2018 Wasserburg am Inn , Germany
14th GermanyGermany Benjamin Zientek LW April 20, 1994 2016 Augsburg , Germany

Significant past teams

Master of the DEL2 2017/18

Goalkeepers: Siniša Martinović , Ilya Sharipov

Defenders: Dominic Auger , Adam Borzęcki , Rob Brown , Benjamin Hüfner , Max Prommersberger , Kodi Schwarz , Bastian Steingroß

Attackers: Frédérik Cabana , Norman Hauner , Justin Kelly , Max Lukes , Matt McKnight , Tyler McNeely , Andrew McPherson , Leon Müller , Alexander Preibisch , René Schoofs , Marcus Sommerfeld , Shawn Weller , Benjamin Zientek

Coaching staff: Kevin Gaudet , Marc St. Jean

Master of the DEL2 2014/15

position Surname
Goal: Patrick Golombek , Siniša Martinović , Andreas Mechel
Defense: Dominic Auger , Adam Borzęcki , Markus Gleich , Benjamin Hüfner , Max Prommersberger , Bastian Steingroß
Storm: Frédérik Cabana , Michael Fink , Lucas Fröhlich , Mark Heatley , Robin Just , Marcel Kahle , Justin Kelly , Benjamin Kronawitter , Matt McKnight , Jason Pinizzotto , René Schoofs , Archie Skalbeck , Marcus Sommerfeld , Chris St. Jacques , Marco Windisch , David Wrigley
Trainer: Kevin Gaudet

Champion of the 2nd Bundesliga and DEB Cup winner 2012/13

position Surname
Goal: Mathias Lange , Jochen Vollmer , Max Häberle , Andreas Mechel
Defense: Alexander Genze , Doug Andress , Ralf Herbst , Marcel Neumann , Markus Gleich , Bastian Steingroß , Tomáš Gulda
Storm: Rene Schoofs , Mike Bishai , David Rodman , Marcus Sommerfeld , Florian Schnitzer , Robin Just , Marcel Rodman , Philipp Quinlan , PJ Fenton , Achim Moosberger , Mark Heatley , Chris St. Jacques , Barry Noe
Trainer: Kevin Gaudet

DEB Cup Winner 2011/12

position Surname
Goal: Sébastien Charpentier , Andreas Mechel , Martin Morczinietz , Dustin Strahlmeier
Defense: Doug Andress , Dennis Dörner , Alexander Genze , Ralf Herbst , Marcel Neumann , Pascal Schoofs , Mike Schreiber
Storm: Fabian Calovi , PJ Fenton , Mark Heatley , Andrej Kaufmann , Leontin Kreps , Arturs Kruminsch , Achim Moosberger , Ty Morris , Barry Noe , Daniel Oppolzer , Patrick Schmid , René Schoofs , Chris St. Jacques , Marvin Tepper , Brent Walton
Trainer: Kevin Gaudet

Champion of the 2nd Bundesliga 2009

position Surname
Goal: Siniša Martinović , Martin Morczinietz , Maximilian Meschik
Defense: Doug Andress , Pascal Schoofs , Andreas Geipel , Stéphane Robitaille , Marcel Neumann , Dirk Wrobel , Alexander Dotzler , Heiko Smazal
Storm: Rene Schoofs , Max Seyller , Kasper Degn , Dan Heilman , Florian Jung , Andrej Kaufmann , Dominik Hammer , Brent Walton , Justin Kelly , Herbert Geisberger , Alexander Serikow , Viktor Beck , Gregory Schmidt , Barry Noe
Trainer: Christian Brittig

Vice-champion of the 1st League South 1999 (promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga)

position Surname
Goal: Patrick Labrecque , Christian Baader , Mario Schüssel
Defense: Kai Alroth , Mark Jablonski , Stephan Bauer , Frank Appel , Timo Nykopp , Václav Drobný , Tomasz Mieszkowski
Storm: Manuel Hess , Marc Mundil , Ulrich Liebsch , Darren Ritchie , Mike Bader , Danny Held , Andrej Jaufmann , Tim Leahy , Craig Teeple , Andreas Naumann , Ken Filbey
Trainer: Tom Pokel

