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In the context of BDSM , subspace describes a change in state of consciousness that the receiving partner (sub or bottom ) can experience during a game scene and which is popular because of its similarity to noise . Another name for it is "flying".

This state of ecstasy can be explained in two ways. If one sees the experienced pain in the foreground, as with so-called pleasure pain , it can be understood as a pain-induced trance . The endorphins released during physical pain (endogenous opioids ) and the increased adrenaline level probably play an important biochemical role.

In addition to the physical aspects , depending on the person and game (e.g. bondage and role play ), psychological aspects are also involved in the subspace: B. Savoring the experience of relinquishing all power for a limited time and being completely defenseless to the partner. Many bottoms / subs deliberately delve into the game / fantasy world as deeply as possible during the game scene.

Once the state of the subspace is reached, a sensitive top can pause the game for a while and leave the sub in the balance so that he can fully enjoy the feeling and the return from the subspace.

Occasionally it is reported that tops can also experience a “top space”; either by empathizing very intensely with the game scene, or by emotionally merging with the bottom and experiencing its subspace.

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