Champion of the 2nd League South 1997

position Surname
Goal: Pasi Räty , Oliver Weißenberger , Mario Schüssel
Defense: Mika Segermann , Kai Alroth , Guido Holzmann , Risto Siltanen , Markus Pollok , Stephan Bauer
Storm: Eduard Dumpis , Mariusz Piasecki , Kenneth Filgis , James McKee , Marc Mundil , Steve Pépin , Bertil Filgis , Volker Kronauer , Danny Held , Harald Munz , Andrej Emersic , Michael Stegmann , Sven Zwerenz , Andreas Naumann , Mikko Nieminen , Matthias Kliemann
Trainer: Petteri Lehmussaari


Club-internal records

One of the outstanding players is the Canadian Craig Teeple , who played a total of six seasons for the professional team and set several records. Among other things, he is the team's most successful scorer with 531 points. His compatriot Darren Ritchie , who scored a total of 206 goals and is thus the best goalscorer, is also represented more frequently in the club records .

Source: ; Abbreviations: Sp = games, T = goals, V = assists , pts = points, SM = penalty minutes; Bold : best value; Still an active player

player Sp T V Pt Pt / col SM Seasons Years
René Schoofs 952 132 244 376 0.39 412 2001-2021 20th
Dirk Wrobel 425 14th 61 75 0.18 286 1999-2010 9
Bastian Steingroß 416 26th 156 182 0.44 393 2012-2019 7th
Matt McKnight 406 171 355 526 1.30 176 2013-2021 8th
Marcus Sommerfeld 406 159 300 459 1.13 290 2012-2019 7th
Max Prommersberger 338 23 89 112 0.33 284 2014-2021 7th
Craig Teeple 317 200 331 531 1.68 584 1998-2005 6th
Justin Kelly 311 156 259 415 1.33 231 2007-2018 7th
Robin Just 309 115 194 309 1.00 156 2012-2017 5
Marcel Neumann 300 6th 21st 27 0.09 256 2007-2013 6th
Marc Mundil 289 17th 42 59 0.20 222 1994-2000 6th
Darren Ritchie 274 206 187 393 1.43 122 1998-2004 6th
Florian Jung 263 47 59 106 0.40 142 2001-2009 5
Goalkeeper season & play-off
space player Conceded goal
1. Siniša Martinović 2.10
2. Marko Suvelo 2.23
3. Patrick Koslow 2.46

Other major former players

(Team membership and position in brackets)

The striker came to Bietigheim when he was 20. After three years he switched to the DEL via Essen . There he was voted Rookie of the Year in 2006. He was also voted ice hockey player of the year in 2008. So far he has played over 470 DEL games and 51 international matches for Germany. He has also been the captain of the German national team since 2011 .
For years Kowaljow was one of the best strikers in the DEL and for a long time held various records in the top German league. He let his successful career end in Bietigheim.
The then Czech spent two seasons in Bietigheim. After he received his German passport, he switched to the DEL and became a national player there.
Came to Bietigheim from Crimmitschau in 2005 and became the team's best point collector. He then switched to the Hannover Scorpions in the DEL and immediately became a top scorer.
After his successful career with over 100 DEL games and a few appearances in the German national team , he played three seasons for Bietigheim. After his active career, he was active in the youth field and as head coach in Bietigheim for a long time.
After almost 600 NHL games (including alongside Wayne Gretzky ), Siltanen played his last professional season in Bietigheim.

Participation of players and coaches in the ESBG All-Star Game

The ESBG All-Star Game is a friendly game that has been held annually since 2006 between the best German and foreign players in the 2nd national and upper leagues.

Marko Suvelo took part in the ESBG All-Star Game in 2008
Participation in the All-Star-Game while being part of the team
Surname position Team membership Participation team
United StatesUnited States Dan Bjornlie defense 2005-2007 2007 ESBG All-Star Team Team United Nations
CanadaCanada Alexandre Jacques Storm 2004-2008 2006 ESBG All-Star Team Team United Nations
SwedenSweden Carl-Johan Johansson defense 2007 2007 ESBG All-Star Team Team United Nations
GermanyGermany Peter Kathan defense 2007-2008 2008 GermanyGermany Team Germany
CanadaCanada Eric Schneider Storm 2005-2006 2006 ESBG All-Star Team Team United Nations
FinlandFinland GermanyGermany Marko Suvelo goalkeeper 2007-2008 2008 GermanyGermany Team Germany

Trainer since 1999

Period Trainer
since 2018 CanadaCanada Hugo Boisvert
2011-2018 CanadaCanada Kevin Gaudet
2010-2011 CanadaCanada GermanyGermany Danny hero
2007-2010 GermanyGermany Christian Brittig
2006-2007 GermanyGermany Michael comma
2004-2006 GermanyGermany Uli Liebsch
2003-2004 CanadaCanada Danny Naud
2002-2003 GermanyGermany Markus Berwanger
2001-2002 CanadaCanada Gary Prior
2001 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Thomas Dolak
1998-2001 United StatesUnited States Tom Pokel

After Petteri Lehmussaari was promoted to the then second-class Hacker-Pschorr League between 1996 and 1998 , the team then stagnated under Lehmussaari and Doug Kacharvich and was downgraded to third division when the 2nd Bundesliga was founded, the US-American Tom Pokel signed as head coach. In 1999 the Steelers managed to get promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga . Tom Pokel stayed as coach and led the team into the playoffs. The second season 2000/01 in the 2nd division took place under Tom Pokel. After this season Pokel ended his coaching career and the Steelers presented his successor in Thomas Dolak .

Thomas Dolak's system in Bietigheim was not well received by either the fans or the players, so that Dolak was dismissed in November 2001 after an unsuccessful four months. His successor was the Canadian Gary Prior , with whom the club put down a series of eight wins in a row. The end was with Gary Prior in the semi-finals of the playoffs against Bremerhaven. Prior decided not to extend his contract in Bietigheim even before the playoffs. His successor for the 2002/03 season was Markus Berwanger . Despite a successful season, Berwanger was dismissed third in the table in January 2003. This was preceded by four defeats in a row. The then youth coach Uli Liebsch and the captain Craig Teeple trained the team for two weekends before a successor was presented with Danny Naud . Naud reached first place with the Steelers after the main round and was eliminated in the subsequent play-offs in the semifinals against Freiburg. This success could be repeated in the following season . After a bad start to the 2004/05 season , Naud was dismissed.

Danny Naud was followed by former Steelers player and youth coach Uli Liebsch. Liebsch was with the Steelers in three seasons and was released from his position as a coach in November 2006. For the time being, the youth coach Danny Held took over the management of the professional team. At the end of December a new trainer was presented with Michael Komma . Komma fell ill just a short time later, in February 2007, and was unable to lead the training. Here, too, Danny Held stepped in as an interim trainer. For the 2007/08 season Michael Komma was appointed sports director and Christian Brittig was hired as the new head coach. After more than three years in office, Christian Brittig was given a leave of absence in November 2010 after three wins from 17 games. For the third time, Danny Held took over the 1st team of the Steelers, initially as interim coach. Danny Held was also the head coach at the beginning of the 2011/12 season before the Canadian Kevin Gaudet was hired on November 25, 2011 . Under Kevin Gaudet, the Bietigheim Steelers experienced the most successful period in their club's history: The Steelers reached all possible finals and won the championship three times and the cup competition twice.

Hugo Boisvert took over the Bietigheim team for the 2018/19 season after financial savings made it impossible for Gaudet to continue to sign.

Since the promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga, the Bietigheimers have employed eleven full-time coaches. Four from Germany, five from Canada and one each from the Czech Republic and the USA. Kevin Gaudet had the longest tenure at 6 years, 4 months and 27 days.


  • Champion Regionalliga Süd-West 2018 , 2019
  • Champion Baden-Württemberg League (4th league) 2005



The teams of SC Bietigheim-Bissingen played their home games until December 16, 2012 in the Ellental ice arena , which has space for 3250 spectators. The hall was built in 1980. The ice arena has around 2500 standing places and around 750 seats. The away block is on the back straight, in the immediate vicinity of the goal where the visiting goalkeeper is in the first and third third of a Steelers home game.

Before the 2010/2011 season, the audience capacity was reduced to 2662 due to fire protection regulations.

In October 2011, preparations began for the construction of a new ice rink, the EgeTrans Arena , next to the previous one. In the first construction phase, a new parking area with an access road was built for this purpose, as the new hall was largely built on the previous parking area. From November 2011 it was possible to follow the construction site via a webcam. The game in the hall began on December 21, 2012 with a derby against the Heilbronner Falken , which was won 4: 3 after extra time. After the opening of the EgeTransArena, the Ellental ice arena was dismantled into a training ice hall, which will continue to be used for training and games for the young, amateur and professional teams.

Individual evidence

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